‘Vet dept confiscates villagers stock cards over unpaid tax’

VILLAGERS in Bubi have accused the Veterinary Services Department of confiscating their livestock cards over unpaid cattle tax.


The villagers claimed the cards were taken from them while at a dip tank three years ago, but efforts to recover the documents have yielded no fruits.

“I have checked with the veterinary offices at Battlefields in Bubi, but was told that some of the books were collected by the police for violating the Miscellaneous Offences Act due to unregistered stock,” a villager, who spoke on condition of anonymity fearing victimisation, said.

“My stock card was collected from my son at a dip. He is failing to pay cattle tax, as the vet officials want to see the stock card during payment. I was told that my book might be one of those taken to the police.”

The villager said he had tried on several occasions to pay the tax, but was turned down, because he had no stock card. He said this was also disadvantaging him as he was not able to sell his cattle as the card was a prerequisite in clearing the stock.

Another villager claimed he was ordered to pay a $20 admission of guilt fine for him to collect the card from the police station.

One villager claimed political victimisation, as he once contested for ward 13 in Bubi under the MDC ticket. He claimed the area was a known Zanu PF stronghold.

The villager said on his visit to the vet offices, he was shown a large bunch of cards and told to check for his but he did not find it.

Contacted for comment, Matabeleland North provincial veterinary officer, Polex Moyo said he was on leave and referred Southern Eye to his offices in Bulawayo.

Acting Matabeleland North veterinary officer, Ndumiso Mkhwananzi said the concerned villagers needed to visit the offices in person to raise their concerns so that their issue would be investigated.

“Such issues need proper investigations. They must come to the offices so that their issues is heard,” he said.

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