Zanu PF to throw Mugabe birthday bash

THE Zanu PF youth league has vowed to continue honouring deposed President Robert Mugabe and are planning to throw a birthday bash for the ex-leader.


Zanu PF youth league leader Pupurayi Togarepi yesterday said Mugabe, who was removed from the party leadership in November after a military intervention codenamed “Operation Restore Legacy” and replaced with his former deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, remains an icon and they would honour him on his birthday.

“Since February 21 has been declared a national holiday, we are taking advantage of that day to honour Mugabe. As youths, we will embark on charitable work as well spend some time with the former President. We want to have a cake and share with him. This, for us, will be a small event unlike previous ones,” he said.

Mugabe will be turning 94 this year and had it not been for the military that forced him to resign, the youth league under Kudzanai Chipanga — now expelled — was organising a big jamboree to be hosted in Nyanga.

Previously, ailing State institutions and businesses at large had been forced to fund the lavish festivities with a budget normally running into millions.

During these celebrations, Mugabe used to address thousands of youths and the party faithful. But the last two events were used for factional fights within Zanu PF as the G40 team, which had support of former First Lady Grace Mugabe, controlled the events.

“For us as youths, we believe that since this day (February 21) has been declared a holiday, it is enough honour to the former President and we shall carry on his legacy. The best way is through helping those in need and the elderly,” Togarepi said.

Over the years, Zanu PF has also been forcing villagers and civil servants, particularly teachers, to contribute towards the event. This year’s event had initially been pencilled for Nyanga before Mugabe was ousted in November.


  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    One of the butchers of Africa.An estimated 30000 people butchered within a short space of time in the Matabeleland and Midlands Provinces during the 1980s.As if this wasn’t enough,the economy ground to a halt under his watch.Right now people are being hounded out of the civil service after their investments such as insurance policies unit trusts etc melted in hyperinflation as a result people are leaving the civil service and other sectors of the economy poorer than they were before appointment to those jobs, thanks to Mugabe’s poor governance.Is this all what the youths want to emulate?Mugabe should simple account for his genocide crimes in the International Criminal Court instead of being honoured in this fashion.

    1. GET RID OF “M” CONSTITUTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…Mugabe did what a man has to do in the face of adversaries because had he shown any weakness then the Shona(the owners of this country) would have been at the mercy of madzviti(foreigners from Zululand). They know what will happen if they start the war again. We will crush them.

    1. You are obviously a product of Mugabe’s divide and rule policy. It is understandable that you want to celebrate your hero but please dont divide us with your filth in the process. Zimbabwe needs to celebrate all its people in their diversity. If we are to rebuild this country we need to be united. I do hope you are alone in your shallow thinking. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and not for tribes and I hope all sloganeering is left in the past. Lets unite and not divide, lets build and not destroy, lets learn to appreciate one another and let all the cultures of Zimbabwe contribute in their own way to the growth of the country and be appreciated. Let the division that Mugabe perpetuated after the colonizers retire with him and let the spirit of acceptance prevail.

  3. will you all shut the fuck up everyone migrated from somewhere we shonas came from tanzania no one owns zimbabwe full stop.

    1. True we all came from outside this country some of you obviously do not seem to know. As for the writer he ants to celebrate Mugabe’s legacy he says. What legacy did he leave except destruction of our beautiful country?

  4. i am a shona who loves madviti because we are all the same.tribalism is a cancer which was used by the settlers to divide us.actually mandevere as we call them can be better people than us mashona who hate each other like crazy.poisoning each other just to keep power.

    1. Pray do tell! Has there ever been anything that went wrong in Zimbabwe that is NOT the white’s fault?

  5. Jamengweni Godonga

    Shame on you Chaminuka, you are still living the stone age times. Luckily you are all alone with your warped set of brains.

  6. this mugabe thing is too raely
    why not let sleeping dogs lie

  7. this mugabe thing is too raely
    why not let sleeping dogs lie

  8. too much obsession with Mugabe will see you miss the mark. vamwe tirikutogadzira ramangwana imi muchingowawata nezva Mugabe

  9. mugabe really!

  10. chimuvhondo kushungo

    For sure do you need the Army through an operation called Restore Order to remove a good President. Mugabe was forced to resign. No Mugabe holiday birthday forget about that man. Poor youths.

  11. lets do away with the birth day bash its a worst of money and resources. The holiday is enough but at the expense of our economy we are trying to build by closing industries for the holiday.

  12. aaa please please not now Mugabe nooo. I dont want anything to do with mugabe

  13. These people just want to make money – remember they used to force people contribute for holding Mugabe birthday celebration of which the money was never accounted for. Genuine ZANU PF youth should resist these greedy thieving leaders. We want change of leadership now. Why celebrate a dictator

  14. Comment…For sure some people appear in dire need of pastime activity such as idle celebrations. The guy falsely claimed he could out do the rest of his team mates in Zvimba(bwe) building. Only to ultimately fail to out do even Ian Smith in raising the living standards of even little Zvimba, the older Zvimba folks will confirm. Smith left inheritable wealth and inheritable African Culture. Yo oldman left at most uninheritable empty speeches and own African culture in sorriest state. Nothing to be proud of, nor meriting of celebrations . I have no doubt whatsoever that the old man and the nutty professor share common false heroism, limited to stage acting with malicious humour of confining whole nation into circle of dispair for close to half century, after Smith’s conscience had found 15 yrs of national torment enough. To be fairer to the old man he would be my automatic hero had he managed to bring even moniless MAJORITY RULE.

  15. We want a reverse deal. We can not waste our time honoring someone who was removed from the Presidential status because of incompetence and poor leadership. Maybe it shall be called old people holiday. Mugabe is not an icon at all.

  16. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Madiyi kuita Foundation yekubatsira vana
    nemari iyi. Ndomaonero anguwo.

  17. Janana wa Bikaz

    These guys used to make a fortune whenever they organised birthday celebrations for the former dictator.They are failing to comprehend the fact that their cash cow is now history.No one will be prepared to part with their money to sponsor the meaningless and senseless birthday bash for Bob unless they are out of their cotton picking minds.Pupurai Togarepi is one of the idiots that used to cash in on the deposed cruel leader’s bortday bashes.Shame on you!

  18. These are just futile attempts of resuscitating a dead horse! Now that they can’t change the direction of the (political) wind, the best they can do is to ‘adjust their sails’. Why waste time on a spent force? For your information, Mnangagwa is the President of Zimbabwe else all the rest are just sideshows.

  19. owners of the country. what drivel. crap. shows how shallow minded some people are . ask who did the rock paintings dotted i caves around the country. start there and see the folly of your stupid theses that shonas own the country. stop it tribalist

  20. Bt vamwe vanhu their stupidity nvr cease to amaze. Isnt he th togarepi who was thrown out in2 th cold (afta vapedza kumushandisa) as youth leader in favour of chipanga. Ana chipanga vakaita zvidhafu dhunda nekudya mari dzeparty.Nw without any aorta of shame he is trying 2 organise zvima bday zvisina basa. Baba vako wakambovaitireiwo. U need mbama yekupepuka kuona kut pese apa zvanga zvaapachena kut chipanga aapamwoyo pamai. I wldnt waste my energy lyk tht. Hapana kana 1 anoshanda pama youth ese arikuronga izvozvo. Thn why bother yrselves? Anywr ndokwamunotonodyirawo kubash ikoko. Just bware kut hauisirwe poison

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