Mystery over Moyo’s whereabouts

MYSTERY over the whereabouts of former Higher Education minister and Zanu PF politburo member, Jonathan Moyo deepened yesterday, with the Kenyan government denying claims that the Zimbabwean politician was granted political asylum in the East African nation, after he fled his country following the ouster of President Robert Mugabe over a month ago.

Everson Mushava/The Nation

Moyo sneaked out of the country at the height of a military intervention code-named Operation Restore Legacy and went into self-imposed exile, from where he occasionally fires potshots at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration, which has shown increasing annoyance at his posts.

Since then, there has been speculation in the Zimbabwean media that Moyo escaped to Nairobi together with his close ally, Saviour Kasukuwere.

But Kenya government’s spokesman, Eric Kiraithe, at the weekend, denied claims that Moyo was in the country as a political refugee.

“I would have known if he was in the country,” Kiraithe told the Nation on Saturday.

“Political asylum is a security issue and his request would have been processed by the NSAC (National Security Advisory Council) and the Cabinet.”

Mnangagwa has in the past hinted that he will seek Interpol’s assistance in Moyo’s extradition, but a search on the international police organisation’s website shows that the former university lecturer is not on its wanted list.

Authorities want Moyo tried on corruption charges after he was accused of siphoning $400 000 from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund.

Initially, they were claims that Moyo had been detained by the military, which turned out to be untrue.

Besides Moyo, several other former high-profile Zanu PF politicians have been the subject of much speculation, with some suggesting that they had been detained by the military.

There are claims that Mnangagwa had asked his Kenyan counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta to order Moyo to zip up and stop attacking the Zimbabwean government from foreign soil.

But, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs ministry spokesperson, Edwin Limo, said he was not aware of such a request from the Zimbabwean government to the Kenyan authorities.

Kenyan Interior ministry spokesperson, Mwenda Njoka, concurred, saying: “I have asked our immigration guys and they said he is not here. I think the Zimbabwean media are doing some fishing (expedition) to try to find out where he is.”

Yesterday, Moyo, shooting from the hip, said he was on “Twitter and not in Kenya”, before accusing the military of trying to kill him on November 15, when the army launched its intervention.

Moyo is accused of being the brains behind Generation 40, (popularly known as G40), which was a faction within the ruling Zanu PF party opposed to Mnangagwa.

Moyo, who is married to a Kenyan, once worked for an international non-governmental organisation in Nairobi in the 1990s, where he was accused of defrauding it of thousands of dollars.


  1. Could he still be holed up at the infamous Blue Roof if not where the hell is our Prof???

    1. Observer Ndlovu

      Moyo and Kasukuwere should post their pictures whilst holding current newspapers to verify that they are actually alive firstly… those social accounts were most probably hacked… I challenge them to upload the pictures

      1. I have proof, it is Prof. J. M. who is posting, and is alive. However, I cannot speak for Kasukuwere.

  2. I think next time for someone to qualify to be an MP he/she should by Interpol, how on earth could we vote for someone like Jonono whilst he has some previous

  3. He is a fool who is going to be arrested soon. The problem with jonathan moyo is that he thinks he is the most intelligent and smartest guy in zim and he thinks he is a special gift to this country from God. But he is not. He is just one congenital imbecile behaving like a spoilt brat with an oversized ego. In the first place how come the security people failed to arrest him. He is just a thief on the run. I hope kasukuwere remains quiet wherever he is. It will pay off one day.

  4. H might be 6 feet under or in some unknown jail

  5. Could be dead for real… someone could be using his tweeter account. munhu iyeye would know best. his family once said someone had hacked his account

  6. Kutonga Kwaro Garwe Kwekuuraya Vanhu

    We all know Professor Moyo, Kasukuwere and Paddy Zhanda were assassinated by Mnangagwaon and Chiwenga on Coup Night.

    Everyone knows those tweets from Moyo’s handle are not in the style of Professor Moyo style. And the so-called retweets from Kasukuwere are even more laughable!

    Noone survives the machine gun fire that occurred at Moyo and Kasukuwere residents. We all saw the blood at Moyo and Kasukuwere residences. Who had been shot dead? Obviously Moyo and Kasukuwere.

  7. zvinei nemi kuti arikupi kutaura kwamusina kuswera n ngaarambe achi poster ndaaaa akutaura chokwadi dai mugabe akarunner as an independant candidate toona kuti emmer ane support here

  8. Is it possible someone is using his twitter account without “his wilful authority”. I am hard placed to believe not a single journalist has interviewed him since he left. Surely he in not in the league of the late Osama? Or is he? But I don’t miss the professor at all

  9. If the professor is alive then someone must be worried a lot. However I suspect that he might had been killed and his account used by his killer. Disappearing without a trace?

  10. Everything these thugz did to our country has everything to do with us.

    Oooowu wait a minute!!!!!!
    what happened to the 10 million recovered from Chombos’ house.
    who has it?
    Zimbabweans i believe we have a problem in that we easily get excited before the real change comes our way.
    Mugabe is gone “GOOD” but these are devils from the same hell.
    All these guys looted and are they going to bring back the loot before the 90 days lapse.
    We are just focused on Jonoso and forgetting the $10million.
    if this is a transparant gvt, they must be open about the whereabouts of the $10million as well

  11. It would be cruel irony indeed if Moyo ended up just disappearing, because, as he said of Dzamara to the BBC in 2015 (even if later regretting), “…people disappear everyday and you mention one person…”

  12. G40 id regrouping outside the country. Very soon they will come back to take the levers of power.

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