BCC to livestream chamber meetings

BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) has passed a resolution to livestream its monthly chamber meetings and other events as it tries to foster a culture of openness and accountability to ratepayers using information technology systems (ICTs).


Town clerk Christopher Dube said the local authority cannot ignore ICTs and social media as “it had grown to become a reliable source of information and tool for companies to utilise in growing their brands”.

According to the latest council report, city fathers agreed social media and networking sites must be incorporated into BCC’s communication and marketing strategies.

“It was, therefore, important to emphasise that while we continue to meet clients, advertise and hold meetings, have full council meetings we need to also embrace opportunities presented by social media as it could make the difference between getting by and being brilliantly successful.

“It was noted that live streams of events would also allow Bulawayo residents to participate and contribute in the development of the city. In a bid to continue informing residents and allow Bulawayo residents and stakeholders to participate in council activities, the proposal was for council to start livestreaming,” the council report read.

Council said its intention was to use Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Website and radio to livestream all its events.
The BCC has a Facebook (The City of Bulawayo), Twitter (@CityofBulawayo), LinkedIn (City of Bulawayo) and Instagram (@Cityof Bulawayo) accounts.

“The presence of council on these pages has presented an opportunity for residents to enquire about council services, report on service faults as well as report on good and bad service received from municipal departments.”

To date, BCC had gained a generous following from the residents and stakeholders.

“This had been a notable growing trend which had been adopted by various quasi government and government organisations. One such example in Zimbabwe was the Parliament of Zimbabwe which broadcast Parliamentary sessions on its social media pages, website and radio.”

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  1. This is a very commendable move by the city fathers which should be emulated by other city councils.Another idea would be to present the city budget and performance to date against budget.

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