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Trying to erase your mistakes will only damage your book


“The person who is incapable of making mistakes is incapable of doing anything,” once noted Abraham Lincoln.
Today will jump straight into the arena of mistakes. For if your past mistakes are viewed positively they can do wonders for you.


They can turn previous seemingly impossible tasks into possible ones. They can work as a life catalysts. Which are your internal strong energisers. They can spice your life and make it taste like a greatly prepared meal. Such is what mistakes can do for you.

Mistakes are a real life changer. There a great powerful transformer. They have have strong willpower to turn you into something much bigger, bold and better than you were yesterday.

Don’t forget that, “ifyou want to move mountains tomorrow, start by moving stones today,” goes one African proverb. For trying to move them tomorrow it will be a burdensome task. It will be just an uphill task you whenever you try.

So move your stones today. Have you ever heard the story of a little ambitious primary school boy?

The story of an ambitious student

A story is told of a young primary school student who was just worried about making mistakes.

Whenever he made a mistake it brought missery to his life. His view on mistakes was like there were a horrible thing.

Something that must not be done. When he made mistakes it was like he would have reached his far end in life.

The student and the assignments

To him it was something that did not exist. So whenever he wrote an assignment at school, before he handed over to the teacher, he ensured that all the mistakes had been erased.

One day after writing and he made a mistake. To solve this he decided to use chalk to erase. But this did not help.

Why? Because after sometime the mistake reappeared again. It was just like one step foward and two steps backwards. He decision brought no progress at all.

So he opted for something different. This time he used some saliva.

His hope was that this could lessen his usual burden. Unfortunately the silver worsened the situation, by even tearing the book.

Using saliva was like a fish that’s jumping from the pan into the fire. It just worsened the situation.

Thus this method yielded nothing again. All his methods left him at the far end of the disadvantage lane. Still he was worried and bitter because nothing had seemed to work for him.

All these acts made the teacher to beat him for just being dirt.

Kindhearted teacher

However, one day a kindhearted teacher came to his rescue. He gave him a different picture of what life was all about.

He called him and set with him side by side. He had seen his thunderous desire, passion and ambition.

The teacher then advised, “Anytime you make a mistake don’t worry, just cross it and move. Trying to erase your mistakes would only damage your book for nothing.”

Isn’t it how your life maybe sometimes? Making a mistake in your path of life is not a final end of your destiny.

Paulo Coelino once said, “there are moments when troubles enter your lives and we can do nothing to avoid them. But there are there for some reason. Only when we have overcome them, will we understand why they were there.”

Mistakes are at times a sign that you are navigating your life seas very well. You are just in the right direction. It shows that you are not idle. It shows that you are making jumps and leaps towards your golden pot. Very soon you will be there. And you will be the only one to open it.

Remember, “by trying more often, the monkey learns how to jump,” goes one proverb. It can be done. Be blessed.

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. He can be contacted on +263 784 583 761 or his email: leadershiptouch@gmail.com

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