Mthwakazi activists stage more anti-Mnangagwa demos

SCORES of secessionist Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) activists yesterday stormed Tredgold Magistrates’ Court in Bulawayo protesting the arrest and detention of eight of their colleagues for allegedly doorstepping President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Sunday.


Eight MRP youths were arrested by the military police after they confronted Mnangagwa carrying placards demanding he addresses the Gukurahundi issue.

They were on Monday handed over to the Zimbabwe Republic Police after spending a night at Mzilikazi Barracks (formerly Brady Barracks).

The protesters yesterday toyi-toyid at the entrance to the magistrates’ court, threatening to pile more pressure on Mnangagwa’s government to address the Gukurahundi issue.

The protests came as their arrested colleagues were freed without charge after being initially charged with undermining Mnangagwa’s authority.

Their lawyers — Dumisani Dube of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and Maqhawe Mpofu of the Abammeli Human Rights Lawyers Network — said their clients were initially asked to pay admission of guilt fines instead of going to court.

The eight activists were initially charged for breach of peace and likely to incite public violence, but the charges were later changed to undermining the authority of the President in terms of section 33(2) (a)(ii) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act), (Chapter 9:23), or alternatively disorderly conduct in a public place in terms of section 41(a) of the same Act.

The lawyers claimed the activists were brutalised during arrest and denied access to medical attention.

Initially, the activists were expected to appear in court two at 8:30am, but were only brought to court late in the afternoon.

MRP spokesperson, Mbonisi Gumbo hailed the media for exposing what he called the barbaric arrest of its members.

Meanwhile, the Christian Voice Zimbabwe condemned the arrest of the MRP activists.

“As a church, we acknowledge the 1980s Matabeleland massacres and atrocities deserve to be handled in a much dignified manner in order to bring to a closure this moment of madness and dark patch in the history of our country,” the church organisation said.

“Therefore, we implore the newly-appointed President to walk the talk and respect his words ‘the voice of the people is the voice of God’ by finding it in his heart to humbly set up a true peace, justice and reconciliation commission made up of unbiased neutral players drawn from mainly the church to look into all the issues of human rights violations that characterised the previous administration.”

The National Ecumenical Forum for Dialogue, Justice and Peace also condemned the arrests saying: “The arrest and detention of people expressing their mind and emotions over a public atrocity that has been constantly given scant attention dampens the spirits of Zimbabweans, who made the long march from Zimbabwe Grounds to State House and harshly reminds us of the previous cruel dispensation under (former President Robert)Mugabe’s rule. The people of Zimbabwe were beginning to think the post-Mugabe era would provide a new spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation.

“We are grossly saddened that the new power-brokers continue to ignore the basic tenets of democracy and continue to ignore genuine opportunities to promote dialogue, justice and peace. We are a few months away from a watershed plebiscite and such wanton behaviour gives very little signals that for the first time we will go through a free, fair and credible election.

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  1. Maakudheerera garwe. Mucharumwa. My question is why didnt you demonstrate like this during Mugabe’s tenure? Give the Garwe a chance!!

  2. Kubasakwedu pvt ltd

    Separatists will always find themselves in trouble, everywhere in the world. Handei tione

  3. “the gukurahundi issue was addressed in 1987” *borrowed

    1. was addressed by who, please do not say things that you dont know”about, if you dont know anything about Gukuraghundi rather ask than to day dream in a public forum like this. who addressed it and how was it addressed? Do not confuse respect and and stupidity we bear scars of Gukuraghundi, so in all earnest I would beg you to desist from such utterances that bring back very sad memories and one of the darkest moments of our history as Zimbabweans,

      1. Yes Gukurahundi is just one of the darkest moments of our history as Zimbabweans and that includes your forefathers atrocities on Shonas. Why would Gukurahundi be addressed when you Ndebeles earned your warrior medals by butchering Shonas, taking beautiful girls and looting Shona cattle of Mzilikazi, Gwasela in Lower Gweru.

      2. ProgressiveZimbabwe

        The issue was addressed by the unit accord of 22 Dec 1987. For more info on Gukurahundi issue check a video called Mugabe’s Gamble on YouTube.

  4. My father was killed by Gwesela, so I should demonstrate against Mthwakhazi? Can somebody tell me where to find these Dissidents Supporters Offices??

  5. This group was founded to make mat land separate from zimbabwe. You have to be aware of them. Genuine issues, yes, but the rate of amplification is uncalled for considering the dialog has begun.

  6. @sandie bring forth evidence n pepetraters coz we have evidence n pepetraters

    1. @g40 the biggest perpetrator is Mugabe,Himself your mentor.

  7. Gombo you send born frees to gukurahundi issue something they do not know except the poison you give them. These kids were being brutalized while you were having a cup of coffee in the comfort of your wife’s arms.If you have an issue why can not you be at the front of the demonstration to led by example,shame on you cowards who send innocent kids to slaughter while you pretend to fight the battle.

  8. Comment…Richard Gwesela is a hero, his attacks were in retaliation of the Zapu members being butchered, 1zapu member killed 10 Zanu, that was his working ,maShona selimbuluze kwenela

  9. people retribution will never work. we need to find common ground and move forward for the good of our children and condemn all forms of prejudice in the process.

  10. Why must ndebeles always pick parts of history that suits them..I am yet to hear of any person talking about how Ndebeles killed and butchered Shonas for around 5 decades..Burning homesand killing Shonas every year in Mashona raids…Somewhere here someone wants evidence well thats arrogance and a big insuilt to Shona people…As much as you want Shonas to accept gukurahundi atrocities you must also acknowledge that Shonas also feel hurt by what Mzilikazi and Lobengula did..So you call them heroes for killing our ancestors and terrorising them every year and you want us to call those who killed your own fathers criminals..As long as your so called chiefs and kings do not want to accept that your fore fathers wronged the Shona people too …this will go on and on …For the sake of true reconciliation we must both own up and apologise to each other then we move forward as a nation…

  11. Batai murove nhubu idzo

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