Zim lashes out at Trump over ‘sh*thole’ remark

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has lashed out at United States President Donald Trump for using derogatory remarks at African countries, El Salvador and Haiti, saying they expected better from the world’s most powerful leader.

In a blistering statement, the Foreign Affairs ministry accused Trump of dishonouring the US by supposedly using foul language to describe Haiti, El Salvador and unspecified African nations during a discussion about immigration, whom the American President described as “sh*tholes”.

“We join fellow African countries and others in rejecting this unfortunate characterisation of our peoples and countries,” the Foreign Affairs ministry said. “We all desire the amplification of positive relations with the USA, and would hope that care will be taken going forward to avoid jeopardising prospects for those relations through such hurtful and prejudicial language from any official quarter in the USA.”

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  1. GumboreShumbaKaguvi

    Pasi ne ma Roma, moto ngaupise pope francis

  2. When typhoid, cholera and dirty water are a normal situation, and your government buys over 200 vehicles for chiefs who have many cars bought by the state already, how exactly do you rate yourself? When raw sewage flows in your capital’s CBD and you ignore it – what are you? Trump’s error is simply saying the very truth about things.

    1. Correct. Shitholes ruled by mostly shitheads!!!

      1. 100% truth most of african leaders they are fully of selfish and corrupt

  3. Trump for truth
    ko kana muchiziva henyu kuti hapana zvakaipa pane zvamunoita magumbuswa nei nemashoko aTrump. Iyo Africa iyi ine nyika dzakawanda chose hadzina kuti bufu. kuvhunduka chatikwatara hunge uine katurikwa. Those with good governance nevasingabiri varombo never get agitated nemashoko avukugwa naTrump. vanongomusiya akadero. asi vagumburwa nazvo hameno henyu tsvatu.

  4. zim is shithole period

  5. The problem with shitholes, they don’t smell their stink, if they did they would wear deodorant.

  6. As much as i am no admirer of racist trump. He is spot on . When will Africa awaken from its slumber . Corruption and self enrichment are the order of the day. The only reason we maintain a dual currency system bond and us$ is to promote corruption and currency manupulation. And then we are informed the VP is going to address price hikes? What sort of logic is this? We have no right to complain when we are called names by trump.

  7. Makanaka Innocent

    Ingodzoreraiwo zvipere kani

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