ANC decides to remove President Jacob Zuma

The African National Congress has announced its decision to recall South African President Jacob Zuma.


Speaking during a press conference, the Secretary-General of the ANC Ace Magashule said that a delegation had visited Mr Zuma and asked him to step down.

“The president… agreed in principle to resign under a proposed timeframe extending from three to six months,” Mr Magashule said.

The ANC, however, wants to act more quickly.

“South Africa is going through a period of uncertainty and anxiety,” Mr Magashule added. “The [National Executive Committee] firmly believes the situation requires us to act firmly.”

After the press conference, the ANC tweeted its decision to recall Mr Zuma.

Should the president continue to ignore its demands to step down, the ANC can hold a no-confidence vote against him. A motion by opposition parties is already in place.


  1. All EDiots of Presidents in Southern Africa shall be removed – whether they like it or not. The Presidency is not hereditary!

  2. Like it or not the man is on his way out sooner than we can all expect. So long Jacob, it was nice having u around mate.

  3. Why does the west hate this man so much?
    I do not understand. He is already on retiring.

    1. not so wise after all hey!

      who wants a president who is corrupt& doesn’t uphold the constitution?

  4. gone with the winG

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