Pay up or else, Madinda warns Bosso

HIGHLANDERS will have to pay off Madinda Ndlovu a debt from the two parties’ previous contract before he can sign a new contract, the latter’s manager has said.


Bosso are currently in negotiations with Ndlovu with the hope of securing his signature to coach the club next season.

However, Hosea George Bhebhe, who manages Ndlovu, has said the negotiations have been dragging because they want Highlanders to commit to pay the coach’s dues from the previous contract before they can continue.

Highlanders owe Ndlovu an undisclosed sum of money from their previous engagement, which ended in 2009 when he was replaced by Egyptian Mohamed Fathi.

But Bhebhe is optimistic that a deal could be reached soon, so that the club can start preparations for the upcoming season.

“We still have some sticking points, but once that is sorted then everything is done. Highlanders have to commit to pay him (Ndlovu) his outstanding dues and as soon as all that is done I am sure everything will be in place,” Bhebhe said. ads Ads

After the acrimonious divorce, Ndlovu in 2011 approached the High Court over salary arrears amounting to over $18 000.

The Bulawayo giants argued that the matter was a labour dispute and that the coach’s demand to have him paid in United States dollars was illegal.

In his judgment, Justice Maphios Cheda, dismissed the case and said in his opinion, the two parties must engage to resolve the impasse.

“For that reason no court will lend its support to a man who bases his cause of action upon an illegal or immoral act. In casu (in this case) the parties knew that at the time the country was going through economic hardships and the Zimbabwean dollar was tumbling uncontrollably. From an economic point of view, they felt that it was only proper for them to transact in foreign currency which was in direct contravention of the provisions of the Exchange Control Regulations,” Justice Cheda said then.

The High Court judge said by entering into a contract to pay Ndlovu in foreign currency, both parties were found wanting.

“By acting in this manner, they were no doubt mutually committing an offence. It is for that reason that applicant cannot be allowed to enforce an illegal contract. I must add here that the parties have a long-established relationship which is held in high esteem by the nation and as such it was not necessary for this matter to have been allowed to degenerate to this level.

“It is clear that both parties have immensely benefited from each other during their blissful days and as such there may be a need for them to revisit the negotiating table and iron out their differences. This, in my view, will help resolve this matter once and for all. This is only, but my opinion. What cannot escape this court is that, this was an illegal contract,” he said.

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  1. This fellow does not have the club at heart ,Bosso go for the second choice every one knows there is no mula in football

  2. boss executive must all be fired there are useless bunch of losers

  3. Does his family eat those chants of having the club at heart? Does it bring food at his table?

  4. Madinda is a nonstarter,Bosso dont have money,why not Soma Phiri,than wasting time on these guys who want more money.They have coached a lot of clubs where they were paid better salaries.

  5. Go for Soma Phiri. Even if you engage Madinda, the same problem which you encountered will crop up. So Madinda was waiting to join Bosso so as to get back his monies?

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