Sulu Chimbetu in court over $4 400 maintenance default

Dendera musician Sulumani Chimbetu yesterday appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court on allegations of failing to pay $4 400 maintenance support for his two children with former wife Marygold Mutemasango.


Chimbetu (35) was not asked to plead when he appeared before magistrate Amanda Muridzo, who remanded him to January 31 on $50 bail.

The musician has on various occasions been taken to court by his ex-wife over defaulting on the fees where he was paying $800.

Late last year, Chimbetu contested the amount, saying it was too high and magistrate Lazini Ncube revised the fees downwards to $400 per month.

Chimbetu complained that Mutemasango was not using the fees on children, but squandering the money on booze.

Allegations are that on December 19, 2016 at Harare Civil Court, Chimbetu was ordered to pay $800 maintenance for his two minor children, but he defaulted for the period between May and October last year.

It is alleged he only paid $400 in instalments of $200 on August 2 last year and $200 in September.

The State alleges Chimbetu is now in arrears of $4 400.


  1. Muchinda uyu is destroying his career nenyaya yekushaya responsibility. His reputation is in tatters.

  2. It seems this young man is now spending more time in courts than on stage

  3. Bhidha rinoparira. Always in the papers for all the wrong reasons. Grow up and man up Sulumani!

  4. getaway imi mACOMMENTER kana atadza kuchengeta vana avo ngaanovasiya kwababa vake.sulu never never pay that ndevako nzou hairemerwe nemutoro wayo ngaavaunze kwauri.

  5. Ngezvechirungu izvo, vana ngavaende kuna baba vavo, vakwape tsika nemagariro avo, ndosaka mvura isiri kunaya muri kushandisa tsika dzekukwereta. Mwana kuna baba vake, mai anouya kuzoona vana, ndotsika dzedu, midzimu namwari vakatotsamwa kutaura kuno.

  6. The most unfairest piece of legislation in the country ,MAINTANANCE.

  7. mwana kuna baba. it’s unfair for men to have to lose his wife and kids and made to pay mantainance because the law protects women and nowadays they are using it to their benefit. vana kuna baba vavo

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