SA fuel price drops

CAPE TOWN — South African motorists can look forward to some relief, as the Department of Energy announced a drop of up to 34 cents a litre in fuel prices.


The decrease of 34c/l for 95 octane petrol, set to take effect from today, will drop the per litre price to R14,42 inland, while the coastal price declines to R13,93.

The department also announced a decrease of 29c/l for 93 octane petrol, while the per litre price of diesel (with 0,05% and 0,005% sulphur content) will decrease by 22c and 26c respectively.

While the average international prices of petrol and diesel increased, the rand’s strength against the dollar helped lower fuel prices overall.

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  1. SK where are you did you hear that ,what is the game plan for Zimbabwe fuel prices?????

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