Zim can’t afford to be a nation of cynics

It is quite encouraging to note that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has made a lot of promises and managed to attract world attention during his short tenure in office, although cynics are now asking if any of the promises will come to pass.
While it is healthy to be sceptical, it would be suicidal if we are to become a nation of cynics who do not believe that anything good will come out of anyone, anywhere at any given time.

Mnangagwa’s well-choreographed speech at the just-ended World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland marked another key turning point in the country’s journey to economic recovery, as his assurances to the world that Zimbabwe is now ready to engage with the international community proved to be the right tonic that investors have been waiting for since former President Robert Mugabe’s departure two months ago.

The positive responses from the key opinion and economic leaders at the Davos meeting on Zimbabwe now require the nation to unite, collectively take ownership of its affairs and help chart a positive trajectory in its quest for economic revival.

By this, we are not in any way calling for a return to autocratic rule, but a sense of patriotism to rebuild the nation for the benefit of all citizens.

Our country is a highly-polarised nation. The divisions have become so ingrained in every sphere of our politics, economics and media reportage, with the result that all key facets of the State are dysfunctional to the core and become a major threat to development.

The question that should be on every Zimbabwean’s mouth is: what can we do for our country than what can the country do for us? That way we will prove to the world that Zimbabwe is now ready for investment.

Much as we have opposing voices to how the new dispensation is unfolding pertaining to the way it is conducting government business, we pray that such a view is premised on the desire to create a more plurastic society, and not political expediency as has been the case before, come the crunch national elections this year.

Our nation faces peculiar circumstances after 37 years of a dictatorship that ran down the country — itself a former Jewel of Africa in 1980.

It is only pragmatic that the only way forward to resuscitate our economy is for the government and the opposition to give it every chance of recovery premised on a healthy political contest in the coming elections.

We urge all the political parties in the coming elections to desist from feeding on the people’s misery as campaign material.

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  1. It’s very difficult NOT to be cynical. When some ministers speak, it becomes very clear that they are so ignorant they are doing more harm in govt than anyone else at great expense too, via salaries and perks.
    Meanwhile those who are legally working for an honest living are paid pitiful salaries and still taxed. The cynicism can be managed by weeding out non-performing and corrupt members now…..this sends a very correct signal to everyone, everywhere.


  2. I agree with this writer. Our problems will not dessapear overnight. What we need is positive attitude to come out of this rut. To expect the gvt to everything right first might be counter productive. Rome was not built in a day

  3. Great reporting. Zimbabwe will remain long after Zanu Pf and Mdc have faded away and the sooner we realise that politics of personalities do not value add to nation building the better for us. We should support the current efforts albeit raising our voices when we observe certain abuses. President Mnangagwa deserves our support and disapproval whenever and wherever they apply and it is a disservice to ourselves to be negatively conclusive 2 months into this dispensation

  4. The cynicism is deserved.The Japanese will never forget Hiroshima.

  5. You can not remove fear of the unknown to the electorate as this forms the basis for the decision making proces,ordinary zim citizens have suffered so mch under the zanu pf regime.Wounds may heal bt they never forgt what they went through.PLUS remember ED is approaching an election n he wants to win so don u thnk he wil do watever it takes to win a vote???zimbabwe do support his efforts but let them be with whatever they feel about ths government whethr cynical or nt.preach that after election not now!!!!!!

  6. Great article indeed. Cynicism is killing our potential even on aspects that must be common cause. Let us not fold our hands or sit on the fence waiting with anticipation to criticize everything being done by ED or ZANUpf. Indeed it will take time for people to understand the efforts of ED because of the history attached to his political career but why not join him where he is championing the cause of Zimbabwe? Japan will never forget Hiroshima but that has not stopped the Japanese from doing business with the very same people who blew their cities into smithereens.They have reached a common ground for the prosperity of both nations. Why is it difficult for us to do the same as Zimbabweans?

  7. ED Mnangagwa and his gvt are the same people that lied to us for the past 27 years, and we are in misery because of them. They want us to believe Mugabe managed to oppress and stay in power all by himself. We simply are not that stupid. Now as ED and cabal seek another false mandate they talk to us so sweetly, wait until the elections are over, they will again show us their brutal side. People are not that naive anymore. The nation has been many times over, it is their right to be a million times shy. Only foolish people will keep trusting this cruel and apartheid regime of ED Mnangagwa. Nonetheless we know for sure that Dr Evil 2 ED will not stop at anything to force himself once again on the poor Zimbabweans.
    Mr Writer Zimbabweans have been oppressed for so long, powerless as they are, naivety is their right and you cant force it out of them….

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