Zanu PF cancels ED welcome rally

ZANU PF last night cancelled a welcome rally it had organised today for President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


The rally was scheduled to take place at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport today, where Mnangagwa, who has been away for the past week attending the World Economic Forum in Switzerland and the African Union (AU) summit in Ethiopia, is expected to land this afternoon.

Zanu PF Harare provincial youth leader, Godwin Gomwe confirmed the last minute cancellation but without giving the reasons.

“Please be advised that we will no longer be going to the airport to welcome His Excellency, Cde ED Mnangagwa. I extend an apology to the multitudes that had mobilised to welcome our President,” he said.

Airport rallies became prominent under Mnangagwa’s predecessor, Robert Mugabe, who would occasionally use such meetings to brag about an imagined foreign conquest or berate his political opponents.

At one such rally in February 2015, Mugabe missed a step and famously fell in front of his supporters after he had returned from an AU summit in Ethiopia.

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  1. These airport rallies are so archaic, they should abolish them. It makes Zim look so backward.

    1. thought as much thank you pal

    2. you’re 101% right kuita vanhu vekare chaivo nxaa

  2. You had wanted to start your hero worshiping stunt that you were used to during the Mugabe era, pathetic zanu pf. Thanks to the person who advised you otherwise.

  3. Reminds me of Kamuzu Banda era in Malawi.

  4. But why why why .. wasting resources to welcome a president …m nxiiii!!

  5. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…VaMnangagwa havana kuzviramba here izvi? Ko tadireyi kuramba toti nhanho mbiri mberi, zana kumashure nhayi veduwe? Rally paAirport panosvikira vayenzi kubva kunyika dzepasi rose, varume REBRAND Zimbabwe.

  6. Yeah this is a wise idea to abolish these welcoming gatherings, now ED is showing a slight difference from these useless bootlicking members of Zanu pf.

  7. Vana Gomwe just trying going to the bootlucling acts they are used to. That’s the problem with people who xantcadd value, they just ululate and whistle.

  8. Vana Gomwe just trying to go back to the bootlicking acts they are used to. That’s the problem with people who cant add value, they just ululate and whistle. They only flourish in a highly politised and polarised environment.

  9. I’ll never ever vote for zanupf in my life or even death but I must admit I’m impressed by some of the reasonable positive changes that that are taking place in that stone age party

  10. President ED, be wary of some of the same tactics these charlatans used to bring down your predecessor. They mobilise /force people to attend rallies while fooling you of the people’s support. Watch out!! They are evil and very deceitful

  11. Dowin Gomwe bharanzi

    Godwin Gomwe should go back to school. You have shown your level of intellectual dysfunctional, uri dofo remakoko during this new political dispensation you still have the Mugabeism mentality of bussing people to Airport rally, zvinhu zvaiitwa kuma 19 gachanhembe. Gomwe plus futi uri mbava you conned people their money paGlen Norah nechiCoorparative chiri bogus using the name of Grace Mugabe, Out of shame you should have resigned from that post of HArare Youth Chairmanship becoz of your behaviour of bootlicking. Godwin Gomwe you are such a pathetic politician unonyadzisa

  12. inga wati they have cancelled the rally so were is all this noise coming from

    1. Anga akamboirongerei in the first place, apa kuda kumuyeuchidza hudofo hwakamuputira

  13. I like the reforms. I hate the Godfrey Gomwe’s of the party who fail to rebrand!!!!Surely!!!

  14. Mr. President just let your works bring people to you and not praise singing and propaganda. Be wary of people who want to hero worship you.

  15. Ndi ED azviramba izvi kkkkkk.Wake up guys ana Gomwe,Garwe achinja mutemo inga Jah akaimba wani

    1. unopenga iwe kuuchinja chiii apo zi zanu remunhu

  16. Chibabababababababababa

    ZANU will always be ZANU, Welcome Rally for what, Hero worshiping destroyed Zimbabwe and this is the beginning of the destruction of the so called New Era. Hero worshiping is poison

  17. Gomwe, don’t you have other things to do than to go to the airport for a rally. Kana uchida ndege enda ka unokwira, wodeedza mukadzi wako kuti akumirire achitamba kongonya pa airport. There are better things to worry about in this country. Why dont you mobilize people to clean the dirty streets of Harare.

    1. Akadhakwa mhan mfes uyo ipapa pane mari yaaida kutojumha sekuba kwaakaita nechigroup chake kuGlen Norah uko..dhemet

  18. Comment…This people they don’t learn they were doing it during Mugabe time whilst everything in the was at stanstill and they are the very people at the forefront to say Mugabe is not a good leader confused cockroaches

  19. these rallies do not give people jobs thank you very much lets focus on rebuilding the economy

  20. keep up the Re-orientation, refocussing in the new dispensation

  21. Thats good lets avoid worsting state resources tichiita zvisina basa nxaaaaaaaaaaa

  22. Thumbs up to ED so far. What was the rally intended for. Churches, youth etc etc. What for Gomwe. Fool. I hope you change.

  23. No more bootlicking Airport rallies they have gone with Mugabe. Mugabe used to enjoy such kind of stupid rallies. Unfortunately the people who used to attend those rallies turned up in their numbers to say enough is enough. Old man must go. So don’t trust fake gatherings. Good lesson to Mnangagwa.

  24. President must just deliver on the economy. There is no need for being met at the airport by a huge crowd of hungry povo, this wont take us anywhere both for the Persident and us the povo. It may lead to heroism and blasphemy as these guys try to impress the President that he has support as they did to former President. Lets not forget the likes of senior bootlickers like Webstar Shamu who once said Mugabe is Cremora. then came the other who equated Mugabe to an angel.

  25. Great work, ED should focus on good governance not winning elections. Good governance equals winning elections. The end does NOT justify the means. Do what’s right and win the hearts of the people outright.

  26. I like this, it shows maturity in politics.

  27. Comment…the president did say he does not want any hero worship. he stopped singers to sing praise song for him.

  28. Zanu PF never cancels anything without creating some unforeseen circumstance. This time around it is so telling that they were silenced into a stupor. I know ED had everything to do with stopping the bootlickers in their tracks.

  29. Avoid this barbaric system
    Is just wasting of money
    Stop please

  30. it is better to leave pane kuitiswa nevanhu variita mari nesu

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