Mpofu warns G40 mercenaries

THE military and security sector is reportedly on high alert amid fears that G40 elements could be regrouping outside the country to counter the military intervention which saw ex-President Robert Mugabe lose power to his former deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu said Zimbabweans would not allow a situation where the country would descend to chaos and would instead defend their independence, in response to former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, who warned of bloodshed if what he described as an illegitimate government was allowed to continue.

“If we could deal with a vicious enemy like the Rhodesian regime, what can stop us from dealing with the renegades who may want to destabilise our peace and stability?

“We are not a banana republic.

“We are a democratic country with a formidable security services sector and we cannot allow people to destabilise our peace.
“We may have our differences, but if people start contemplating causing chaos through destabilising our peace, then they will face the wrath of our security sector, but not only of our security sector, but of the patriotic Zimbabweans.”

Moyo at the weekend warned that Zimbabwe risked descending into “another Somalia” if Mnangagwa’s government was not removed, remarks that some have interpreted to mean that he was threatening to unleash violence.

However, in the same interview with Reuters, Moyo said he believed in “the rule of law than be feared that if people don’t agree with me, I will unleash the tanks”, which contradicts the interpretation that he was threatening violence.

Mpofu maintained that there was no risk of bloodshed, as Zimbabweans were wise and unwilling to engage in violence.

“This can only be said by people who deliberately ignore the reality of the Zimbabwean people in terms of defending their hard-won independence from people who are not patriotic, people who survive on instability, our people are united no matter which part of the country they come from and will resist any divisive elements from any quarter,” he said.

War veterans spokesperson Douglas Mahiya said Moyo’s warning of bloodshed in the country should not be taken lightly.

“We are aware that this G40 cabal was corrupt and they stole large amounts of money from the country. It is not unimaginable that using that loot they could be raising an army of mercenaries, which might come to destabilise our peace, so our security forces must be on high alert to deal with these people,” he said.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu dismissed Moyo, but said the threat of G40 hiring mercenaries was real.

“It’s possible because one cannot be so sure of a bloodbath when they are not planning anything, but mercenaries don’t come cheap and last time I checked, Jonathan Moyo is anything but a wealthy man,” he said.

Zanu PF chairperson Oppah Muchinguri referred questions to spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo, who was not reachable.

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  1. Moyo’s threads of bloodshed in Zim are baseless and comes from a baptized civilian who is not cognisant of military operations. You dont form or perport to launch an offensive by publictly saying in in papers and through interviews.
    I thought the guy was intelligent as he claims. We have a tried and tested army whose intelligence is second to non in the region. South Africa during apatheid tried it and their mercenaries were hit hard.
    Go ahead Big Headed professor try you lucky.

  2. The minister still has to explain the US$15 Billion for the diamonds. He was in charge then

  3. This hard-working and incorruptible minister will not be distracted by clearly cheeky and libellous comments from the likes of Chikichat. If you have any evidence of corruption or anything resembling it, I challenge you to immediately alert relevant authorities or even the presidency. I have been subjected to a lot of abuse on this platform for a long time and very soon I will have to legally put an end to this G40 and MDC nonsense.

  4. The most dangerous weapons are the people. You may worst national resourses employing many officers and soldiers and buying many guns but the best army and police are the people. History has shown that most armed robbers are serving and former policemen and soldiers. Love them at your risk. Ask bob. They are the bloodshed. Give people their country. The biggest company so far diaspora. Its better than gold, diamonds and platinum put together. How much will we loose if those 6 million strong decide to come to register and come again to vote. Let people decide

  5. The best explanation for Mpofu would be that he is a state witness , otherwise he would be behind bars. Imbavha munhu uyu and anogona kunyimisa nyika mari

  6. Jona just shut up,we zimbabweans we wont allow that bloodshed,asi wakanganwa 18 Nov 2017 .united zimbabweans wont be intimidated like that.

    1. He is not intimidating anyone, he is warning us! Speak for yourself, and not for me! Let him speak. Unobvei?

  7. I hate it when politicians say ‘our people.’Why not ‘the people of Zimbabwe.’That is why there has been an element of taking people for granted.if you were chosen then you represent ‘the people of Zimbabwe’ not your people and that is why Musorobhangu still thinks he has his people who he can send to unleash violence.

  8. Jonso is all fart no stool. Nothing to worry about him.

  9. so the government (Lacoste) that overthrew another government (Mugabe) say it is against the independence of a nation to overtthrow a government

    1. KKKKKKK nhai zvako iwe

  10. give people their freedom makaba mariyese give the nation their royalities

  11. What you term to be relevant authorities are very corrupt as much as the minister of home affairs!

  12. Jonso is all froth and no beer, all hat and no cowboy

  13. Comment…Obert Mpofu must clearly understand that citizens are fed up with the current regime. Why does he want to use state security apparatus to fight their own factional wars. Meanwhile, I strongly condemn bloodshed in all possible terms…Moyo and his colleauges are filthy rich and I want to believe that he can do anything in effort to destroy the current adminstration…after all the Army is led by his homeboys!??

  14. hallooo chati kwara hunge uine katurikwA

  15. Hon. O. Mpofu, Mugabe’s most obedient son, the whole nation is wondering why you are not in Chikurubi. Where is the missing 15 billion? Where did you get the money to buy the whole town of Victoria Falls? “Your” people have very long memories!!

  16. You should have arrested Mugabe and Grace. These crazy idiots are having sleepless nights planning to topple our govt. Do you think Grace is happy? Do you think Mugabe is happy? Do you think Zhuwao, Kasukuxere, Jonso etc are happy? BE VIGILANT AND DONT TREAT THEM WITH KID’S GLOVES.

  17. Apa hapachada kuwanza chikristu.

  18. Is that really Mpofu’s comment above? Why being so defensive madoda, you have not been abused at all. You were the Mines minister during Chiadzwa madness. All we want is accountability, the man didnt say you stole. He asked what happened to the diamind revenue. All we know is the money disappeared, so speak your truth.

    1. nutty dreadlock

      go and read chininga report if you want to know where the 15billion went

  19. This Jonso Man must not to be taken for granted, what give him power to make noise whilst part of his team who skipped the boarders remains silent,Grace kuti zii seasiri muno, uuuu tisarara nezamu mukanwa. “A person who once been a player / coach to a team knows well the weakness of his former team.” so Vana Mpofu avoid defensive comment such as OUR People vanhu vako ndevapi?

  20. I hate to play the devil’s advocate but to be fair guys this professor is not a gust of wind like some academics we know. Jonathan Moyo’s politburo presentation accusing ED of plotting a coup using what he termed the Blue Ocean Strategy was 100% accurate. Rob Mug ignored or underestimated the professor’s intelligence estimates but what happened hardly six months down the line? The new government we have today is too good to be true. There is nowhere in the world that people get the government they want. It’s the people you hate and find undesirable that ultimately govern. The world is itself is run by the devil so it only follows that countries are run by satanic leaders. ED for all his goodness simply opposes the ‘natural’order of things. From kings of the past to presidents across the world, those who really achieve a true grip on power are heartless like their master Satan. Without being the devil’s ambassador your days at the helm are numbered. I’m sorry to say this my fellow Zimbabweans, mark the professor’s words and brace yourselves. ED and company are not evil enough to remain in power long enough for some of us to rebuild our lives in peace and stability. Sad but this is the bitter truth comrades.

  21. Comment…ini handisi mhunhu wako iwe mupolitician. taura kwawakaisa mari yechiyadzwa!!! nxaaaaa !!!

  22. Obert Mpofu? Why do we have this dishonest person in this position?

  23. Shame to these people who pretend to be clean whilst they real know what was happening behind closed doors birds of the same further flow together remember during unity government”s error they pretended as everything was right whilst looters were busy looting funds out of the country.

  24. I struggle with contributors who say “our” govt, really, what makes it “yours”. Demonstrations? I would suggest describing it as “my” govt as that puts ownership and context. I believe, a govt one can comfortably call their own is one they have voted for freely without any form of threats or coercion.

    Similarly, politicians who use the phrase “our people” completely turn me off. I refuse to be owned, I am not a slave….and I have the right to change my allegiance at any time. Most importantly, I reserve the right to free thought…and actions within the confines of the law.

    1. You only reserve the right to poop; no more.

  25. Jonathan Moyo is sick guys. Zimbabwe has a formidable millitary, that is ultra able to counter any such threats.

  26. Moyo wangu unorwadza kuona Mpofu walking freely after all the looting he did under Mugabe rule, how many properties and businesses in Bulawayo and Vic Falls are in his name? ED must do something on this guy if by any chance he is to get my vote. #pasinembavhaMpofu

  27. No Zimbabwe is not a Banana Republic. But it is run by crooks and idiots. Zimbabwe is a potentially great country. But outside of the President. He is surround with still crooks and thieves that stay quiet for the current time being. Mpofu is a thief extraordinaire that stole tens of millions as mines minister and transport under Mugabe. He is a man that owns most of the assets in his home town and in Vic falls. Owned Allied bank and laundered stolen monies and then looted depositors monies. It does not amaze me why Zimbabwe stay dormant and struggles of prosper. Tough decisions will need to be made by the President to send the rest of these thieves that still remain out of the business of stealing from the people. G40, Lacosta all have the same agenda. Self enrichment at the expense of the people and country at large. A thief cannot really tell you about other thieves.

  28. Let me also play the devils advocate here ladies and gentlemen…i always see and hear allegations of Obert Mpofu being a thief, looter, embezzler etc…is there any person with evidence of such transgressions or its just people enjoying the game of throwing mud with the hope it will stick somewhere? I thought Zimbabweans are literate and educated enough to believe in the rule of law. If there is such evidence around why not bring it to the fora or make a detailed report to ZACC for everyone to see? The law says everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law..why are goal posts being changed when it comes to Obert Mpofu? I hold no brief for Mpofu lest i be misquoted but i wanted, as Zimbabweans, to remind each other of our duty to report criminals if we have evidence and if not…why not talk of something else progressive?

  29. The real problem is that ZImbabweans were really tired of Mugabe to the extent that even if a ” donkey” removed him from power a lot of people would have been dancing in the streets praising the donkey. What is really missing right now is for most people to reflect and accept that we are ruled by a military junta. Mnangangwa does not have the mandate of the people, since he was hoisted by the army. The removal of Mugabe was not to better the lives of ordinary ZImbabweans but an internal ZANU feud, jostling for positions. So Obert Mpofu is sending a red signal to the people of Zimbabwe that this government’s power is derived from the force of the army. This is what military juntas do. We will forever be reminded that the army is on standby. Jonathan et al thought they would use their brains to outsmart team Lacoste, little knowing that those who cannot fight back through dialogue often resort to their fists. We need a civilized discourse not a paranoid government. I am also sick and tired of hearing people talking about how they fought for this country when there is nothing to show for it. This is a veiled way of telling young people not to have ambitions of ruling this country until the last “war veteran” is buried.

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