Appeal for national hero status for Tsvangirai

The Case for National Hero Status for Morgan Tsvangirai

Open Letter to His Excellency President Mnangagwa

Many patriotic and peace-loving Zimbabweans were shocked by the news of the passing of the leader of the official opposition, MDC-T, Morgan Tsvangirai.

While the nation mourns the passing of this brave compatriot, this is a moment to reflect and take stock of the nature of our national politics and national discourse.

Perhaps one of the best ways of remembering Tsvangirai is to say: never again will our political differences mean that we are mortal enemies as citizens.

Instead, our political differences must be seen as a healthy and necessary difference of opinion on the direction and future of our beloved Zimbabwe.

Sadly, our nation is presently very polarized and this cannot be allowed to continue. A people that solves political differences through violence—that has so often resulted in the loss of life—is a sick people. And we are presently a sick people in desperate need of visionary leadership and healing. This work has to begin in earnest, and your ascent to our country’s highest office has paved the way.

Mr President, I appeal to you to help bring this nation together by granting Mr Tsvangirai a hero’s burial at the National Heroes Acre.

This single gesture while not a magic wand towards nation building, healing and reconciliation, would certainly go a long way in signalling your commitment to a new era in our national politics. It would also be a strong signal that the national hero status is not a preserve of one political party.

It would be a strong signal that the Heroes Acre is a place for all Zimbabweans befitting this status.

Zimbabwe needs leadership that will help us rise above our real and imagined political differences, particularly in painful moments such as this.

Zimbabwe needs leadership that talks peace and unity and is seen to walk the talk of peace and unity.

Show us, Mr President that you are a leader of all Zimbabweans—and not just a leader of a political party. Statesmanship and nation building often involve making difficult choices—but the fruits of these are bequeathed to posterity.

Trevor Ncube

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  1. I totally agree with the writer, Mr Trevor Ncube. You have spoken for the majority of Zimbabweans from both sides of the political divide. I need not add anything more.

    1. alheit-nemoyowese

      According to the meaning of a national Hero by Zvobgo Tsvangy was not consistant and not hero-material at all. Better to look for your own hill and bury him there.

      1. You are heartless alheit-nemoyowese

      2. who is Zvobgo? To hell with you

      3. President Masimba Munangu


        kkkkk hanzi “better to look for your own hill and bury him there”

        it is good to have some comedy in these dark hours as we mourn the death of a national hero the former Prime Minister Mr Tsvangirai, or rather an indication for us to start celebrating his life more, than mourning his death.

      4. You are a Dullard.

  2. Surely Mr. President, I think the opposition leader really deserves to go to the National Heroes Acre. Let us put our political differences aside and accord the son of the soil space at the National Shrine.

  3. We will salute ED for giving Tsvangirai a national hero status. This will show us that he is a president for everyone.. Zimbabwean Mandela.

  4. If he had refused to participate in the joint government with Mugabe half the citizens at that time would have succumbed to death through malnutrition and other opportunistic diseases. He agreed not for the benefit of MDC but Zimbabweans. The visionary leader agreed to the GNU for the sake of saving Zimbabweans. Heroes are Sons and Daughters of the Soil. Hero to VaTsvangirai. Rest in Peace.

    1. alheit-nemoyowese

      He called for sanctions to Zim and my father died due to lack of drugs caused by sanctions called by this gone person. He insulted Chiwenga saying that he will not die before Mugabe. Mwari tambirai mwana wenyu mugare naye misi yose asadzoke.

      1. Do you realise you are sick? Oh yes you, very.

      2. To blame DR MRT for lack of drugs is as ludicrous as it is pathetic, we all know who ran this country into the ground and we know who raised it from there during a GNU and lastly we know who ran it into the ground again after said GNU. In any case your father didnt die because there was a lack of drugs, he died because his son (or daughter whatever you are) could not summon up the necessary energy and resources to save him. Im sure you did not sell your car or phone to source drugs for your own father. What i can only gather from your statements is that you are a failure in that regard!!!

      3. Heroes Acre is too far -fetched , he called for Sanctions on his own people for a selfish gain . No thanks . I agree he changed the face of politics in Zimbabwe .Will be sadly missed.

      4. you seem to have your own issues get a life

      5. you don’t know what you are talking about. zanu propaganda has messed you up.

  5. I am a Cameroonian living in Cameroon. I was very shocked when I heard the death of this great hero. He deserves more than a hero status. He was a strong man bold enough to oppose one of the fiercest authoritatian regims and dictatorships in Africa.

    1. President Masimba Munangu

      Thank you very much for your support as a fellow African. Tsvangirai is a hero indeed but please do not exaggerate the Zimbabwean situation by saying that Mugabes regime was one of the fiercest authoritarian regime. We were bad, but never that bad. Lets not spread false rumors.

    2. tsvangirai is not a hero for Zimbabwe but for mdc only. he deserve nothing from government and mr president.he causes economic down by increasing tension between ZIMBABWE and westen countries by suporting suctions.

      1. President Masimba Munangu

        The same can be said for half of the people who lie at the National shrine. Whether they manipulated votes, bribed voters or murdered voters and intimidated some, those were all political tactics used by all political parties in the world. It is just that Tsvangirais tactics were exposed to us by the Government, if we were to expose everyone and say that they do not deserve a hero status, then the Heroes acre would be a maize field.

        Everyone has his flaws, same can be said for the former president Mr Mugabe. We can not however deny the fact that he is a hero, same with the former Prime Minister, he championed the concept of a multi-party democracy in Zimbabwe, something that many before him had failed, even great names like Joshua Nkomo.
        Taking that into consideration, is he not a national hero?

  6. “It would be a strong signal that the Heroes Acre is a place for all Zimbabweans befitting this status.” well said. RIP Mr Tsvangirai, you will forever be a significant part of Zim (or even African) History!

  7. Comment…Those who claim to be shocked were in a denial mode on his health status. Eddie Cross was threatened with explusion when he stated that Tsvangirai was very sick. Buhera is more fitting as his resting place. RIP

    1. what else can a kaguvi of this age say?

  8. I truly share the same sentiments with you CDE, he saved Zim from further collapse hence the need to accord him a HERO status.

  9. Rest in peace beloved hero, we salute you.let the gap you left be fulfilled by those who are left.STATUS welcome mr president

  10. Oh Save! Rwizi Rukuru! Mucharamba muchiyerera mundangariro nemuhana dzevakawanda!!! Mweya wenyu uzorore murugare!!At least maenda vabva pachigaro! What a Fighter!!

  11. It will take us another years of struggle to get democratic leaders like our President Richard Morgan Tsvangirai ,One president i have voted for since i started voting.A true national Hero if ED can share the same.

  12. Who else deserve more to be at the national shrine! Its simple and straight forward,,he is a HERO, a people’s HERO. Denying the fact is as good as being foolish but we have witnessed such within the body politic of Zanu pf before.

  13. ndarangarira musi watisiya gamba.we will do it for u come voting day.heroes acre or not heroes acre he is a HERO.lala kahle gallant son of the soil

  14. surely Tsvangirai is a true hero and deserves a space at the national shrine

  15. You don’t have to be buried at Hero’s Acre to be a hero to the nation; likewise being declared a hero by Zanu PF’s central committee does not necessarily make one a hero. For this to change, the first step would be a decision to establish a non-partisan body to establish the nation’s support for a hero’s acre, and if so the guidelines for hero status and the conduct of the burial process as a national, non-political event. Otherwise at present, such an event will be used as a political tool.

    How ironic it would be if the party and leaders that tormented Save (until they no longer perceived him to be a threat) were to use his death – as they did his terminal illness- to re-invent the public’s perception of themselves. We do not need hero’s acre to give MT a hero’s send off.

    1. President Masimba Munangu

      I take it you are a MDC member. Clearly, to you anything that is done to better Zimbabwe by the president is a political move and you have to sabotage it regardless of the fact that it might be helping Zimbabweans as a people. So how far are you willing to go in sabotaging the Presidents triumphs to prosper Zimbabwe?
      Is this still about the progress of Zimbabwe or has it become personal the same way it was between the former president and the western countries?.

      Now i am worried about what will happen to Zimbabwe if MDC wins the 2018 elections. Worse, i am now worried about what you have done in the past to sabotage and de-campaign Zanu Pf at the expense of the peoples interests.
      Please find new ways to campaign that do not hinder progress, other wise you are an enemy to the state and to the people.

      1. you are a worry yourself

      2. I am not a member of any party but I note you have addressed yourself to the messenger and not the message. Exactly what is incorrect about the situation as I have described it regarding: national hero status, MT’s past relationship with Zanu PF, or indeed our “new” leaders’ re-invention in the lead up to the elections?
        Sabotage… an enemy of the state and the people? Heavens, all because you do not agree with my views? Do we now have to rewrite the constitution to reflect your new found “l’état, c’est moi” status…?

        1. President Masimba Munangu

          let me get this straight, while every one else is routing for Tsvangirai’s burial at the National shrine, you want the opposite because it can come across as a political move by ZANU PF, right?

          On the other hand, would it not prove an improvement in our politics if he is to be laid down amongst other gallant sons and daughters of the soil? would it not send a message of unity, oneness, reconciliation and not to take political differences as rivalry but as constructive criticism?.
          If you are against this, then forgive me, but i do render you an enemy to the state, enemy to progress and someone who would benefit i do not know how, but from the chaos caused by the opposite of what Tsvangirai’s hero status will bring.

  16. true son of the soil who brought headaches to the nonagenarian, the man who managed to tell openly that Zimbabwe doesn’t belong to one family to enjoy its natural resources. Hence my feeling is, he should be accorded hero status and at least a gun salute to show his importance to the Nation. I wish the Honorable President should not be mislead to refuse Doctor Richard Morgan Tsvangirai of Hero status with burial support from the Republic of Zimbabwe. It is so painful that he fought to have us out of Egypt but when nearing Canaan death snatch him away, its God’s case which we cannot appeal against but very painful. His case is same like that of Biblical Moses who fought Pharaoh left,right and center to free people to the promised land, despite him not reaching it. But at least he has shown us direction and has left us the weapons, we have to solider on. Rest in peace beloved DOCTOR RICHARD MORGAN TSVANGIRAI….SAVE MAKARWA KURWA KWAKANAKA. MUZORORE MURUGARE. NENYASHA NETSITSI DZAKE TICHASANGANISWA. SEKUTIGADZIRIRA KWAMAIITA PANO MUSHA WAKANAKA WOKUGARA. ENDAI MURUGARE MUNOTIGADZIRIRA ZVAKARE POKUGARA PAKANAKA. MWARI VAITA KUDA KWAVO……..

    trymore tonde wepano paChikomba apa. maidiwa mhani Save

  17. The voice of the PEOPLE is the voice of GOD, People have spoken. Please Mr President heed people’s call. He was one of US, a Bonafide son of the soil. Difference of opinion is not enermy of the state. He played his part in shaping our POLITICS matrix in Zimbabawe. We came to know of US$ through the unity government in which he was signatory to.

    The voice of the PEOPLE is the voice of GOD. Save OUR NATIONAL HERO! May his soul rest in peace.

    Zim – Resident

  18. He will be buried at the National shrine.

    1. He deserve to be Honoured for sure.Was a great leader.

  19. Alheit-nemoyowese, you are a true devil,the very people zimbabweans doesn’t need to have in our loving society. You are living through other people’s blood.What kind of society would zimbabwe have with that kind of a devil’s wishes? You are a useless monkey.What legacy of goodness have you inherited in zimbabwe that can be a benefit to anyone? You were on the fore front of killing people,that spirit is haunting you and your family, thus why you have a rotten heart. Useless bastard.

    1. he is insane #alheit-nemwoyowese

  20. He should not be buried amongst thieves and murderers!

    1. President Masimba Munangu

      those people became murderers for you, its called WAR

      1. you mean war against dzamara?

  21. Tsvangirai is honestly a zimbabwe’s multi party democracy hero;which is the one area,he fought & accomplished;where others like Tekere who engaged in the same struggle before him, with the later’s super zanu & later Zimbabwe Unity Movement(ZUM) had tried but had not shown much success in the face of the brutal force of the then Zimbabwe’s long time leader president Robert Mugabe who wanted to impose one party state on the people of zimbabwe. And truly he is not a hero of the war of liberation-a protracted struggle for the independence of Zimbabwe.He is only said to have once bn there & reported to have shied away for fear of death.Though affording to b there;it remains to b seen whether president Mnangagwa & zanu pf would accept him at the national shrine

    1. MUGABE is a hero for eve

  22. I agree. Like what your Manifesto says “The voice of the people is the voice of God”. President ED, the people have spoken. Show us that we are now in a new political era.

  23. mnanggwa will not accept nonsense because he know what should be done

    1. Morgan dedicated half his life to fight for others. Most of what he believed and demanded decades ago is what Mnangagwa is saying now. We all remember how his signature in 2008 changed our lives. Even though he was entitled to the throne, he put Zimbabwe first to stop cholera of that year, to restock the shelves etc. Though not a saint like all of us, only those with the inner of their Olduvai Gorge skulls intoxicated by Zanu pf propaganda concoctions will blame Morgan for killing the economy.

  24. President Masimba Munangu

    I do not think that it is a matter of debate that the former Prime Minister is a National hero. That is a simple truth that needs no defense or explanation. Every Zimbabwean youth will testify to that and so will the world as a whole.

    The matter however is left to the State house.

    To Mr President. Will you authenticate the former Prime Minister’s Hero status?.

    #youthempowerment #NewZimbabwe #moreyouthresponsibility #UnitedStatesofAfrica

  25. However Tsvangirai was not a true democrat in the true sense of the word;in 2005 he manipulated his party’s constitution with time limits in order to remain indefinitely;over time of his tenure on zim political landscape he became autocratic resulting in his party splitting several times when lieutenants complain over his leadership styles which had become dictatorial & autocratic,however most recently some of them had returned to him in some kind of a marriage of convenience-in a fragile alliance called MDC ALLIANCE hoping only to benefit from his overgrown political clout emanating fr the not so sophisticated opposition electorate

    1. President Masimba Munangu

      That is true, so so true

      But is Mugabe not a National hero because he lost his way somewhere along the line?

  26. It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. he gave his life to something bigger than oneself. Surely , Tsvangirai really deserves to go to the National Heroes Acre,
    PAMAGAMBA ipapo pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  28. @Mugumba is a foule, rotten mouthed idiot who talks whenever he is sleeping. He is full of unknown nonsense and bitterness. You say Tsvangirai damaged Zimbabweans by sanctions lying while not mentioning ZANU destructive policies and 15 billion. Zanu corruption all the years and ZRP which was doing it under Mugabe’s nose.

  29. shut up useless Mugumba. Which ZANU minister was effer convicted of corruption despite overwhelming evidence. Don’t show us hudofo hwako.

  30. a real statesman has left us. true zimbabweans salute you, Morgiza. may your soul rest in eternal peace

  31. In 1966 Chitepo asked the then commonwealth government to apply sunctions to the Rhedesian government for human rights and oppressive laws against black Rhodesians. Any takers????

  32. Tsvangirai was a true national hero.He always fought for all the people of Zimbabwe.He was not perfect because no one is perfect.

  33. Yes Chitepo asked to slate the Rhodesian government with sanctions from the commonwealth goverments and the entire world did responded to those demands.SO is the zanu pf government not similar to Ian smith’s?

  34. Comment…zvakwana. Matukana zvakwana. Tinoda kuviga gamba iri murunyararo

  35. may he rest in peace

  36. pakufa kwemunhu nyaya dzinowanda, chakaosha kupinda denga


  38. imbwa imbwa chete inoitira pese pese ndomagamba anorehwa aya kwete zvekuvenga chitunha imbwa chaidzo

  39. mwari tambirai gamba iro

  40. the definition of a hero is him,period.not zvana mugumba zvekuukura izvo.

  41. Morgan dedicated half his life to fight for others. Most of what he believed and demanded decades ago is what Mnangagwa is saying now. We all remember how his signature in 2008 changed our lives. Even though he was entitled to the throne, he put Zimbabwe first to stop cholera of that year, to restock the shelves etc. Though not a saint like all of us, only those with the inner of their Olduvai Gorge skulls intoxicated by Zanu pf propaganda concoctions will blame Morgan for killing the economy.

  42. A hero is “a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”, (Oxford Living Dictionary). Does Tsvangirai meet this criterion? The answer is absolutely YES. Does Mugabe fit that criterion? It is debatable after 40 years of insanity. Kiliing 20,000 people he was supossed protect can only lead him to prison not heroes acre! If Mnangangwa want to be fair to Zimbabweans, he must consider our request. If the Queen of England could give Mo Farah, a muslim,the title Sir, why can’t we be above politics?

  43. it was stated long ago that if mdc want to declare their sellouts as heroes there are several tumachuru around Harare they can pick one and bury their comrades..Tsvangiarayi will never be buried at the national heroes acre full stop

    1. If the state President Cde EDM has made time to meet and consult over how to handle Save’s funeral, the VP, Gen. (Rtd) Chiwenga issued a statement and called Save a great son of the soil then who are these ill-informed puppies barking at and who do they think they are to try and belittle an international Hero/Icon by denying him his rightful status? Indeed they need to get a life, disgusting morons!!\

  44. I do not think the Current President of Zimbabwe has reached the confidence to make such a decision. The safest thing to do for him is to do nothing. I however think the generality of the population would agree with him. but the hawks in his party would seize the moment and have fodder for an attack later.

  45. Save, more than a National Hero, he is an international Icon.

  46. Ngatitendei chakanaka chatakaitirwawo nemwana weumwe munhu


  48. The best is yet to come for zimbabweans as we all remember the great hero,vibrant leader who was well known across the continent.

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