Top military officers ordered off farm

TOP Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) officers, who had recently besieged Elphida Farm in Domboshava, beating, harassing and evicting A2 farmers on the property, have been ordered to move off the farm and barred from interfering with activities.


The top military personnel were cited in court papers as Brigadier General Stanley Mangena, Commander ZNA, Lieutenant General Edzai Chimonyo, Minister of Defence, and Minister of Lands and Agriculture Perrance Shiri.

Farmers Samuel Harry Mandiri, Alex George Mushinyi, Dzikamai Ngoshi, Isdore Mafuriranwa, Ponciano Govere and their five other colleagues claimed senior military officers invaded the farm on December 22 last year and ploughed on already germinating crops before replanting their own.

Through their lawyers Justin Zuze and Bruce Maruva, they said although the ZNA had been given the land by the responsible authority, its personnel had no right to physically and forcibly evict the farmers whose compensation for their land and alternative farms had not been provided by the government.

“This is an urgent petition for an interdict against the first respondent (ZNA) from harassing the applicants and interfering with their use, possession and occupation of their respective A2 farms under Elphida, Domboshava area, which was declared to be a military establishment (cantonment) by third respondent (Chimonyo), pending relocation and compensation of the applicants by the acquiring authority,” the lawyers said.

The lawyers said their clients took occupation of the land in 2002 after being allocated by government and had been living on the land for over 15 years. They added for purposes of developing the farming area some farmers had taken loans for irrigation infrastructure, drilled boreholes and laid underground pipes, overhead irrigation system, drip irrigation facilities and fenced their farms.

“The first respondent (ZNA), through the second respondent (Mangena), attempted to evict us from our pieces of land without regard to our rights of occupation arising from our offer letters which to date remain unrevoked by the fifth respondent (Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement, Perrance Shiri),” said one affected farmer.

The matter was heard on January 2 this year by High Court judge Justice Edith Mushore, who granted an interim relief barring the military personnel from harassing the farmers.

She also interdicted the military from “assaulting and harassing the applicants and all those claiming occupation through them for purposes of taking over and occupying farming units belonging to applicants.”

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  2. Law and order prevails

  3. Zanu pf must go no investor will come as long as foolish policies of indeginisation of 51% is in place companies will not open as long as soldiers and zanu loyalists still occupy illegal gained farms

  4. Grace Unlimited

    The government must deal with people who do this kind of thing. Look at what Jameson Rushwaya is doing at Tolrose. He came with military personnel and he is threatening and chasing away people claiming he is close to the president and he is close to Nguni of ZACC. He chased away the major shareholder Timba and he is looting gold right now without help coming from the police or government. He is saying he can not be arrested because (tisu takutonga). I tell you they are making it very difficult for the president to lure investers let alone to campain in the next elections. If he have grievances why cant he go through the courts than to robb day light. What kind of a country are we creating gentlemen. Since sunday night he is looting without any hindrance

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