Mujuru says no change since Mugabe ouster

Nothing has changed since former President Robert Mugabe was ousted and the whole system must go for any change to be fully realised, says former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

The National People’s Party and People’s Rainbow Coalition leader said this in an interview at her Chisipite house in Harare.

She said the NPP’s slogan ‘Ngaende Ngaende’ (Mugabe Must Go) was not aimed at Robert Mugabe only, but at the entire regime.

“But the whole regime and its system, they must all go. Nothing has changed politically, economically and even on dealing with issues of corruption,” she said.

Mujuru also commented on the opposition coalition talks.

“Despite spending so much time on coalition talks, we agreed on how to take the country forward economically, foreign policies and international relations.

“But we did not agree on issues of top to bottom approach, the use of MDC-T logo and presidential candidate because MDC-T negotiators said it had to be (Morgan) Tsvangirai or no deal,” she said.

“Their argument was with 17 years in opposition, they are the oldest opposition party in the country, hence, their president must lead the coalition.

“But while we were still trying to find each other, we were shocked to hear the announcement of the MDC Alliance and we also formed People’s Rainbow Coalition.”

The former Vice-President also said the past year was a difficult period for most ordinary Zimbabweans, as Mugabe’s regime spent most of its energy on succession issues with no attention paid to the economy, which was on a free fall.

Mujuru said one has to look at the time, money and energy that was spent on presidential interface youth rallies across the country and the “value” they brought to people and even those within the ruling party to notice the discrepancy.

She said under Mugabe’s government, companies continued to shut down due to a number of factors, one of them being that the political leadership prioritised the succession issue ahead of all other issues.

“While companies were shutting down and people turning to vending, the same regime made it difficult for them to trade, which led to cat-and-mouse game between the vendors and the police as people tried to earn an honest living,” Mujuru said.

“Look at how the vendors were treated, look at how women with small children were treated after being caught trading, like criminals,” she said.

“Banks queues worsened, and even the introduction of bond notes worsened the situation and fuelled the black market. We took them to court and lost.

“We also did the same with the introduction of Statutory Instrument 64, which fuelled corruption, as trading licences were handed only to friends and relatives within Zanu PF.

“What shocked us with these judgments was, were the presiding judges over these cases living within the same community with others? But it was clear that those were political judgments.

“Look at the number of unemployed graduates, who are roaming the streets.”

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  1. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    Really!! No change. Mai Mujuru I used to respect you but the direction you are taking us can mislead us. Surely you cannot say there is no change except if you are living in planet Mars then you can claim not to see any change
    Thank you ED and team

    1. Can you tell me what change there has been?

    2. I guess price hikes is the change you are talking about.

      1. or maybe parents paying ECD teachers salaries.

  2. I thought mujuri is talking of positive change at the moment, yes I tend to agree with her on that one but negatively there are changes, eg civil service cut, price increases, AND REAL changes are coming mother, just watch.

    1. civil service cut is a positive change why should we have ward youth officer who are doing nothing except getting a salary and why keep people over 60 years of age in the civil service?

      1. ED Munangwagwa is over 60

  3. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…@doubting, is it a crime to be over 60 years? Everybodied person should be afforded the opportunity to fend for him/herself. Whats the ideal age of retirement? 30, 40, 50? There are people who clocked over 40 years service(sometimes with one employer) but on retirement, no pension because of the Zimdollar demise and how do such people survive as their pension only started accumulating in 2009?

  4. yu can say this and that about mnangagwa but he is now the leader of the country. why dont yu show us by building your own statutories instead of using thiers (i.e Zanu pf’s). you are always complaining and with agonizing influences that they z no change…pliz pliz lets put our differences aside coz they is going to be a big change that is coming…

  5. it’s too premature to judge, I doubt Mr’s Mujuru means what she says….she is just in pain cause the lacoste team played a vital role in her demotion and never expected ED to rule Zim…let’s give the new gvt time and support than to criticize them now.

  6. Mujuru wouldn’t change anything either if she came to power – she was part of it all, saw it all and because she did nothing about it all she was then clearly involved in it all. Just Like ED. We still have no money, we still have AIPPA, POSA and BAZ and we still have the old draconian laws of the old Constitution. The only thing we have a reduction in is the presence of the Zimbabwe Revenue Police. But they are so reluctant to do proper Traffic Control. Same old, same old – until after the elections. Mugabe and family still in Singapore on holiday at our expense.

  7. She makes sense but mai mujuru, united we stand, divided we fall. Don’t leave Tsvangson out of the picture.

  8. Why are the ungrateful spoilt Mugabes delaying their return to Zim after their free holiday in Singapore? The aircraft, Boeing 767, sent to pick them up, has been there for 2 days now.

  9. Its premature for mujuru to make utterances like that .
    If you really where the one in power how many changes should you have done by now

  10. Kwahi kudiniko naRunaida???

  11. To me what i want to see happening is to see the Border Gezi (youth officers) out of the Treasurer pay roll.That is the first change required now.

  12. mai mujuru mai mujuru,give the new dispensation a chance,don’t talk politics we know you will always be on your opposite side,ryt now judging from the look of things we better off without pipol like yu who are always negative,let’s support these guys like the whole nation did in November,the problem with opposition yu take pride in the suffering of your own pipo just bcoz munoda kutonga,prize hikes wat prize hikes that was an act of sabotage bcoz some of us are so shallow minded they think its the government that hike prices.I for one think the government shud just cancel licences for those bizneses that hike prices unjustifiably.

  13. Even when you got expelled from Zanupf nothing changed and the same this time around do not expect much change Madam.

  14. Talk of sour grapes. Mai Mujuru should just shut up.

  15. Mai Mujuru was an integral part of zanu pf until she was decimated by Grace. She must also go with those she claims must go. Period

  16. Where does Mujuru live? Can’t she see that the civil service has been significantly reduced? Can’t she see that corruption is being investigated to some extent? Can’t she see that we can now critisize the government without being made to disappear? In a month, that’s a lot of change. I know the kind of change that Mujuru wants. She simply wants to be president, but that won’t happen. People will vote for either Mnangagwa or Tsvangirai, not Joice.

  17. this Mother Mujuru knows nothing she wants power but does not have a clue to go about it, now she is subject to abuse, hapana zvozikanwa apa ngavanorera vazukuru

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