MP raps Chinamasa over devolution

Nketa Emganwini Member of Parliament, Phelela Masuku has slammed Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa for developing cold feet in the implementation of devolution of power.


He said Chinamasa, who argued that devolution is expensive to implement, was in breach of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.
Masuku said this during a constituency feedback meeting at Mgiqika Primary School in Bulawayo at the weekend, where he was briefing constituents on various issues, among them the national budget.

“The delay in the implementation of devolution of power has led to too much congestion in Harare, which was developing faster than other provinces,” he said.

Masuku said MPs had advised Chinamasa to give priority to the ailing health sector in the national budget.

Residents raised their concern over the government’s inaction on illegal money dealers popularly known as osiphatheleni, whom they claim are contributing towards the crippling cash shortages.

But Masuku said a survey had revealed that money, which osiphatheleni are in possession of, is too little, hence, has little impact.
“The problem that is fuelling the cash crisis is failure by the government to balance the financial situation,” he said.

“Plastic money is just pushing figures into the banks, which are not supported by hard cash. The bond notes, which people were made to believe were export incentives, are now the actual currency and the lack of interest on deposits has led to lack of confidence in the banking sector.

“The country should have its own currency and interest rates charged on depositors must fall.”

Masuku advised residents to register to vote between January 25 and 27 in Nketa.


  1. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Mari ingotenderera mumigwagwa ingobvepi vaChinamasa?


  3. Bird of the mountains

    As much as they can hold little money Mr MP , what they are doing is illegal , i recall there is a law which was passed recently criminalising osiphatheleni operations. Lets assume there are 1000 osiphatheleni in Bulawayo each with 10 000 in bond or forex this translates to $10 million.
    The other thing about osiphatheleni there are the ones who are fuelling smuggling , externalisation and all economic rot and there are economic sabotuers at the same time agents of “criminals around Ed” and unscrupolous business people.
    For record most of the claimed successful business people are actually fraudsters one way or the other .
    Let them deny it , fraud starts from$0.01

  4. Pay Back the Money

    So Harare is developing fast? I thought only last week there was #FixOurWater campaign because Harare water was dirty. Is water (quality/ quantity) not part of development? So which development is this MP referring to happening ONLY in Harare? By the way, I am from Manicaland and I want Obedient Son Mpofu to return the diamonds he stole to buy buildings in Matebeleland.

  5. It seems money is always available for ZANU PF projects. Why do you insist on that two Vice Presidents Unity Accord thing yet there is no money? We want one President and one VP only – not two. What are those Provincial Ministers for – where are they provided for in the Constitution? Why do you need a bigger Parliament – Zim needs only 120 MPs at the centre and the current Parliament can accommodate them all.

    Money for Devolution is there – but its misallocated.

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