Tshinga Dube fights in Mnangagwa corner’s over Gukurahundi

FORMER War Veterans minister and Makokoba legislator Tshinga Dube has argued there is little that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration can do to address the Gukurahundi issue, saying the 1980s mass killings would best be handled by traditional leaders and not politicians.


Addressing journalists in Bulawayo on Saturday, Dube said the Gukurahundi issue was more spiritual than political, adding that traditional leaders were better placed to lead all rituals associated with appeasing the spirits of the victims.

“For me, Gukurahundi is more spiritual than political or academic. The chiefs must come together to lead all traditional or ritual processes to appease the spirits of the dead. I don’t think the politicians can deal with Gukurahundi, they can only facilitate the way it is handled,” he said.

At least 20 000 civilians were reportedly killed by an army unit unleashed on Matabeleland and Midlands provinces by then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe in the 1980s to hunt down perceived PF-Zapu armed dissidents.

Mnangagwa’s administration has been under mounting pressure to deal with the emotive Gukurahundi issue, with some pressure groups petitioning him to urgently address the matter.

About eight Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) activists staged a protest at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Grounds recently where Mnangagwa was addressing the clergy, calling on him to address the issue. They were arrested and tortured, but charges against them were dropped.

Another Gukurahundi protest was held in Pretoria, South Africa, where Mnangagwa was addressing Zimbabweans based in the neighbouring country.

“My own position is that Gukurahundi has not been conclusively addressed. When such things happen, it means we must take them seriously. It cannot and will never be swept under the carpet and pretend as if nothing happened.

“We want closure, there must be closure. We need to find a way of apologising to the victims, and I still stand by my view that only traditional leaders and not politicians can lead the processes to appease the spirits of the departed. There are traditional rituals which can be done by the chiefs,” Dube said.

Former President Robert Mugabe once described the mass killings as “a moment of madness”, but failed to publicly apologise for the atrocities. Victims and human rights groups have continued to pile pressure on government to address the country’s dark episode.

The former President sent a North Korean-trained force to crack down on supposed opposition to his rule, resulting in the killing of over 20 000 civilians.

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  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    It’s not as simple as appeasing the spirits as though those victims were buried by a collapsed mine shaft.There is a lot which needs to be done in order to arrive at final closure.I would choose to agree with the Zapu’s view that a foreigner preferably, reputable statespersons such as Rupia Banda or Zuma who would soon join the league of elder statepersons after stepping down as state President of South Africa, be involved in the process of addressing this healing process.Courage or brutal frankness by those in power is required to tackle this issue in order for the nation to move forward.

  2. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…Sekuru Chaminuka was brutally murdered by Lobengula and his remains were treated like those of a dog. We need his spirit plus our ancestors’ spirits to be appeased before theirs.

  3. The people from matebeleland speak of gukurahundi as if the shonas just decided to murder their forefathers for nothing but they started this whole thing by killing shona people at entumbane because they wanted a cessation. The shona will never apologise and there is no need to even talk about this as the ndebele started this whole thing but vakazopedzerwa. Gukurahundi was a necessary retaliation by the shona after their own were being killed. So its now being used a a political mileage card by some in matebeleland but they never speak about that really happened. Stop talking about it or get over it because as far as the shona are concerned it was just a battle that they won and hapana nyaya. Ask shonas and hear their views, they all say ndezvekwavo izvo ndivo vakadenha so how will the issue be addressed when there isnt even an ounce of will from the majority. Dont insult my comment but read my facts and you will realise that this issue will not be addressed because the majority really dont care.

  4. Eagle's eye & baboon's ears

    Your “facts” are not true and authentic , if it was like that the former President wouldn’t have said it was a moment of madness.By saying so a number of issues on this matter can be deduced for you who seem to be out of touch with past reality.
    1.Moment of madness comes when someone fails to control himself out of being mentally defeated , ask yourself why did he become mad .
    2.By saying that statement , the former president is admitting to his wrong actions.
    3.the issue of retaliation is a mere personal thought which does not hold water as Lobengula , Cecil John Rhodes and Smith times are completely different constitutionally.
    4.from the fact that you mention the issue of being insulted from what you said , it is a sign that you know what you are saying does not hold water.
    5.if you want to know that we the Ndebeles don’t care about your majority , keep your mashonaland and we keep our Matebeleland , in fact you have taught our clean Ndebele community fraud , theft and all dirty business conduct.
    We are better off without the dirty shona majority.
    Learn to know facts and say them out in a dignified way if you want respect from us.
    I also notice that you are still in the paletholic era , as you fail to realise that those involved are aware of the need to heal the nation through having vice president responsible for national healing.

    1. Poterai Muchatongwa

      RG was trying to get votes from matabeleland.He was one of the greatest liers

  5. OK, vele MaShona that’s your thinking , we will crush you

  6. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…Crush who,kkkkkkkkk

  7. The truth shall come out. This includes how ZIPRA soldiers started the fight by callously murdering zanla combatants. we shall all know how the Late father Zimbabwe responded to the atrocies when asked about the killings by the former prez RGM. truth shall come out how zipra forces were being trained by the americans here to cause havoc. We shall understand how south Africa under the apartheid regime funded the dissidents. we shall all understand what role the green housed tomato garden belonging to the late VP JNM Nkomo played as far as ammunition was concerned. we shall all be at the same page sooner than latter.

    1. Bullshit. If the government was concerned with killing dissidents so why did it murder innocent civilians who were un armed.

  8. Kudakwashe Chikuse

    But honestly let sleeping dogs lie because we are tribes of the same nation and we have wronged one way or the other,remember the Ndebeles used to take Mashonaland as their hunting ground looting the fastest cattle and beautiful women along the way .So just let it be lets heal and move foward .

    1. As if Shonas never subjugated the San people when they arrived here as part of bantu migration. We are not talking about thing that happened centuries ago but in the 80s, when all of us were alive & affected. Are you seriously saying you are revenging things done by Mzilikazi whom you never saw or anyone alive ever seen him. Besides it was a time of subjugation by force back then, not now in the 80s, time of democracy & international rules

  9. Kkkkkkkk ndebeles will always be under the shona because vakaoma musoro. You will do nothing you fools. Kkkkkk

  10. The comments above show even more clearly that Gukurawundi is a serious issue. It needs to be addressed. Ask today where the Shona are? They are in Plumtree, Lupane, Hange, Binga, Biet Bridge etc. THEY ARE NO LONGER SECLUDED IN ONE CORNER. The same with Ndebeles to a limited extent. Ndebeles include those shona who want to be included. Thus the drought, thus the humiliation of dictators, we need peace. It can come only if we reconcile. Stop laughing at your shadow!


    Ukhona lapha ngaphezulu okhuluma ingani uhlome isithupha emtshazeni

  12. huchi wegonera

    Tshinga Dube ndiye aifanira kupihwa nickname yekuti Ngwena

  13. since when are shona women beautiful? Lobengula wanted cheap slots for his soldiers stupid

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