‘Schools must stop withholding results’

The Primary and Secondary Education ministry has ordered schools not to withhold 2017 Grade Seven results for pupils with outstanding school fees, but urged parents and guardians to clear their arrears.


Acting Bulawayo provincial Education director, Olicah Kaira, said this in an interview with Southern Eye yesterday.

This came after affected parents in Bulawayo said they had lost hope of accessing their children’s Grade 7 results.

“As a ministry, we do not withhold results due to non-payment of fees. Parents should be educated on that, but should not take advantage of that. At the same time parents should pay school fees for their children,” Kaira said.

Meanwhile, ward 2 Mvutshwa Farm Residents’ Association chairperson, Hlabathi Khumalo yesterday claimed Trenace Primary School was withholding owing pupils’results.

Khumalo said his child had to repeat Grade Seven, after failing to come to an agreement with the school authorities.

Another parent Hlengiwe Ncube, who owed the school $624 and paid $50, said he tried to negotiate for a payment plan without success.

“We are poor, we want our children to go to school so that they can be better citizens tomorrow unlike us,” another resident said.

Kaira said: “I am going to instruct the district schools inspector responsible for the area to go and talk to the authorities at Trenance Primary School to release the results.”

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  1. Parents should consider the education of their children first.Yes there are genuine cases but some parents have just become irresponsible and concentrate on other things at the expense of their children’s education.I don’t blame schools that withhold results .They have worked with those parents and know some of them want to take advantage of the situations.They rush to offices to complain for nothing yet live lifestyles that do not show they are suffering.

  2. True. Vabereki let us pay our dues.Kuzosvika maresults abude munhu asina kufurukutawo kubhadhara vakomana? Endai munocheka uswa nekurima minda kuzvikoro sedzimwe nzira dzekubhadhara.

  3. Comment…Most of these parents want quality education for their children. They also want their children to learn under good conditions like good furniture, txt bks etc. However they want ALL that to happen automatically. You find that one does not pay levies or tuition fees from the first grade up to grade seven and they expect the release of the result. They do not bother asking themselves about where the furniture, txt bks, building materials etc for the school were coming from. These are the first to also cry foul when their children fail. The blame goes to the tcher. The truth is there is no free education in Zimbabwe yet.

  4. Honestly I have never thought that there are some people who do not have brains like the acting Provincial Education Director of Education.How could some body sit in those swivel chairs and talk shit like saying schools should mnot withhold results.Yes we know the situation we live in but lets not take advantage. There is no school that refuses a payment plan made between the school and the parent. Again this stupid PED should know that these schools need some money to develop and without money how could they do that.In the end the same PED comes and says the school is dirty or there is a lot of broken furniture and windows how do they repair them.To Kaira,do not campaign for places by leaking the feet of those that do not want to pay the fees.In a way you are sharpening the minds of those who lag behind so that they do not pay.

    Dont be a dully administrator.

  5. Mafirakureva weDiaspora

    Kaira what kind of an administrator are you to encarrage non-payment of school fees, there is nothing for free in this world. Listern you PED we want well equiped schools, well maintenained schools, well motivated teachers, and good results from those schools, without parents paying SCHOOL FEES we will not get the above.

  6. Most people are unemployed and they cannot afford to pay school fees in this hard economic times. You must consider this. Not all people are able to pay fees for their children. In the 80s the country was good and school fees was affordable.

  7. Use Stacia please do not publish my name

    School Heads should do more by engaging parents well before the Grade Seven results are out, instead of holding the debt only to show the card when results are out. There should be a system where parents can be asked to come to school and made aware of the amounts owed, if need be encourage on a payment plan. Government is not doing enough and causing unnecessary confusion the time parents are supposed to look for Form 1 places. Why hold on the debt and then expect the whole payment at collection of results, if there was no payment for the last 3 or 4 years, what guarantee is there that because results are out money has become available.

  8. Imagine a whole councillor supporting this nonsense of failing to pay your child fees. Nonsensical indeed

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