Zim won’t progress without justice, reconciliation: Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has said Zimbabwe will not achieve much progress without justice and reconciliation, a statement which has come at a time when many pressure groups have ramped up pressure on his administration to deal with past human rights


Mnangagwa made the statements on his Twitter handle President of Zimbabwe @edmnangagwa on Sunday, a day after opening it.
The President officially confirmed the page through a video clip posted on Twitter on Saturday.

“I am proud to announce that this is my official Twitter page,” he said, joining several African Presidents such Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta who are active on the micro-blogging site.

On Sunday, Mnangagwa — whose administration has been put under the spotlight by the clergy, opposition political parties, civic groups and other pressure groups — said Zimbabwe could not progress without justice and reconciliation.

“When we go to the elections, you should not fight. When people support their parties, it’s their choice. We should work for the people and not be selfish. There should be justice and national reconciliation because we cannot progress when communities are in conflict. God bless Zimbabwe,” he said.

The statement comes a week after he signed into law the National Peace and Reconciliation (NPRC) Bill to operationalise the commission, setting up the framework on how the commission will conduct its duties in addressing past human rights violations such as Gukurahundi and Operation Murambatsvina, among others.

The government has not yet outlined how it intends to deal with the past human rights abuses.

Reverend Ray Motsi, a theologian and peace-building expert, said Zimbabwe needs national dialogue to facilitate truth, justice and reconciliation efforts over past wrongs, but only if the government takes ownership and responsibility.

“If government is serious about this, even about the NPRC, then there must be need to repeal some of these primitive laws and the attitude that we have particularly from the powers that be. National dialogue must be aimed at leading the government to a national acknowledgement of what happened and to take ownership and responsibility to address what happened,” Motsi said on Friday at a Sapes Trust forum in Bulawayo.

The discussion was held under the theme Gukurahundi: Towards A National Dialogue.


  1. Does this mean, those who perpetrated Gukurahundi massacres will be prosecuted people like Mgabe, Chiwenga and Mnangagwa himself. This is great because that is justice

    1. MaNdevere vakauraya maShona in 1894 maDzviti and reconciliation must go as far back as this period. Even though Gukurahundi was a state of Emergence which was in law, ko maDzviti akanyorwa papi kuti vapambe vamwe. Amahole and Ezanzi aiva nemombe ndiyani? Mandevere handivaregereri zvachose ini muSvina muShona.

  2. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Nyaya yeGUKURAHUNDI, musasiya mapato maviri ezvematongerwo enyika iwo akaita kuti izvi zviitike. Richard Gwesela akafa here zvechokwadi? Nekuti pamwe zvaimbonzi murume uyu akatizira South Africa. Panodazve kuitwa wongororo yaRichard Gwesela nevatungamiriri vake vose. Nyaya iyi inoda vatungamiri vekereke avo vasiri mumapato ezvematongerwo enyika zvakare. Panoda
    kutauriranwa chokwadi, chokwadi chizere. Vakumbira ruregerero vokumbira. Kwete kutuma vanhu kukumbira ruregerero. Kukumbira ruregerero
    kunobva muhana nepfungwa dzeuyo akatadzira kana kukanganisira mumwe. Apana asingatadze, uye apana asingakanganise. Asi chikuru kumbirana ruregerero, tokanganwirana. Zvinotanga neni.Zvinotanga newe. Zvinoda isu TOSE. RUGARE rwunobva muRUNYARARO. RUGARE!!!! NGARUWANDE!!!!

  3. I honestly do not see how Gukurahundi and Murambatswina can be put in the same vain. How exactly are the two perceived to be similar??

  4. @shibobo kana usina zvekutaura shut up.gukurahundi handiyo bedzi murambatsvina yakaura our lively woods kuzoti vakaurawa nekupisirwa musha nekusuporter mdc hatitaure zvakuda vakatadza vati saorry chete chete

  5. 1. We want Peace which is based on Justice
    2. We are against sub-human conditions
    3. We want solidarity as a path to Justice and Peace
    4. We want genuine respect for Human Rights
    5. Peace demands correction of abuse which coincides with cause for Justice
    6. Until we all receive Peace And Justice; – we are all under bondage
    7. If you want Peace; – work for Peace
    8. Hurt people, – hurt: Healed people, – heal

  6. Comment…mugobudisei it’s just a cleaning exercise fr some kuvachenesa mazita avo

  7. Ya azisukelane we a still in pain tl today about gukurahundi sifuna imzimba yabantu bakithi

  8. It will not happen.

  9. The issue of reconciliation is 100% good but it will trigger more unrest in a way that another potion of the masses want to be compansated in order to forgive

  10. The path to healing is forgiveness. lets embrace all the efforts towards national healing. A lot has been said about this issue and more will be said, sometimes out of emotions but sometimes towards a good cause. There was a genocide in Rwanda but they are now way past that issue. This is a very sensitive issue and it needs people who are wise and guided by principles of true humanity. I say lets support the efforts from our president because its a step towards the right direction. This issue is long overdue, we should solve it and focus on other important issued as a nation. We are way behind schedule on very important issues that will efine us Zimbabweans. My brothers and sisters, this is our nation, lets enjoy the fruits of it through Wisdom, Forgiveness, Peace and Hardwork. Asante sana

    1. I fully agree with Tom.

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