NBSZ manages to meet demand for blood

THE National Blood Services of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) says it was able to meet Matabeleland region’s requirements during the festive season despite the high demands of the life-saving liquid.

By Linda Chinobva

In an interview, NBSZ Matabeleland spokesperson, Sifundo Ngwenya said all requests made by hospitals in the region were met.

“The demand for blood transfusion normally rises during public holidays due to road accidents as most people travel more during this period,” he said.

“NBSZ has always been making calls to members of the public to donate as much blood as they can, a move, which has seen the availability of blood.”

Ngwenya said although the blood bank levels were not alarmingly low, the organisation was appealing for people in blood group O to donate, as stocks in that group were low.

“Blood group O is vital, as it can be transfused to patients with other blood groups in an emergency. In any case, one donation can impact or even save the lives of those in need of the blood,” he said.

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