Open rebellion erupts in MDC-T

OPEN rebellion has erupted in the MDC-T, where party spokesperson Obert Gutu has rubbished the MDC Alliance and vowed to contest for the Harare East seat in defiance of his leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s directive to reserve the seat for People’s Democratic Party leader Tendai Biti.


Gutu has publicly declared that he will not respect the MDC Alliance pact and would not back down from Harare East, challenging Biti to a duel.

“I am a democrat to the bare bones. I’m not going to buckle! Never! Ever! The people shall decide! There will definitely be a challenge! Trust me! I’m not backing down! Never! Ever,” he wrote on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The statements were reportedly discussed at an MDC-T national standing committee meeting yesterday, with Gutu being given an ultimatum to either respect Tsvangirai or pack his bags.

Sources, who attended the meeting, said action could be taken if he continued to disrespect the party’s hierarchy.

“We have given the standing committee time to deal with this chaos at the top, especially Gutu, and if they don’t, then the vanguard will take action,” a senior MDC-T official said.

“The meeting was clear that the MDC is part of the alliance and everything will be respected.”

Another source said those opposed to a coalition were growing in confidence, as they believed Tsvangirai was on the verge of retiring from politics owing to ill health.

“Their narrative seems to be clear: Push Tsvangirai out and pull MDC-T out of the alliance. This is why such bold statements are now being made by these people in public,” the source said.

Gutu declined to shed light on what happened at the Harvest House meeting, only saying it was a successful meeting with “fantastic and extremely fruitful deliberations”.

The former Justice deputy minister said he respected Tsvangirai, and his actions were not intended to undermine his leader.

“Why should we discuss, in public, internal party deliberations? What I can tell you is, I respect my party leadership and I seek in no way to undermine them,” he said.

Tsvangirai’s deputy, Thokozani Khupe, who reportedly enjoys Gutu and secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora’s support, did not attend the meeting.

Some party officials had said they would move a motion to censure or fire Khupe if she did not attend, but it is not clear if they did so at yesterday’s meeting.

MDC-T acting president, Elias Mudzuri, said the MDC-T respected the pact it entered into with other political parties and would process internal remedies to deal with fissures in the party.

“We don’t want to continue in the public domain with issues like these. There are internal processes that will be followed and if ultimatums were given, they are not for the public domain,” he told NewsDay.



    1. Coalation ndizvo asingade ngaabude

  2. Let the circus continue kkkk. It will be victory for ED on a silver platter.

  3. the problem is tsvangirai himself he overstayed as the party leader . now he is destroying the party he built. he should have stepped down after 2013 polls. the alliance will instead weaken MDC T because they are surrendering seats in urban areas


      Shutup iwe Domborasatani.Hauna chaunoziva nezve Alliance.

  4. Why do you talk about Makhupe here it is about Gutu please do not be out of topic it seems you just hate her why ? People think have different views plus they is no revolt here one person who is interested in getting to parly can not be called a revolt to the organisation . The rest of the story is just interpretation by the write based on his on opinion its nothing at all

  5. KKKKKKK Hey who will vote for Mnangagwa and for what reason no sane person can vote for zanu again

  6. It looks like the marriage hasn’t started very well.Lets hope there won’t be a divorce in winter .

  7. Yeah!! Nonso i think u didn’t read the above story correctly, the issue is about Gutu refusing to leave his seat to Biti, of which he’s very very correct.

    1. He is not the MP for Harare East it was held by Biti but now is in the hands of ZANU

  8. Comment…The problem is pithical party issue. The DEMOCRACY of imposing parliam entary candidates on people. Whatever the ‘nobler’goal.Let the leadership just agree to unite without selling or trading the electorate.

  9. Danai Pazvagozha

    Biti mus not be given victory on a silver plater, Here is a cunning person, who fooled a number of MDC-T MPs to be expelled from parliament. He knows he will not win, and now needs a seat to be reserved for him. Bingrish, Mr Gutu please contest him Chitova, VeMapako ekwaChagondovuta, torai vuta tiende Harare East Tinondohwinha.

  10. nonso I doubt your intellect capabilities bcoz you went out of order here! These are the tell tell signs that solidifies the generally accepted alleged tribal & patriarchial tendencies that exist within and outside of MDC-T.

    You have so much hate for Khupe you’d use every opportunity even the wrong platform to demonize her. Shame on you vindictive divisive imbecile.

    Besides Biti abandoned us& the struggle bcoz of his power hunger manifestations and is now indirectly intending to have a free ride on MDC-T’s back???? ~ just thinking aloud! No hurm intended.

  11. lets have primaries that also include Gutu and Biti and let the people vote!

    #CowardishBiti must earn the seat.

  12. Domboramwari, hoo TSVANGIRAI has overstayed but your Mugabe and ED were always juniors in Zanu pf for 38 years of destruction. Useless Zanu pf politicians and supporters who are banking on killing others for selfish gains.

  13. Gutu is no match to biti ..i am an MDCT supporter and if Gutu defies orders and contests i will vote for Biti..As for Khupe she can go..We have Welshman who can guarantee us a significant number of votes in Matabeleland..Anywhere Matabeleland wont vote for ED because of the gukurahundi issue

  14. Thse guys. Why cant u unite just 4 once. Haa Zanu guys seem to have differences bt thy soon find each other and unite in critical tyms lyk thse. No wonder why thy manage to stay in pwr coz thy ar mo organised thn th rest of all opposition parties combined 2gethr! Mdc t, mdc m, mdc 99, mdc renewal, united mdc, zim pf, npf. If all of those got 2gethr, thy wld knock out zanu. Unity of pple can bring down any system!

  15. Iwe Diibulaanyika did you not read about Khupe enjoying the support of Gutu and Mwonzora in the same article?

  16. @ dr amy gilesi please try to stop hallucinating here and talk sense the article is about Gutu rebelling . As a patriotic zimbo i hate tribalism . Tribalism is stone age and in MDC that nonsense is not wanted

  17. The truth is the MDC-T does not need the alliance, period and Gutu is right. The other members of the alliance are spent forces who will not get any votes on their win, why should the MDC then give them its own votes instead of fielding its own candidates. VeAlliance vacho ngava joine MDC-T so that it becomes a strong party challenging ZANU-PF. With the so called alliance, the opposition is surrendering victory to ZANU-PF even before the elections.

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