Mutare woman bashed over prophet

A MUTARE man is in trouble for bashing his wife for allegedly having an affair with a prophet.


Precious Mukonza (45) yesterday appeared before Mutare magistrate Tendai Mahwe, facing a domestic violence charge and was remanded out of custody to January 31 as he denied the charge.

According to prosecutor Fletcher Karombe, on January 13 this year during the night the complainant, Rosemary Mukonza (42), went to buy goods at a nearby tuckshop. At the tuckshop she met her church prophet (not named in the State papers) and had a chat.

Mukonza saw them talking and approached them, disrupting their conversation alleging that they were having an affair.

A misunderstanding ensued which led to Mukonza hitting the complainant on the face with open fists.

Rosemary reported the matter at Sakubva Police Station, leading to Mukonza’s arrest.


  1. Explain ‘open fists’???

  2. I was equally baffled y “open fists”. Wow! I hope its not in the New Curriculum.

    1. “Open fists” could mean zvibhakera zvimbishi or bare knuckles. No gloves were worn in order to beat Rosemary. kkkkkkk. Mr Reporter please explain to us kuti open fists zvinorevei?

  3. The reporter never wrote Ordinary level English

  4. Open fists is defined as MBAMA. Is it NZWIKABLE? Kikikkkkkk

  5. I almost missed the story. kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. tendai chaminuka

    Maybe ari kuda kuti iron fists the reporter is a karate fanatic

  7. tendai chaminuka

    Asi Precious Mukonza must know that today’s married women are the most promiscuous ladies saka ngaadzikame angafira mujeri coz the law protects them big time.Wotongo fudza vamwe vachikama mukaka.Its very sad dear brother.If I was a man I would remain single zvangu ini.Marriage has become an outdated institution.

  8. Comment…zvakafanana Wena chero gogo obviouS vaive pfambi aSi Sekuru vakashinga kugara navo

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