AMHVoices: Chamisa calculated his move

In response to MDC-T set for March extraordinary congress: People do not understand the strategic move by MDC-T acting president, Nelson Chamisa. Indeed, the party will go to congress before the election.

Any other argument is difficult to sustain. The move was just meant to make him have control of the party in the lead up to congress. As an acting president, he may at least have an advantage.

Notice how more and more people are accepting him. Social media is in overdrive to sell his profile. Not many remembered he was the founding youth chairperson. Not many realised he is one of remaining members of founding executive.

He has benefited from departure of original MDC big guns like Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti etc but he probably is the man.


  1. Why is Nelson using muscle to be leader? If the people want him then they will vote for him. It happens everywhere – those vying for leadership attack each other and in the end work together as cabinet. He should take it easy. He probably was going to win the leadership race anyway. Or if he lost he will try again next time.

    1. Because this is politics, muscle is necessary. Authority must be felt, otherwise you will be a weak leader and none will not vote for you. The reason why Tsvangirayi was a leader because he showed muscle during the ZCTU demos. The reason why ED is president of Zimbabwe, is because he showed muscle when he coordinated with the generals for the rolling of the tanks, the reason why Chivengwa is VP is because he used muscle on restore legacy, the reason why Sibusiso is Minister of Foreign Affairs is because he used muscle to take over ZBC TV broadcasting for that period. There are so many reasons why Chamisa should use muscle. Kkkkk, just my thoughts.

      1. This is politics from the dark ages and really spells trouble for the country. Taifunga kuti ZANU PF and its hatchet man ways is a pathway to be avoided at all cost in a new democratic Zimbabwe. The writer is trying to legitimise what ZANU PF has stood for and which has brought the country to a sorry state. If indeed muscle is whats needed, why do we need educated fools like Chamisa instead of masoja nemahood who know best how to employ muscle. This is the 21 century and people need to wake up and smell the coffee. There was a process to be followed and Chamisa showed the country why he can not be trusted with power. Infact calling what he did muscle is being inaccurate and rather charitable. What is did was thuggery and inhuman. he may have been t=Tsvangirayis favioourite but that doesn’t give him licence to stSTART A SUCCESSION PROCESS while the rest of his colleuges are mourning and tsvangirayi’s body is still in the mortuary. It is inhuman. Tsvangirayi deserved better. Now we are witnessing the commedy of Chamisa and the family and Chamisa and other senior leaders washing their dirty linen in public in full gaze of the whole world.If leadership of the party and cuntry is about trust then I will never respect a thug like Chamisa as my leader. Ndakawana wenough of those during tyrant mugabes 37 reign of terror. i expected much better as a voter.

        1. warwadziwa nei iwe imbwa ye zanupf


      3. Comment…you are very right I second you

    2. Clever people need to scrutinise Chamisa’s actions and allow divergent views. To me his weaknesses are palpable. The same was said of Mugabe in 1980 but the majority would have non of it. This guy is prepared to ride roughshod over even the bereaved. Watch out Zimbabwe. You have a mini Mugabe in the making. J

  2. Webanga anofa nebanga amana

    He will then be shown who has got a bigger and real muscle at the forthcoming elections.

  3. Muscle is in the people. Muscle is also in using your brain, otherwise all this muscle power that’s not channeled properly tends to come back and hurt you. e.g Robert Gabriel “Bobo” Mugabe.

  4. Chamisa for President, let him get relevance from Congress

  5. i’m 100% behind the leadership of Nelson Chamisa

  6. This is the really one the special one.

  7. Jorosi Muerashoko

    Comment…aChamisa to takeover

  8. chamisa no, childish and lacks lustre

    1. in 1980 Zimbabwe voted for a 43 year old president. he was energetic and delivered at least back then. why derive judgement basing on someone’s age. i think Chamisa’s age is going to be an advantage because the younger generation ikuda mabasa and the guy who resonates with us is CHARM-ISA.

      1. Revise your Maths, Robert Mugabe was 56 in 1980. Maybe one can say he was “young” then but look at the damage he caused. Age aint nuthin but a number….

        1. Corerect. Mugabe was 56 not 43 and probably 60 cause vaidzoosa makore vakomana ava.

  9. Taffy you are right on the money. What Chamisa did is anything but leadership. Zimbabweans always let their excitement carry them away and this is how we ended up stuck with Robert for 37 years of untold suffering. There is no strategy to talk about here – this is shameful power grabbing: remember when we were growing up and we ate from the same plate and there was this chap whose life was about grabbing the biggest piece first? People grow up to behave like that. Founding member my foot! What does that make Mai Khupe. If MDC-T plays the tribal and gender card here, it risks becomes an illegitimate movement and may as well dump the DC and remain. This is what change implies and those who purport to preach it must subordinate their individual greed and insecurities to it.

    1. chamisa is different . he is a president

  10. we need the young generation to lead as what Tsavangirai said before his death. mudzuri and the khupes are not the young generation that tsvangirai meant coz these are already tsvngirai’s age mates, he was referring to Chamisa. at Congress lets vote chamisa for generational change.

  11. Chamisa is the real deal. its high time we have young blood in the office

  12. Khupe managed herself out by playing the tribal card one time too many. She is acting contrary to the party agenda. She could easily have retained her vice presidency and maintain the hope of leading the movement some day. But playing into the hands of the party’s distractors she will end with a minor role going forward. As for Chamisa he is our best foot forward. No time to experiment. NC, the nation is fully behind you. If the delegates to the congress consult the people as they must do they will hear a resounding cry to appoint Chamisa our president. Save would have liked that. Real change, real independence, real growth a new inclusive Zimbabwe under Chamisa, under the MDC T.

    1. Khupe has demonstrated that she is not a team player.She will lose her position at congress….is it next year ?

  13. Nelson 100%

  14. My vote for Chamisa. This man will win by 65%+

  15. lets just go to congress and clear things up

  16. am 100% behind Chamisa

  17. Chamisa is the man. He is young, he knows what our generation wants. Its better to experiment on Chamisa than to try on Old, same faces, dirty, reused, and clueless candidates. Remember in the inclusive govenment when Chamisa was the the minister of ICT, he made it possible for us the majority to buy cellphone lines just for $1, they used to cost a fortune a leg and an arm. GO GO CHAMISA. CHAMISA FOR FOR PRESIDENT.

    1. i disagree with people who need extra ordinary congress targeting only the president post, but a clean overhaul from branch to national. even after that Chamisa Nelson will have my vote.

  18. its funny all those behind khupe and mudzuri are zanu pf supporters…real MDC know Chamisa is the big deal for real. harahwa kupenjeni.

    1. Chamisa for PRESIDENT

  19. Chamisa demonstrated that he can lead.He was man of the moment at Tsvangirai funeral.Congress will be mere endorsement of a forgone conclusion,and Khupe should not contest the Presidency otherwise she will embarrass herself.

  20. chamisa ungamudii hapana.

  21. I’m not convinced by the white-wash job that this story really amounts to. Chamisa needs to graduate away from student politics and adopt a more mature stance that is spiced with responsibility. He’s already made a bad start in his quest for the nation’s No. 1 job by getting involved in the embarrassing intra MDC leadership fights. That’s taken a whole bunch of points off his “good leadership” tally.



    Its 100% good for Chamisa to be the President of MDC not for Zimbabwe, even Moses God send him to Jetro kuti ambokura wani, for now he needs some more 5yrs achikura then take over, now he just need a ministerial post in the government not President of Zimbabwe.

    1. anonymous ndiwe wandaona une chipo chehuchenjeri dei pakaita impartation ruzhinji ruwane wisdom sewe,,ndotohwa kuda hangu kuvhotera iwe ini

  24. Me as an unknown prophet Nelson Chamisa will win inga David akaitwa mambo madzikoma ake aripo gonamombe re mafuta rikanzi poooo pamusoro wake,ana sekuru ngavaende kuno veza mupinyu ye mapadza command AGRICULTURE IFAMBE.mazvita macomrdaes.Isu vamwe tongoti dai Ishe JESU VACHIDZOKA MAMBO WEMADZIMAMBO,pane zvino Gamba ririkutonga.

  25. Famba Chamisa hako. tinokuvhotera isu .ED arikutozviziva kut iwewe u ar the best candidate.

  26. Comment…Hey vanhu, don’t get stuck to yo generation only. Think of the future, yo children and the future generations. Do they need to be led by sekurus and mbuyas, ma75yrs or so-called seniors in the party. NO,No,No! They need an active n effective young leader like NC. Zvose zvamoda kushora its only tt u are jealous of him or there is something wrong with u. Just have the young generation in mind. For a bright future, NC is e best foot forward. Not MDC but for my children, l may vote for him

  27. fuck politics hehhe

  28. ku congress ye mdc ndogona hangu kupa Nelly vote yangu asi kana tazosvika kwacho chaiko Mwana weGarwe iGarwezve

  29. asi prophet munobika sweet and sower combination inonaka .manyatsokanyanisa,,,,,

  30. Comment…you are very right I second you

  31. Chamisa is the man to be .Even nature can vote for him those who are ant-Chamisa and pro-Khupe are ZANU pf members who want to kill MDC . ZANU pf itself ignored its constitution on the issue of vice presidents they ignored woman but makuda kuona muziso medu menyu mune rutsanga kkkkk uyo mufana aita ZANU pf irevise budget pamapumpers nekuti vakunzwa manyoka hameno anopera rinhi

  32. Comment…Chamisa is my age so what stops me supporting him

  33. Comment…chamisa is the man he is gifted in leadership Check how he controlled the crowd that was booing mai Muchinguri , how he brought Mutambara to order , how he denounced violence even soon after Khupe had been attacked The truth of the matter is if you are a leader some followers will love you ‘senselessly’ to the point of commiting crimes in your name Not because you have sent them but because they are just hooligans. I know for a fact that he will still show leadership by bringing the perpetrators to book. while all this is happening he has not publucly rebuked Khupe but has constantly adviced that leadership will deal with matters in privacy Khupe on the other hand has climbed a mound and is shouting at the top of her voice to who ever cares to listen and ZANU Pf is having party
    Chamisa is balanced emotionally and even as he speaks
    My opinion He is the best foot forward

  34. Comment…Madam Khupe is rendering herself irrelevant by not attending meetings, very soon zvinhu zvichatanga kufamba iye asipo vanhu vobva vatoona kuti ahhh inga haana basa.


  36. Neloo for us. i really vote for this gygantic young man and im sure he can take us thru. David akazviita vakoma varipo so why iye kutadza.

  37. zvimwe mungataure pamberi naNero

  38. look isau na jacob whats hpnd ndozvakaitikawo apo vana khupe vakamhanyaa kujoni vaachikanganwa akti part haaifane kusara issina acting president automatically chamisa ndiye aksara aripo kapind

  39. PEOPLE ARE SO QUICK TO JUDGE AND FORGET KUTI its not the Generational but consider the elders too because the make the constituents as well. so his overdrive mode for me is my worry. Some he must watch out kuti not all the team around him like him 100% the might be there and involved with him for their personal success. why are they so interested in MDC now yet the once run away from it eg Biti. Welshman. A Mutambara

  40. Comment…hallucinations! Zimbabwe is not that doomed,chamisa can only be an mdc president not zimbabwean president.stop all this wishiful thinking.

  41. haitongwe ne vote asi
    ne muscle ymabhora

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