Moyo warns of repeat of 2008 poll violence

EXILED former Higher Education minister and G40 kingpin, Jonathan Moyo has claimed Zanu PF has deployed more than 2 000 soldiers across the country to lead its election campaign in similar fashion to the 2008 polls that were marred by violence and intimidation.


Moyo made the claims on micro blogging site, Twitter on Tuesday.

He said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration’s silence when its political commissar, Engelbert Rugeje allegedly threatened villagers in Masvingo over the 2018 general elections showed that Zanu PF was geared to repeat the 2008 poll violence.

“Junta silence on General Rugeje’s threat that army will in 2018 repeat its 2008 poll atrocities shows the threat is real,” Moyo tweeted.

“Buoyed by coup, ZDF (Zimbabwe Defence Forces) has embedded over two-thousand poll soldiers in all Zimbabwe communities. Some army officers, who led the 2008 poll blitz are leading 2018 blitz!”

Moyo’s statement was confirmed by the MDC-T, which said it was concerned with the continued militarisation of villages around the country.

“We have got solid and incontrovertible evidence pointing to the fact that thousands of army officers in civilian attire have been deployed in the countryside for the purposes of carrying out clandestine political campaigns on behalf of Zanu PF,” party spokesperson Obert Gutu said in statement yesterday.

“We demand the immediate and unconditional demilitarisation of all our villages and other communities. People shouldn’t be forced to surrender their biometric voter registration serial numbers to village heads and Zanu PF officials”

Zimbabwe National Army spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Alphios Makotore yesterday referred questions to ZDF spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi, who was not reachable.

Rugeje was not reachable but Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said: “Zanu PF is a party. It does not have soldiers. It is not an army. It is a masses’ political party. How does it deploy soldiers?”

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  1. Very interesting Jonso. In other posts and in your BBC interview you say a legitimate government which you were part of was overthrown, yet here you allude to an election process, that ushered in that government, which was full of violence… Whats this???

  2. Thats obvious any one can tell that zanuoids is heading for an embarassment of all time as i do not see them pulling a shocker to the economy in the next 5 months or let alone any basic changes to convince the ordinary person in the street that things are changing..

  3. Correct analysis Jonso there is no way Zanoids can defaet a Fit or UnFit Tsvangison and moreso not with current state of the economy, no chance.

  4. johnathan johnathan johnathan were are you seeing all these thing from are u part of it or wat please dont disturb our peace after all u were the brains behind previous election violance with yo aipas ,,posa ko nhasi zvaipa papi are u being honest here or u are just a bitter man

    1. Jonathan oh my jonathan so so confused even a feartherless cockroach knows he is a bitter ,very bitter and angry man he missed the new gravy train,he is like a kid trying to explain he didn’t steal a spoon full of sugar when his mouth surroundings show signs of sticky residue,What a disgraced professor ,maybe Kwayedza can employ him as waffler.

  5. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Aaaaaaaaa! Chiyi chakaitika 2008 vaMoyo? Idonyatsopayi tsanangudzo dzizere baba.

  6. Spilling the beans the once famous Joseph Gouballs of Mugabe regime is saying it out as it is.What happened in 2008?Were yu not part of that system?

  7. Taura hako Jonso ,2008 in replay this year and its going to be the biggest embarssment of all time to be clobbered by someone who has spent the better part of the year fighting colon cancer.

  8. Don’t just allege. Offer the nation, the UN and other stakeholders written proof of both the 2008 and 2018 army deployments for election purposes, and the names of the authors of those orders. Allegations will be dismissed. Then we are back to square one.

  9. The rattling of Moyo will never result in Mugabe or his cronies in the likes of Moyo, Kasukuwere, Chombo and Zhuwao coming back into the Zimbabwe political arena. Mugabe will never be president again, and the people of Zimbabwe have said no to those who were aligned to Mugabe. I think like what has happened to Trump, Moyo needs to be examined by a specialist.

  10. Bird of the mountains

    People should learn to read between lines and not take statements from face value.
    1. Soldiers have been deployed , does ED deny that
    2.Ed and his lacoste cabal are not being honest to the nation.
    3.Violence or other intimidation strategies will be used.
    4.Dont take what Jonna is saying for granted , remember he said ED went to Tswangston to talk about elections , they denied that , but later the same person who denied that there was talk of postponing elections (Lying Charamba) , said it was Tswangstone who asked for it. I for one am forced to trust what Jonna said because Charamba is paid for lying and i wonder how ED kept him and Khaya Moyo when they were the ones advocating and busy fueling his sacking.If ED is not careful about “criminals around him” he will regret.
    We want to see Obert Mpofu , Charamba , Mohadi , Chiwenga or the whole cabinet or zanu clear their names.
    May the government(ED) introduce whistle-blower Act like in South Africa , then we will show you how criminal are “criminals around ED”

  11. Yes,Jonathan,out with the truth. Every Zimbabwean knows that you know a lot more than you are cautiously letting on. After all you were once the info minister. Please don’t forget to tell us what role you played in the 2008 state orchestrated violence.

    1. Even a 10 year old knows the good Prof. Moyo was not in both ZanuPF and govt in 2008.

  12. I like the suggestion that the government introduce a whistle blower program were individuals with information on corruption or violence on any zimbabwean by any one be reported through that platform. I tell you, even names and all evidence you need will be given. Just peg the price for any piece of genuine information with full evidence to be $1000 Cash not Bonds. And this to be paid through an organisation like The Catholics for Peace and Justice set up by all steak holders. The amount of reports and evidence you will get will be staggering. Zimbabwe has been poisoned and is very sick and needs heeling.

  13. Well it is clear that this war cold war and mouth running being done by the prof is just what our President usually says munongohukura tichingotonga violence is not going to be there Jon so no matter the countless posts , tweets ,you may post we are in a new zim and we are enjoying peace as things a slowly and steadily changing for the better soon all will be well pasi nemhanduuuuuuu!

  14. You can dismiss all what Jonso is saying as hogwash or plain sour grapes at your own peril. Remember he has nothing to lose and is going all out for what he knows. Just like people dismissed him about Ed plotting a coup and who has the last laugh now. To me it seems the guy is well connected to intelligence as well.

  15. Comment…z za, 1,\\,\

  16. Why does the Daily News continue to give Jonathan Moyo a platform? Have you got such short memories that you have already forgotten he was rabidly anti free press!!

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