Mugabe gets 7-day ultimatum

FORMER President Robert Mugabe’s family has been given seven days to vacate a private land, which they allegedly grabbed from the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ)-owned Eaglesvale Senior School in Harare.


The school’s board chairperson, Enos Chomutiri, told NewsDay yesterday that they have instructed their lawyer, Rodney Makausi, to order the Mugabes off stand number 791, Greystone Township, registered in their name under deed 4149/80.

Makausi said the eviction letter was handed to security officials at Mugabe’s Blue Roof residence in Borrowdale Brooke.

“Our clients have notified us that you have illegally occupied their above-mentioned piece of land without their authority and without any lawful or just cause,” part of the letter read.

“They have notified us that you have now planted maize crops (sic) on the said piece of land without their authority.

“Our clients have now asked us to demand, as we hereby do, that you vacate the said piece of land within the course of the next seven days from date of this letter, failing which our instructions are to institute proceedings for your eviction without further notice.”

The letter, dated January 23, was addressed to the Gushungo Holdings manager, only identified as Nyoni.

The latest developments follow reports that the Mugabes pulled down a billboard erected by Eaglesvale headmaster Dennis Anderson showing that the property belonged to the church under the Eaglesvale Daisyfield Trust (EDT).

Chomutiri said the church has had the title deeds to the land since 1978.

He said the Mugabes claimed they have title to the land, which they acquired from the government in 2015 after the property was gazetted for compulsory acquisition.

The land, measuring 23 hectares, runs from where Borrowdale Road intersects with Harare Drive to where it intersects with Crowhill Road and Helensvale shopping centre, the road that leads to the Mugabes’ expansive Blue Roof mansion.

The land was earmarked for the development of Eaglesvale Senior School — an elite school currently operating from rented premises in the capital’s Willowvale industrial area.

A senior government official, who spoke to NewsDay on condition of anonymity, said the property was State land given to the church by the colonial government in 1978, which they then gave to Eaglesvale School to build its campus, before Grace expressed interest in the land.

Former Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo then gazetted the land for compulsory acquisition to build a Robert Mugabe Memorial Centre, but the move was declared unlawful by the Administrative Court.

In its ruling, the court said the government’s compulsory land acquisition policy could not apply on privately-owned urban land.
“Minister Chombo then said he would get alternative land for the church, but I doubt if it was done by the time he left the ministry.

“I am sure the matter will be solved soon,” the official said.

Court papers seen by NewsDay show that there has been a legal battle over the land between the Local Government ministry and Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk-Sinode Vanmidde-Afrika dating back to 2016.

The case, number 14/16, was withdrawn from the Administrative Court by the government in February 2017.

“Take notice that the applicant withdraws the notice of application for order confirming acquisition of a piece of land filed in case No LA 14/16 tendering wasted costs,” read a notice to the Administrative Court issued by the Lands ministry.

The church, in its submission before the Administrative Court, argued the land was meant for public infrastructure and could not be acquired by the government.

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  1. Mhuri iyi yaiva yembavha chaidzo vachingovhara vanhu with rhetoric. I understand they have also been chucked from another farm they were trying to grab in Mazowe. How much land did they want to have, yet accusing white farmers of hoarding land. They had become land barrons themselves. They were also in the process of trying to ngrab land in the lowveld in the sugar plantations and conservations. Very greedy this old man!

    1. Commen.. For your own information every black man is as corrupt as you claim mugabe was. Those are his benefits for leading this country to its freedom. Is it not befitting. He is our father an icon for our race. Show some respect


  2. kuita kukunyarira zvedi

  3. shame GIRE

  4. Nxa, vaida kuti zvizodii.

  5. zanu izere nembavha dzoga

  6. People who love zanu pf are murderers and thieves.

  7. mbavha kujeri

    makororo kujere

    Mugabe ngaasungwe.

  8. Let develop our stands

    It is surely not right for someone to just invade or forcibly grab property that does not belong to them. All the same I would like to query why bylaws and the supreme laws of this country allow the wealthy to accumulate properties they are not prepared to develop but perhaps to hold for speculative purposes. If the institution acquired this piece of land in 1978 why honestly did they not develop it in the almost 40 years that have gone by. Prospective home owners travel kilometres and kilometres like my self as far as Melfort to buy a stand to build a house because all the idle pieces of land along the Mutare Highway are owned by individuals/institutions that are holding them for speculative purposes. This is grossly unfair and I think the laws should be amended to make it unlawful to hold on to titles of undeveloped urban pieces of land for a period exceeding say 10 years or even 5 years.

    1. Enda udevelope kuruzevha kwako. unopenga, wandipa mariyacho here

    2. Let’s Develop Our Stands…I agree with you. Why hold on to the land for 40 years in view of bylaw restrictions? Vanga vachipfuya tsuro nemhembwe here?
      It’s not funny.

      1. this is urban land for a school. they have the right to hold on to it as much as they want because they bought it. speculation is not a crime. Its a business issue. what development have the Mugabe done on all the over 20 farms they alreday have. kurima chibage on grabbed land? dont follow the zanu way of thinking. even in europe pple have land they hold for future purposes. its normal. iwe buy yours and develop it.

    3. kune inodzi vision mukuru…thats why Eagles Vale bought this property so that when town planing is happening they will always be ahead

  9. They were also causing untold suffering to people of Norton and the surrounding. In Norton Urban they were creating buffer zone between their farms and suburbs like Mashlands and darwendale view. through corruption and intimidation they illegally worked with the Mash west provincial administrator and Norton town council to illegally terrorize people. The Mugabe’s privatized Darwendale Dam on the Norton side bank such that no one can able to use the there locking its economic value. People only talk of Mazowe but i think the 5 Farms in Norton should benefit the Nortonians.

  10. ngavatorerwe mbavha

  11. mhuri iyi was slowly personalising zimbabwe hahaha. but justice always prevails hayo. inguva chete

  12. Comment…But panenge pane kanyayazve apa. Handisi kuona pane ane muduso waabvisa apa. Kurwirana kwaana yeyo uku.,,. Land to the people.!

  13. land ngeye Church. Batai Chombo futi. apopa titles pa land inemamwe sei. daikatopa lease zviri nani

  14. Comment…hapana chisingaperi

  15. This is what comes of coming fast and loose with these criminals. Nobody has been tried after being arrested just talk from zaac. If they acted decisively tried and locked up a few criminals, seized ill gotten gains restoring ill gotten property to owners this lot would get the message. But right now its all window dressing not even the thieves aretaking zaac seriously. Well done eaglesvale taking the bull by the horns getting your property back. Where is zaac in all this? And where is chombo? By now he may have stopped reporting to the police bail conditions relaxed!!!!

  16. Comment…u can be suprise to hear some people called a violety of human right called an icon,it seem lik is a one man struggle and that its totaly wrong bcs most suffer bcs of this struggle,let’s praise those men nd women fight for colonia than one men

  17. Comment…mhuri iyi haisi yega ngazviitwewo kune dzimwe mhuri dziri muhutongi

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