Nkayi South, crying loud for development

NKAYI South is a constituency in Matabeleland North and is made up of areas such as Zenka, Nkayi Centre, Zinyangeni and Dakamela.


Its population is approximately 55 570, with 10 323 households.

ZimStat figures state that most people in Nkayi South and Matabeleland North province are into animal husbandry.
Questions that the local MP Abenico Bhebhe (MDC-T) can raise in the National Assembly during question-and-answer session

Issues on command livestock and cattle diseases and treatment (Lands and Agriculture ministry)

Marginalisation of Matabeleland region (Local Government; Finance; Industry ministries)

Poverty and unemployment (Labour and Social Welfare ministry)

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Poor road network (Transport ministry)

Performance of the MP in the National Assembly

Bhebhe is quite vocal in the National Assembly, as he takes part in most debates in the House.

He has raised different issues in Parliament pertaining to marginalisation of Matabeleland and different political issues.

What people in Nkayi South said about their MP

Mpokiseng Sibanda — Malindi ward 16 councillor

I know the MP and I think he is a hardworking servant of the people.

He has been the guest of honour at schools’ prize giving ceremonies, where I have seen him donating building

material for development of schools.

He has also paid school fees for the best performing students at schools.

Sicelo Mpofu — Nhlanganiso ward 21 councillor

I have met him on several occasions during feedback meetings.

Recently, he called all of us councillors to inform us that the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) had been

released by the government.

He told us that the money ($50 000) will be released in batches.

We are still deciding as councillors on which projects to embark on.

Some of the projects which he has embarked on include drilling a borehole at Nkayi District Hospital, construction of a water tank, and providing piped water to the wards at the hospital.

Edward Ncube — Gwampa Forest,ward 30 councillor

The MP has promised to assist Dabe Secondary School with some building material once they furnish him with quotations.

Soneni Ncube

The MP is always a busy man and has no time to meet villagers. He is always attending meetings, especially in Harare.

We want him to raise issues of the poor road network in Parliament.

I also feel that government must bring back Constituency Development Centres so that people get regular information updates.

MP’s response

Most people in Nkayi are poor because there has not been much development in the district due to government’s reluctance to develop the area.

I decided to become MP for Nkayi South because of issues of under-development.

As MP for the area, I have begun constructing classroom blocks at primary schools such as Mtshabi, Sembewule and Gababi, and have provided them with furniture.

I decided to prioritise schools because most children end up dropping from school to herd cattle due to the low number of schools in Nkayi.

I have also worked with council to drill a borehole and to install a 5 000-litre water tank with an electric pump in the constituency.

This has provided piped water to all wards in Nkayi, and has assisted the hospital. This was done with the assistance of donors.

The serious setback in the district is lack of educational facilities, which lead to poor pass rates.

However, I have managed to supply most schools with exercise books and school fees for the most deserving students in the district.

Bhebhe said other boreholes were drilled in wards 30, 14, 13, 23 and 24.

When I get the CDF, I have a big dream for people of Nkayi such as overseeing the building of Ziminya Dam at Shangani River, which I think will change the villagers’ lifestyle.

This will provide piped water from Nkayi to Sivalo and form a green belt with a lot of irrigation activities taking place.

I also want to see the rehabilitation of Bulawayo-Nkayi and Kwekwe-Lupane roads and the erection of a radio or television receiver so as to open communication lines for the people of Nkayi South.

I relate well with my constituents and I always talk to them about Parliament by way of attending district committee meetings.

The challenges I face in the constituency include the blocking of donor-funded projects by war veterans.

This happened when I sought assistance to build science laboratories at Hlangabeza, Seshanke and Zwelabo schools.

The war veterans said they were against receiving funds from (former colonial master) Britain.

There is also politicisation of food handouts and farm inputs by Zanu PF in the constituency.

Every year towards elections, villagers are abused by the ruling Zanu PF party using food handouts to gain political mileage, especially since Nkayi South is food insecure.

I am not getting many benefits from being a Member of Parliament, yet I need to be mobile.

So I assist people in the constituency using the little money that I get, as well as the money from my businesses.

What drives me to do this is the love to see an economically-empowered people of Nkayi South, and the love to see the environment in the constituency being preserved for future generations.

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  1. Eh Nizbert, the article is enlightening. However, it would have been great to read more of your interviews with the people who reside in the area and are affected by the conditions you mentioned. More pictures would also help.

    After reading the article, I somehow concluded that this was a campaign article for the MP and his councilors, whom I have no doubt are from the same political party as the MP. There is also demonisation of another political party.

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