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Renew your thinking to fix your situation

Opinion & Analysis
Compliments of the new season to you all my readers. Thank you very much for your support of this column over the years.

Compliments of the new season to you all my readers. Thank you very much for your support of this column over the years.


I have been blessed by ministering to your marriages, families and relationships. I pray that in this new dispensation you will truly find meaning for your lives and in all that you do.

I pray also that you will allow your lives to be led of God so you can become that which He predestined you to be even in times such as this.

I know for sure that many of us desire better lives than we currently experience and many of us take time to follow on social media numerous people, who coach on success and all those other related issues.

It is good to learn and good to desire. I hope you have your plans and desires ready for the run this year.

I want to give you, today, a few thoughts, maybe, on why your desires and plans seem to be failing each year.

It is good attending success coaching, but it is another thing doing success. Many of us are caught in the trap of just running around. Let me give you hints.

Focus on one success mentor

You lose balance if you are going to run with, whatever, tips from 100 success coaches.

They say one thing in different ways and the best thing you can do is to stick to one and learn as much as you possibly can.

Yes, you can cross-pollinate ideas, but be mentored and grounded in one place so you can grow well.

You do not want your emotions scattered everywhere. I see many young people who are everywhere in the name of mentoring.

I think you must belong somewhere and it is good enough for you. It is also a good thing to know your success mentor or coach. Most of them are theorists who have not accomplished even 10% of what they are teaching.

Remember there is impartation even beyond the words. See the potential from the mentor as much as they see yours.

Fix your thoughts first

Many of us have good intentions, but are betrayed by our thinking patterns.

There is no need to develop plans for growth in other areas if you are not growing in your thinking.

Your thoughts are like a magnet. You attract what you think.

Many people in our society today are poor thinkers. We are very negative about almost everything.

How do you expect to succeed if you are thinking of failure every time?

You do not see any hope, but you want to succeed. Before you handle it, you think it. Before you handle it with your hands you handle it with your mind or heart.

If you are going to make it this time around, think better than you are doing. You have been trapped in your own thoughts.

Unless you fix it in the mind or heart, you will not fix it anywhere. I want to strongly appeal to us, particularly, Zimbabweans, most of us have become saboteurs of our own dreams and future.

We are too critical, too negative and too angry for progress. We need to come to a place where we can renew our thinking.

The future is dependent on better thinking than the current.

Your situation will always gravitate towards the way of your thoughts. 2018 will remain the same to you unless you work on your thoughts.

It takes your own effort to renew your own mind. You do not need a prophet or anointing oil or even an all-night crossover meeting to do this.

It just takes you being intentional and refusing to think negatively and practising in your subconscious to think better thoughts.

I think most of us, in particular church people, have learnt a wrong thing that we shall change and progress in life by laying on of hands and attending crossover meetings and all that.

You can have hands laid on you and attend as many meetings, but if you are not intentional and not changing your ways, you will remain the same. Be in charge. Be responsible. Renew the mind yourself.

It will be sad that after doing whatever you have done to transition to 2018, you remain the same.

Some people travelled to many places and spent money for crossover services with the hope that their lives will change for the better.

They have heard declarations by their mentors and even bought anointing oil and some drinks. These will not work if you do not renew your thinking yourself. Beloved, it is all about you doing it yourself.

In John 5 in the Bible, the lame man lay by the poolside for 38 years waiting for someone to throw him into the water whenever the angel came and stirred up the waters for healing.

No one did it for him mostly because everyone by the pool wanted the same healing. He would have died there desiring and hoping. Praise God, Jesus comes along and teaches him something new. Do it yourself.

Lame as you are, rise up, and pick your mat and go. You do not need the people you think you need for now. You just need yourself. Be intentional. Stand up in your mind first and then you will stand up everywhere.

Think better this year. You can do it if you fix your thinking, otherwise you will remain wasting away hoping and chasing wind.

You may believe this or not, but your worst enemy now is your mindset.

You are too failure-conscious. You are too sin-conscious. You are too negative. You have not moved despite your desire because these trap you and keep you in one place.

Free yourself. The biggest freedom you need this year is that from your own imprisonment.

If you free yourself from yourself, you shall be free indeed because you will begin to walk in the freedom Jesus has given you.

Believe in the finished work on the cross of Calvary. Your success begins and flows from there. Have a supernatural 2018.

Kilton Moyo is creator of Fruitful Marriages, a renewal and enrichment programme, and is pastor, counsellor and author of Marriage Fitness. Call or Whatsapp on +263 775 337 207, +263 772 610 103 citizenafricafoundation@gmail.com.