AMH vendor killed in city clashes

AN Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) newspaper vendor, Zephaniah Nhamo, was one of the two people shot and killed by police at Seke Road flyover in Harare Central Police Station on Thursday night.

By Staff Reporter

Nhamo (64) was travelling from Chitungwiza together with his wife when he was allegedly caught in the crossfire and fatally shot as police were trying to disperse vendors and kombi crews charging towards the charge office.

Two people died on the spot and four others were seriously injured while property worth thousands of dollars was destroyed during the clashes which started in the afternoon and ended in the evening.

Family spokesperson, Prosper Fabiana, described his uncle as the family’s breadwinner.

“After killing our uncle in a ruthless manner, the police have never visited us to pay their condolences, even to apologise. When we went to Harare Central Police Station, they mistreated us. It is sad,” Fabiana said.

AMH channel development manager Hatred Mandungumana said: “It is a reckless way of losing life that we are faced with, a sad chapter to us as AMH family, but more so, very sad because this was avoidable.

“How does a police officer shoot recklessly like that without due care to human life. We hope the long arm of the law will catch up with the perpetrator. Our heartfelt condolences to the family and fellow workmates. He was a very important and hardworking person in the chain of distribution. We are poorer as a family without Sekuru Nhamo.”

Fabiana said funeral arrangements would be announced in due course, as police had not yet released the deceased’s body.

Nhamo is survived by a wife, four children and two grandchildren.

AMH are the publishers of NewsDay, The Standard and Zimbabwe Independent.


  1. everything in zim is controlled by zanu pf we are
    waiting for election #Chamisa for 2018 president we tired of zanu they dont care about pple

  2. everything in zim is controlled by zanu pf we are
    waiting for election #Chamisa for 2018 president we tired of zanu they dont care about pple

  3. Cannot wait for election day

  4. kutongwa kwaro!

  5. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    This reminds us of the recklessness of the police force. Recently we had one of them who shot a soldier in Gweru. Now this again. CG Matanga the nation needs an explanation from you. Please do not send Charity to speak on your behalf. Remember whatever excuses the police might give, there were witnesses. You have to tell us the truth

  6. I have never heard of Police exercising crowd control duties using live ammunition. .. rubber bullets perhaps. This was pre meditated murder. The Police had planned this…they had made plans to murder civilians…any international court of law will find them guilty. ..they have to hang like Saddam.

  7. why killing people this is inhuman. other ways could have been used, for example using dogs or rubber bullet. my condolonces to the families who lost their loved once.

  8. Am seriously disturbed by this callous brutal police action ….why r we still facing the same repression in the new dispensation ? Surely a new dispensation cnt be cmplte with the current crop of the policeforce …maybe they shld all be demobilised n a new generation policeforce be recruited ….i dont get it hw they hd live ammo with them ..what for ? Who autborised them to carry such n who authiorized the shooting ? Surely we cnt continue being brutalised ….m also surprised politicians arent vocal a bt this ….this is totally unacceptable …..police commissioner and his minister shld be answerable …citizens shld demand their ryts to life …safety n protection …..police have bn serious agents of repression n gross human ryts violation with impunity ….let them go back to the camps till a solution is found …..we r not safe at all…our docility is costing us ….it cld hve bn anyone meeting thar fate ….loss of a life shldnt be taken lightly …

    1. new?How new is this so called dispensation

  9. The real problem is Government – it has become one of ‘control and ban’ typical of a failed state. The Police urgently needs retrenchment and retraining

  10. while the shooting has to be condemned, so should be the culture of violence and impunity perpetrated by these hwindis and vendors who take lawlessness and wanton destruction of property as a as a virtue.If the police not acted in self-defence, and legitimately so, the casualties on the law enforcers could have horrendous and unimaginable.Its not always prudent to give common thuggery some political undertones.People should just respect the laws of the land.

  11. “Nhamo (64) was travelling from Chitungwiza together with his wife when he was allegedly caught in the crossfire” …. mukadzi akarwadziswa uyu…

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