Muzorewa throws his hat into presidential ring

GWINYAI Muzorewa, the late Bishop Abel Muzorewa’s young brother, is seeking to contest this year’s presidential elections under the revived United African National Council (UANC).


The older Muzorewa was Zimbabwe-Rhodesia’s Prime Minister during a short spell in 1979, something that caused him to be labelled as a sell-out by the liberation fighters.

Gwinyai, who spent much of his time in the United States, told NewsDay that he was back in the country to revive UANC and wanted to spring a surprise in the upcoming elections.

Although he is a minister of religion in the Methodist Church, Gwinyai claimed he was involved in Third World liberation theology since the liberation struggle and over the years he has amassed experience on governance.

“The only experience that I don’t have is corruption, but in terms of leadership and administration that is my area,” he said.

“One does not need experience in Zimbabwe to do the right thing, but if you want to do political chicanery, you might need to learn from those who are experiencing it right now and I am not one of them.

“I know what the people of Zimbabwe need, and they need someone with integrity, a person who is transparent and cares about the people.”

Gwinyai said President Emmerson Mnangagwa would find it difficult to achieve any positives, as he has chosen to surround himself with the compromised group of Cabinet ministers, some of whom have a long record of stealing from public funds.

The UANC leader said what Mnangagwa has done was to continue with the former President Robert Mugabe’s legacy of destruction.

“What I really need to see being done differently is to change the Zanu PF way of governance, it has been in existence for 37 years which has taken us where we are now. It means the ideology is not good for Zimbabwe. We want economic prosperity.


  1. Madzakudzaku aakuedza kudzoka nhai? Muzoriwa garazviya ndiye wokupembera achiti zuwa rake rakange ratanga zvakanyatsonaka pakarohwa ‘base’ remacomrades kuMozambique?

  2. It’s not God given that same families should be politicians in Zimbabwe. Not another one. Ohaàa.Give us a break.We still remmember your sellout brother. Birds of the same feather. What have you got now in your bag for Zimbabwe?

  3. titaurirei zvatisingazive otherwise kumaelections munonyara dai muri mumwe udzai umc to vote for tsvangirai

    1. Richmond Mbada

      point of correction its not UMC its MC

  4. Mafirakureva weDiaspora

    Failed Bishops do not weast our time. Hazvisi zvokuti mukoma vakakoniwa ini ndozvigona. Kumhuri yokwa Muzorewa poilitics dzakaramba, be Fishers of Man.

  5. Hahaha😂😂🤣 is he serious.

  6. Yes Welcome Muzorewa in the political ring. As long you have a good manifesto we will vote you. Don’t worry about those labeling you dzakutsaku they are born free children they think being a dzakutsaku one was not a human being. Pamberi neUANC

  7. DZaku-tsaku kurova povo. Teachers may vote for you young Aberro

  8. Muzorewa you are just wasting you time and resources, maybe you amassed a lot of wealth from America ,but the best bet for you is to join the other opposition , your Surname is unsellable to the electorate

  9. Ohh No to unknown quantities this blood and thunder tussle is between Ngwena and Chematama now that Mdara is out of the picture we are relishing this one big time and we do not want mickey mouse characters in this one.

  10. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Gumbo kukereke gumbo kumatongerwo enyika. Hwenya kwese mimba yebere. Zvino ndiyani achatonho nyika nemunamato
    unemapopoma nemafashamu emaropafadzo?

  11. Alheit voetsek unofunga neyi. What have teachers done. You still think like Gabriel go to hell!! Uneducated Border Gezi nxaa.

  12. What is wrong about him entering politics? For any ruling party to be serious with pple there should be challenges from different parties..that is democracy and constitutionalism

  13. I do not think its fair and correct to align Muzorewa and UMC. I humbly ask you guys to deal with Muzorewa as an individual and if you have anything to say about the church talk about it separately. Vamuzorewa, we also ask you to tell the nation what your intentions are, do you want to use the church for your political moves or not? Please tell the nation because some of us we do not even want to hear anything that will associate us with that DZAKUDZAKU past. We are members of UMC who were not there in those days and I for one I do not want to hear anything about that past. Tapota vaMuzorewa, you may have those intentions, they can be good for you but not me if they raise issues from the past like that.

  14. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…VaMuzorewa ngavaite zvekereke. Paya panobvira moto wegakava pakati pemapato ezvematongerwo enyika. Ivo vodzimura semuzodziwa. Zvino muzodziwa akati kureke, kunezvematongerwo enyika, anenge otenderedza vanhu, panzvimbo yekutendeutsa. Itayi zvekunamatira nyika vaMuzo.

  15. Richmond Mbada


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