Mnangagwa PR gesture won’t fool anyone: TZ

MDC Alliance co-principal and Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s (pictured) “public relations” gestures will not add value to this year’s general elections as people are fully aware of his record in government since independence in 1980.


Ngarivhume expressed optimism that the MDC Alliance would emerge victorious in the elections and form the next government.
Since taking over in November from deposed President Robert Mugabe, Mnangagwa has shown signs to reform the culture of governance in the country and to resurrect the economy.

This came at a time when the majority was accusing the opposition of not doing enough to match Mnangagwa’s zeal to reform the economy and to win elections.

In an interview following his whirlwind tour of Masvingo and Mashonaland East provinces over the weekend, Ngarivhume expressed confidence that the opposition alliance would win the elections ahead of Zanu PF under Mnangagwa.

“The President is doing a lot of public relations gestures, including the arrests of G40-aligned Zanu PF members on charges of corruption, but all this is like applying lipstick on a frog,” he said.

“The truth is that Mnangagwa is part of the problems that we have in this country and he will not fool anyone. He has a terrible and horrible human rights record and he is responsible for building a system that has destroyed Zimbabwe.

“He must first explain his sources of wealth before going after his erstwhile officials. During good days Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s right-hand man responsible for the majority of the things that Mugabe’s administration was doing.”

Ngarivhume challenged Mnangagwa to come clean on his role on the missing $15 billion diamond revenue and the Gukurahundi issue.
He also challenged Mnangagwa to be clear on the much-needed electoral reforms.

Ngarivhume described the tour of provinces and donations to children’s homes by Mnangagwa’s wife, Auxillia, as grandstanding.

“The electoral reforms have not yet come and he is adamant on that. We are also not fooled by the things that his wife is doing.

“We are also tracing her record since she was elected MP in 2015 and that alone would tell a story. She never did anything, but now she is trying to grandstand by making donations to children’s homes and buying fruit by the roadside.

“She wants to settle scores with the former First Lady Grace Mugabe and the fortunate thing is that everyone is seeing it all.
The electorate knows the real issues affecting the people and this can only be solved by changing the government next year,” Ngarivhume said.

The country is expected to go for elections mid-year and all the parties are beginning to start reaching out to the electorate.


  1. Yes the nation is not fooled by the visit but what ED has to do is to score points on the basics for the perception of the povo to change eg sort out cash shortage, tame price hikes, repair damaged roads lights and so on and that is what will change the average mind of Zimbabwean citizens.

  2. Instead of telling us what other people are doing wrong (or did wrong), the MDC Alliance would be better off telling us what they will do right for the country if elected into power. They would rather preach to us their turnaround strategy and leave the electorate to be the judges.

  3. kkk Ngaruvhume please stop lecturing us.Why are you concerned with what ED is doing instead of telling the electorate what you as TZ are going to do.Do you honestly think that people will vote for you because you have highlighted that ED is part of the problems that Zimbabwe is facing?In this article i don’t see anywhere where you tell us what your TZ has done or will do for the people other than talking about ED and his wife.The question is..Why do you want Zimbabwe to vote you into power??? If you can be able to answer this question, the better..

  4. chematsenganzungu

    Zviroto zviroto ngazviperere mudzimba….ko iwe urikuitei kuti uhwine,kushora is not good enough unfortunately.wat do you have on the table,show us.who is your president tsvangi zvaosiya,hapana.a headless chicken, up or shut up.if you have nothing to say,pliz zip your mouth….

  5. Indeed..watching over the fence at what the neighbour is doing while your house is falling apart. SHUT UP already!

  6. Undeniably, the abrupt exit of Mugabe who has long been the lone campaign tool for the opposition threw it into dissaray. That it had nothing more to offer beyond the Mugabe must go mantra manifests outrightly. Its now time for the opposition to rise to the occasion and express alternative leadership at the expense of consistent personality attacks.

  7. u can coup the president not the economy

  8. I think you need to do a lot of research as to convince your self that you can defeat Munangagwa on elections.
    In politics you need a lot of experience, of which most of the opposition parties dosent have.
    It’s not about looking your self on a mirror then you dream of bieng the President of Zimbabwe
    So the MDC Alliance is just a bunch of political oppotunist with no principles at all.

  9. I beg to differ with most contributors on this topic. For starters MDC alliance is not yet in control so cannot turn around the economy. Secondly as an official opposition party its correct/legal for them to scrutinise/critise what the rulling party is doing wrong so that the electorate is not fooled. Thirdly/finally MDC always profer alternatives to how they will turn around the economy for the better of everyone its just that it is always given no media coverage especially from state/taxpayers press.

  10. Comment…Toda mabasa, kwete rice rinotuma munhu kuenda kutoireti. maCompanies ngaadzorerwe kuvaridzi, minda yaiburitsa gohwo ngaidzorerwe kuvaridzi, mayouth ngaawane mabasa mumaCompanies kwete kupihwa tumahats, caps etc. mabasa mabasa mabasa pliz

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