Wicknell, Undenge woes mount over shady energy deals

ENERGY minister Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday told Parliament that more heads were set to roll at Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) over the $7 million Gwanda solar project which was awarded to businessman Wicknell Chivayo and was never implemented even though he was paid the full amount.


Moyo had appeared before the Mines and Energy Portfolio Committee with his ministry secretary Partson Mbiriri, Zesa board chairman Herbert Murerwa, ZPC board chairman Stanley Kazhanje and Zesa chief executive officer Josh Chifamba where they were grilled over the shady deal where Chivayo was paid $7 million, including value-added tax to execute the project.

It turned out that instead of the $5 million purported to have been paid to Chivayo, he was paid $7 million upfront. Moyo disclosed to MPs that former Energy minister Samuel Undenge masterminded the shady deal, giving directives to the ZPC board to seal the deal.

“Heads are going to roll, and the Chivayo Gwanda solar project has been a matter of interest to many people and was brought up in Cabinet and later we heard that a directive came from the former Energy minister Undenge to the ZPC board to award the contract to Intratek [Chivayo’s company],” he said.

“I have said to the Auditor-General [Midred Chiri] that this matter needs to be thoroughly investigated and exposed because it was one of the issues raised during former President Robert Mugabe’s impeachment motion by MPs, and at the end of the day we need to get to know the truth to find out how the
$7 million was given to Chivayo,” he said.

Kazhanje had failed to explain before the committee how the ZPC board made a decision to award the tender to Chivayo and if any inspections on the progress of the project were being made.

It turned out that Chivayo never commenced work on the project despite the $7 million being fully paid.

MPs questioned Murerwa over why the Zesa board allowed the $7 million to be released to Chivayo without the board giving a nod to the payment. “I do not know because I was not chairman at the time, but as far as I know no board resolution was made over that,” Murerwa said.

Kazhanje revealed that the money was paid to Chivayo within three months in several batches of between $200 000 and $2 million.
Currently, a forensic audit has commenced on the $7 million Gwanda solar sroject, but Moyo and Mbiriri expressed concern over that saying they only came to know that ZPC was carrying out a forensic audit through the media.

Chairperson of the Mines Committee Temba Mliswa said the committee would summon Chivayo to Parliament and would soon travel to Gwanda to do site visits and investigate the issue.

On the Dema Power Project which was awarded to Sakunda and Aggreko, and which gobbled between 10,8 million and 12 million litres of diesel per month, Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority chief executive officer Gloria Magombo said the project was abandoned a year ago.

But, MPs questioned why a statutory instrument was then issued in November 2017 to Dema for importation of duty-free diesel when the project had abandoned, where the fuel was going, and who was benefiting from that diesel. Legislators said the fuel might have been leaked onto the black market.

Zesa CEO Chifamba said the project was beneficial during the time when Kariba’s water levels were too low, but MPs demanded figures from Zesa showing the energy that was supplied by Dema compared to the fuel they got.

The committee blasted ZPC for failing to do due diligence on the Dema project before it was implemented.

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  1. Grace Makamba Marufu Goreraza Mugabe Kaskiriwere

    I see a certain fat pig getting thin

  2. Shady deals vana veZimbabwe vachitambura kudai. Iye zvino heyo cholera! Bring those crooks to book now. Arrest Chivayo & Undenge. Try them now.

  3. Zvose izvi zvaiitika kachembere kanonzi RG kavete kana kuti he actually sanctioned many of such shady deals. Zimbabwe yange yove family property yaRobert nehama dzake. Apa Zhuao ndipo paanotaura tsvina dzokuda kukanganisa the economic reveival of this country.

  4. True, fat pig will be on a forced slimming diet soon.

  5. That big head doesn’t seem like it did much thinking. How can you be awarded a tender that much and not do any work. Now it has a lot to think about.lawyers, sleepless nights,prison. Pay back time.

  6. huhu, these guys are chasing a wild goose.That project was not awarded to Chivayo. It was awarded to Intratek.Chivayo is just one of the Directors in the company. Work commenced on the Project and stopped because of undue interference. People began to complain because of their hatred of Chivayo. Legally that does not form the basis of any valid complaint.

    1. money was paid into Chivayo’s bank account. i know,

    2. Intratek is Chivhayo

  7. Shame, No money is worth the stress and worry that will come later on… Let’s hope other greedy individuals will learn from this.

  8. Now this affecting us genuine bidders from getting tenders just arrest Wicknell and lets get on with business nhai imi ZESA

  9. Even if you try to protect Chivayo, fact remains that his hands are DIRTY and the fact that you know much about the directorship of Intratek means your hands too are dirty! Best you shut it and let the committee do its work.
    Secondly it is evident that Gloria Magombo is extremely corrupt and has aided the high fuel prices which we are currently experiencing and with immediate effect MUST be relieved of her duties pending criminal prosecution should she be found wanting. Mildred Chiri, our hopes are pinned on you to thoroughly exposed all the rot in these institutions, don’t fail us please.
    Having said that, It remains for Government to now reduce the burden of high Zesa charges to consumers seeing that there is excess revenue that was being dolled out by Udenge and co, the consumers deserve relief in the drastic reduction of fuel price/litre and also zesa charges.
    Again significantly reduce these and business will be able to pass on the reduction to consumers!

  10. Iwe Jolly, what do you mean “lets get on with business”? Asi urikuda ku bawo?


  12. I knew the word ‘businessman’ was being inappropriately used on Chivayo,In fact he is a young lazy fat thief who thought being close to the first family means everything.

  13. Richard Deschain

    The level of corruption in this country is unreal. No wonder the economy has been completely decimated

  14. fat a** has managed to evade arrest by allegedly greasing all those who matter but lets see how he will wriggle out of this one

  15. Janana wa Bikaz

    This pompous and fat boy belongs to prison.He was dubiously awarded tenders yet he has the chick to tell everyone who cares that he is a straightfoward businessman.Where did you even get all that money at your age fat one?We all know that corruption under the old former dictator went unpunished in fact you were actually awarded with more tenders for being rotten corrupt by Mugabe.You tried every trick in the book to get close to Marujata(Grace Mugabe),you even paraded photos of yourself and Marujata in Dubai and in your stupidity you believed Mrujata when she said his old husband would rule us from a wheel chair.I think Grace was keeping you close so that Jonathan Moyo would come and bonk you every time he felt like and in return you would do all sorts of shady deals with the blessings of Marujata.It explains why you are still not married.Shame on you fat one.

  16. Lieutenant Colonel Sbhamu

    Comment…all I’m interested in right now is action and fast action. this case must be sent to courts at the earliest possible time

  17. mandebele Lusaba

    Comment…Money was paid in intervals or lumpsums of $200 000 – 2 million in 3 months surely can one pay the 2nd payment whilst the job hasn’t even started. REALLY.

  18. Zvaingooneka Zvega

    Chedikita hachipfachurwe ungabhadhara salary yazim coach uri ani uchhita nezvei mamwe macompany achiridza mhere

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