Mukanya return torches excitement

REVELATIONS that Thomas Mapfumo will stage a show in Harare on April 28 have torched widespread excitement among his fans, although others are not convinced the exiled musician will perform in Zimbabwe.


Chimurenga Music Company spokesperson, Blessing Vava, at the weekend, said Mukanya’s Welcome Back Bira was set to reconnect him with his local fans.

“We are excited that Mukanya will be performing in Zimbabwe after more than a decade’s absence,” he posted on social media, torching excitement.

Vava said finer details regarding the long-awaited show will be provided in due course.

Mukanya has not performed in Zimbabwe for several years and his fans have had to travel outside the country to watch him on stage.

A fierce critic of former President Robert Mugabe’s government’s because of its unflattering human rights record and corruption, Mukanya commanded a huge following in his home country.

Reputed as one of Zimbabwe’s finest musicians, he has over the years churned out music that resonated with his countrymen at a time when pointing an accusing finger at the government was almost regarded as treasonous.

Since the beginning of his career in the 1960s, Mukanya was renowned for speaking truth to power, something he carried into independent Zimbabwe, placing him on a collision course with the authorities.

The album Corruption (1989), in which he spelt out his disillusionment with the Mugabe government, marked a new trajectory in his music.

The musician left the country

amid claims that his life was under threat due to his criticism of Mugabe’s regime.


  1. thank you mukanya people are waiting for the bira

  2. Corruption was released in 1999 not 1989.

    1. Do you mean Mukanya’s Corruption song or some other corruption? If it Mukanya’s song then I can categorically tell you now that it was released in 1989 and I was in high school when that song was released.

    2. Xman please you are ignorant about dates when this was released. Stop contributing to prove your ignorance if not stupidity.

    3. corruption was released in 1989 point of correction

  3. You need to check your records again if you corruption was released in 1999. It only shows kuti you know very little on Mukanya

  4. Corruption was released in 1989 xman!

  5. please lets not fight now about corruption release dates but lets reserve the energy for the mans return

  6. Tonderayi Chanakira

    Dzokayi kani Mukanya taka kumirirai. Nyika yanga yapedzwa ne CORRUPTION yamaka imba gore riya Mukanya Come back home we love you Mukanya

  7. Welcome back Mukanya, tiriko

  8. kudakwashe mlambo

    Moyo Wangu (My Heart) 6:02
    2 Varombo Kuvarombo (The Poor To Poor) 6:26
    3 Shabeen (House Turned Into Illegal Pub) 6:36
    4 Corruption 8:29
    5 Muchadura (You Will Confess) 5:03
    6 Handina Munyama (I Am Not Unlucky) 5:27
    7 The Kupera Kwevanhu (Perishing To The Peoples) 5:46
    8 Chigwindiri (A Very Strong Person) 6:00
    Companies, etc.
    Phonographic Copyright (p) – Island Records Inc.
    Copyright (c) – Island Records Inc.
    Distributed By – Island Trading Co.
    oh yes1989, welcome back mukanya.

  9. The venue has to be the National Sports Stadium.I am sure the bira will match the so called Judgement Nights in terms of attendance. Takakumirai Mukanya. Motivhurira bira neChipatapata.

  10. Welcome the Hurricane Hugo, Gandanga, the Lion of Zimbabwe!!!!!.

  11. He is the best musician ever to be produced in Zim. Like Hosiah Chipanga, Thomas tells the truth. Since Truth Hurts, Mugabe regime banned his music and tried to kill him. VIVA MAPFUMO, VIVA CHIMURENGA, ALUTA CONTINUE.

  12. mukanya svikai zvenyu,nyika iyi yanga yavamamvemve

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  14. welcome back Mukanya.vanoita sevanokudai ivo vasingakudei

  15. Gandanga ro dzoka

  16. Comment…Mwaaacheweeee

  17. chibaba baba chemumhanzi chodzoka pfeeeeeeeeeee

  18. vana mukanya mungatidiiiii pfeeee todzoka futi

  19. Comment…love you mukanya welcome bek

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