Ambitious thespian dreams big

THEATRE arts student, Tatenda Muderedzwa, has a lofty dream of changing the face of theatre in the country.


At just 22, the final-year University of Zimbabwe student has already traversed great lengths to make a mark in the industry and won awards for his roles in some notable theatre acts.

Muderedzwa was awarded Best Male Actor and Best Rising Actor awards in 2016 and 2017 respectively, besides landing a cameo role in a drama titled Baobab Ridge.

The aspiring director has worked with some reputable producers in the industry including the Zimbabwe Film and Television School of Southern Africa and Tiriparwendo producer, Yobe Ngwena.

“We did two short films and I have also managed to do short skits in which I collaborated with my classmate, Nicholas Marima,” he said .
“My ambition is to take Zimbabwean art to a new level through my acting and directing talent and my dream is to go and work in the biggest film industries of the world such as Hollywood and Nollywood.”

The local theatre industry has been struggling due to the country’s economic challenges and this has suppressed the rise of many potential theatre practitioners, but the Zimbabwe International Film and Festival Trust executive director, Nigel Munyati, recently expressed optimism for the industry this year.

“Given the rate at which Zimbabweans are now producing film, the local film sector will soon evolve into an industry,” Munyati said.

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