UN ‘preserving terrorism’ in eastern DRC: Museveni

KAMPALA — Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni yesterday accused the United Nations of “preserving terrorism” in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, where UN peacekeepers have been unable to curb deadly attacks by Islamist rebels.

Museveni levelled the criticism in a statement after meeting UN officials investigating an ambush of peacekeepers in eastern Congo last month that left 15 dead and 53 wounded.

The Allied Democratic Forces, a Ugandan Islamist rebel group that has been operating in the chaotic eastern Congo jungles for years, was widely blamed for the attack.

“The United Nations is responsible for preserving terrorism in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Museveni told UN investigators, according to the statement from his office.

It did not elaborate and Museveni’s spokeswoman did not respond to calls seeking an explanation. There was no immediate comment from the UN.

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  1. He is another Sh*thole Tump was talking about this Museveni fellow refusing to vacate seat.

  2. There was an exchange of blows in parliament as they extended his term of office much to the disappointment of the opposition, some party members and the POVO. Those around him are scared to voice. He needs another Operation Restore ……

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