Zapu backs Zanu PF on Gukurahundi

THE Dumiso Dabengwa-led opposition Zapu party has joined forces with Zanu PF in condemning civic society groups and individuals allegedly using the Gukurahundi atrocities for financial gain.


Zanu PF Bulawayo provincial chairperson Callistus Ndlovu on Sunday expressed concern over a “worrying development where individuals and civic society groups” have taken to commercialising the Gukurahundi issue without providing any solutions.

Ndlovu was addressing a Zanu PF inter-district meeting at the party’s Bulawayo Davies Hall offices.

“In the country, we are now having what we call ‘Gukurahundi enterprise’ where monies are being released to individuals who are talking about the subject,” he said.

Zapu spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa said his party also believed the Gukurahundi issue was being commercialised, quickly drawing brickbats from the MDC-T and the Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) .

“He (Ndlovu) is correct. Remember, we also made a similar call recently. A lot of people have since commercialised the subject and most of the noises being made are not genuine. We also have a similar grievance against the media, both local and international, who have always left Zapu the real victims of this to engage outsiders, sometimes talking to perpetrators about the thorny subject,” Maphosa said. Ads

“This is while Zapu is here and ready to tell her story to the world. The Gukurahundi is a totally unforgettable era in the history of our Zimbabwe and it needs careful handling particularly comments made by those who played a part.”

Various civic groups are demanding that government brings closure to the Gukurahundi issue. Protests were also held against President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Pretoria, South Africa, and in Bulawayo recently over similar concerns.

“Statements that some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) use Gukurahundi for selfish gains is unforgivable. As for Ndlovu, it is on record that he was one of those who were all over intimidating people in Matabeleland after defecting from PF Zapu and calling it a dead donkey.

“NGOs are the ones who took part in exposing the extent of the massacres and it is nonsensical for a perpetrator to silence those he caused harm,” MDC-T Matabeleland South chairperson Ekem Moyo said.

MRP president, Mqondiso Moyo said: “The killing of people cannot ever be a joke. The victims have a right to demand answers over the 1980s disturbances, and until there is restorative justice, until there is a truth and a reconciliation process, the voices and cries for closure will only but grow louder with each passing day.”


  1. thank you zipra intelligence supremo you are the only one qualified to speak about this topic and i respect your views as you were involved in the thick of things during those days and if ever these pressure groups must approach you for advise and understand what led to all this madness thus the unleashing of dissidents and the appropriated response then, and have a deeper understanding because the only key argument we have heard to date by these proponents of this subject is that we do not have ids something which mudede can sort out in a day.

    1. Lam'lele lam'lele

      The people who were affected are the only ones qualified to tell how their own people were killed not Zapu. Remember people are not Zapu but their only sin was of speaking Ndebele. The issue is about Mnangagwa,Mugabe,Shiri and Chiwenga as frontmen in this genocide to come forward and tell the whole world that they wanted to decimate the stronghold of Zapu not hunting down 50 men the so called dissidents. Myself being a victim through seeing the pains of my grandparents crying whenever they see my face because it reminds them of my lynched father by the gukurahundi it also takes a toll on me-where was he buried,how was he killed by who, for what. you cannot fight 50 dissidents the whole of villages in Mat regions

      1. Most of these Shona speaking self appointed Spokespersons of the Mnangagwas and the Shiris over this Gukurahundi issue can be very irritating sometimes!

      2. Whenever the Gukurahwundi incident is mentioned we are not told why it occurred, and also its like the people who suffered were only those attached to Matabeleland that is the Ndebeles. When people do this are not telling the whole truth. People of other tribes were also killed in large numbers purpodedly to chase them from Mateleland.

        1. If other tribes also died, so why dont they complain? Who is stopping them from demanding their rights? Each person for himself and God for us all. You lie low you suffer. You keep quite you suffer. In this world, attention is given to only those who rise up and fight for their rights. If you choose to keep quiet, that is your funeral. That is your problem!!

  2. As l have said before and will say it again only Pf Zapu are the ones qualified to tell their own story and how it should be solved. There has been an a lot of untruths by the Roman Catholic Commission and their handlers. At the time they published their first report, they had am a axe tho grind with Zanu, they had their own agenda.

  3. eliasha, your comment is not appropriate, what do you mean when you say appropriate response? God will judge you harshly for the insult to the Gukurahundi victims. The war of Liberation was waged by two military wings Zipra and Zanla. Lets not demean the contribution of any of the armies. Let promote national healing and reconciliation

    1. There is no taking away the importance of the both zipra and zanla but it will be equally inappropriate to condone the dissidents whilst condemning the actions of the fifth brigade both were wrong and thats why Mugabe and crew and Nkomo and crew reached a common understanding and buried this issue of which Dabengwa was part of, and what we now hear are youngsters trying to cash in on an issue which was long closed by the two protagonist.

      1. Who condoned dissidents? What has brought your “thinking” to conclude that the victims, including children and pregnant women were dissidents? Take time to think before rushing to comment. Are you a 5th brigader?

        1. I think you also lack the politics of what was happening that time or you were a kid, most of the dissidents took refugee in homes of innocent souls and some of them because of family ties ended up shielding the guys. I remember an operation which was conducted in Kuwadzana next to Warren Park which included helicopters and all and some dissidents were flushed from the house of a civilian relevant and thats how complex this thing was and we spent the whole day in doors although then i lived in another ghetto close to Kuwadzana. Lets not go deeper into this thing and lets be contend with Dabengwas remarks, the memories are too bad to recall as civilans.

          1. Your problem is that you seem to associate these so-called dissidents and what they were doing with approval of ZAPU and the people of Matebeleland. In rural Mashonaland, were you in control of what ZANLA was doing in the villages during the struggle, or you were just victims? The very people who were in charge of the ZNA at the time, who caused frustration and disgruntlement among these 50 or so, dissidents that led to them absconding from the army are responsible for their actions – not ZAPU, not the people of Matebeleland. Learn to face the truth!

        2. You seem to be part and parcel of these NGOs.

      2. Eliasha, why do you argue passionately on the basis of “..what we now hear are youngsters…” instead of on the basis of what you know for a fact?

  4. It’s actually the church that exposed the atrocities, not NGOs. Matters like Gukurahundi and Murambatsvina need to be approached from a victim-sensitive point and being defensive or offensive whenever they are brought up won’t help. The only way forward is to encourage healing. To say that a leader chose to bury the issue does not bring justice to the victims. Asante Sana

  5. The leader who instigated the dissident activities to distabilize the country passed on and considering that there is now only one part to the issue ,reconciliation yes but no to trying to apportion blame in a bid to gain unnecessary political mileage and sympathy from donors to fatten up a few individuals pockets.

  6. The Leader who instigated the dissident menace to distabilize the country passed on and its only the other player who is left, reconciliation yes but no to apportioning blame in a bid to score cheap points by todays youngsters in a bid to attract attention of donor funders so as to fatten their pockets in these tough economic times.

  7. What about individuals who were abused by the CIO for personal reasons? Who is going to compensate them?

  8. Mthwakazi Republic Party is rubbish and tribalistic. We no longer want parties that divide people of Zimbabwe on tribal lines . Zimbabweans are now united and they now know that colonisers were using people of Zimbabwe for their selfish ends. Both Shonas and Ndebeles are now one as they are now united through inter marriages and a lot of other social platforms.

  9. A complex matter with historical ties. i think its better to try to help communities affected by this matter based on current challenges than wasting time digging the past.

  10. @JOS …. You raised a valid point there man ,lets not dig the even though its necessary but this can bring a lot of confusion and pain , i feel the same that lets help the communities and individuals that were affected by this mistake . Since we can not reverse it , i pray we as a Nation can find a proper way to solve it .

    1. That confusion you are talking about is exactly what ZANU wanted. That is why they tribalised the whole thing; a problem they actually created because they wanted a one party state. Now they are walking away scot free, leaving you behind to fight each other as citizens over the same confusion they deliberately caused!

  11. It is necessary for those who were in charge of Government to acknowledge the wrongs by openly saying sorry to the victims. If these things are not addressed now it will haunt us in the future. The scars are still on the victims, some failed to complete school, some were left without bread winners,. Why should it be hard to say we were wrong and take corrective measures to prevent it from happening in the future. just consider the following scenario , if you are in a family and you have a serial rapist and this person is known, but because you want protect the family name, the practice will continue in the family because you do not want to expose evil.

  12. Where was this so called Eliasha i do not think you even born during gukurahundi you just talk nonsense how could a sane person deploy thousands of soldiers to hunt 113 unhappy armed men killing 20 000 civilian in the process .ZAPU want to stop pple from talking about gukurahundi killings as if it owns them .Who is making money using gukurahundi that is all blood lies .

  13. Dabengwa and the late Maskuku are some of the victims we all know that.This makes Dabengwa the most seneor person to have a more say in the issue on behalf of other victims untill such a time when every surviving victim will be afforded time to say what befell her/him.This is not issue to attach to canvassing for political support torwards elections.Many lives were lost here and massive human rights violetion was done here.

    1. How does he speak about something which happened when he was in jail? The victims are there and identifiable and these can speak.For exampleI know one Herod who survived by always hiding in a tree he has stories to tell because he was one of the hunted.You cannot ask Dumiso to speak in his behalf because Dumiso does not even know what he went through.

  14. Some of us were teenagers and remember very well the pictures from Matebeleland but I think it’s better to have another enquiry to get to bottom of this issues .Enquiries are better when chaired by independent bodies. The ones involved should give information according to their recollection. This time don’t rush to quickly close it or for political purposes.Zimbabwean need to know what started all the killing and who did what? Why were civilians killed.How many were killed. We read 30,20,5 thousand which is which? Surely with 90% plus literacy that can’t be difficulty to establish.

    1. The government does not have enough resources to do that,what i would suggest is for the affected families to be identified and then compensated,to enable Zim to move forward as a unity.

  15. very nice put up, i certainly love this web site, carry on it

  16. Since time immemorial human beings wedged wars amongst each other with the winner becoming King and loser becoming slaves or ran away – Africa was an endless jungle.

    At independence the Government FAILED to intergrate some Zipra cadres into the new ARMY Governemnt also failed to intergrate ZAPU leadership resulting in some of them opting to go back to the bush, civil unrest was envisaged after some unscrupuluos Zipra cadres caused mayhem in Midlands and Matebelaland.

    Gukurahundi was the Government’s heavy-handed reaction to the mishaps and perceived civil war. The 5th brigade had orders to kill what is not clear is whether the civillians were just collateral damage or Zapu’s support base was supposed to be wiped out.

    The good thing is that Government has not changed, it can correct its FAILURES by coming out clean on what transpired seek forgiveness and compensation. Information was gathered, guns were assembled and killing order was signed by Government whose players (most of them) are still alive to testify.

  17. Why is ZAPU taking ownership of the victims of Gukurahundi? Are they acknowledging that dissidents were their creation? This is a national catastrophe which can never be entrusted to pliticians who were players at the time. I respect Dumiso but to say noone else except ZAPU should speak about the Gukurahundi is not correct. Not all Ndebele speaking people were all ZAPU but were all Gukurahaundi victims. Where was ZAPU when the Catholic Commssion was exposing these atrocities, now suddenly these NGOs have become bad. Yes its bad to make money out of this calamity but its never wrong to speak out about it.

  18. Really elisha dissidents flushed out in kuwadzana,are you for real.i have always said you dont understand this issue,you just an idiot just shut nja yothuvi

  19. People are failing to understand and admit that the gukurahundi as the name implies was to weep the ndebeles to submissions or wipe them out on creating one party state.after the unity a handful of bandits numbering less than 50 came from the bush who turned out to be people who were disgruntled zipras from the army and there was no justification of killing more than 20 thousand people.Dumiso is failing to revive ZAPU and is drawing attantion by playing with peoples mind

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