Timeline: The $15bn missing diamond revenue circus

Since February 2016, when then President Robert Mugabe announced that about $15bn was missing from diamond revenues from Chiadzwa, there has been controversy surrounding the matter, starting from Mugabe’s failure to substantiate his claims, to protests over the issue and many failed attempts to investigate the allegations.

Now that Norton MP Temba Mliswa has moved a motion to have Mugabe brought before Parliament to explain the allegations, questions have arisen over whether this will ever happen, or if this could bring finality to one of the most controversial statements in the history of Zimbabwe.

Just to take us back to where this saga began, Online Reporter Tapiwa Zivira has compiled a timeline of the circus this issue has been for the past two years.

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  1. @ProfJNMoyo has given a hint.Former V.P Mphoko is his communication to SADC Chair highlighted that USD $ 12 BILLION dollarsbelonging to Pres ED Mnangagwa & Chiwengwa was held & frozen by the Chinise gvt.Former ZANU PF Secretary for Youth Affairs K.Chipanga hinted that E.D & Chiwengwa shld account for the missing USD $ 12 BILLION dollars.What more do you need.That is a starting point for the parliament portfolio committee.

  2. jonso chibvirire achitaura

  3. If it is true that the army was responsible for guarding the Marange and Chiadzwa diamond areas; and also that some of the companies mining diamonds in those areas were connected to the army, as well as the fact that the team Lacoste, including the former War a Veterans Chairman, the just retired Army Commander have very strong ties with China/Chinese companies that were contracted, it wouldn’t be rocket science to deduce that those currently in power hold the key to the answer of the whereabouts of those $15 billion. The retention of the then Minister of Mines in the current government is a “hair raising” issue if not the biggest piece of the puzzle. You do the math!

  4. Comment…If you believe that Zimbabwe lost $15 billion dollars in Marange, then you can believe anything. You can believe that Satan will be in heaven. They mined alluvial diamonds in Marange , mostly industrial diamonds. If you know how much Botswana ( the world’s largest diamond producer by value) produces annually , & if you know the value of the world’s annual diamond trade, then you won’t even entertain the thought that Zimbabwe produced diamonds worth $15 billion in the period under consideration. Diamond’s could have been stolen but not the $15 billion nonsense

    1. Michael Chitiki

      You are correct my brother

  5. Michael Chitiki

    It has been of paramount importance for Zimbabweans to clearly know the whereabouts of the missing $15 billion YES , but let’s not focus on giving each other blames as this might waste our time . What I need to emphasise is that, let’s maintain now elements of good governance, mostly transparence above all and people must support the new dispensation as the signs of development are now visible. Looking at the industrial sector, now the ZISCO STEEL is on its way of revitalising which is good for the creation of employment in the country. Thanks to ED now investors find this country suitable for expanding their businesses because of conducive policies that have been placed. YES this is what we call progressive development to a developing country like ours, we need to accept that there is need for investors in this country to increase tertiary industry and to reduce brain drain as people are now going to work outside the country. YESS I can admit that I am not a ZANUPF supporter but this one you call ED MNANGAGWA is proving to be sensible and knows how to get his people a good living and MAY GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS OUR PRESIDENT IN ABUNDANCE

  6. Disgrace must know what happened to it and it is also the failure of the Anti Corruption Organisation on how she has managed to purchase properties in Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa The organisation is a shambles

  7. There was never any 15 Billion missing. It was all Mugabe mischief. The type of diamonds being mined are not valuable at all. There is no way they could raise 15 Billion from Alluvial diamonds. Do your research. They might have stolen some money but not to the tune of 15 Billion. They are in the process of acquiring machinery to extract the Kimberlite diamonds. Thats were the big buck starts coming

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