Mnangagwa nowhere near Nkomo: Family

THE late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo’s family has distanced itself from recent remarks by Joshua Nkomo Foundation (JNF) director, Jabulani Hadebe, equating the late nationalist to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Nkomo’s nephew and JNF board member, Dumisani, yesterday said Hadebe’s statement was an insult to the late Father Zimbabwe’s legacy.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. First of all, those are personal comments, not the position of the foundation. ED can never be compared with Josh. Josh was at the level of [late South African nationalist] Oliver R Tambo, [former Zambian President] Kenneth Kaunda and [the late South African President] Nelson Mandela and it would be a brutal assault on his legacy to compare him to ED,” he said.

Bulawayo resident Brighton Chiwola said Mnangagwa could not be compared to Nkomo.

“Let’s not bootlick. There’s no one like Father Zimbabwe,” he said.

Hadebe in his statement last week indicated that the foundation hoped that Mnangagwa would walk in Nkomo’s shoes.

“The late Vice-President Nkomo and the current President Mnangagwa share similarities of being fugitives from an evil system created in the first republic. They were both fired from government, State agents were unleashed to devour them and they escaped the country fearing for their lives as border jumpers,” he said.

“The late Umdala Wethu’s speeches during the early 1980s and the disturbances that rocked our nation calling for unity, peace and justice were methodically suppressed as the Press and broadcast media were brought under total State control, something which also happened when former Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga was denied coverage by the State broadcaster and State media.”

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  1. Whats so special about Nkomo? What did he do apart from giving in to Mugabe pressure? Infact ED is above Nkomo because he fought Mugabe until Mugabe leaves office but Nkomo gave in and we suffered for too long because of the mistake he made in 1987. As much as we respect Nkomo still ED has a very higher position in the lives of those people who are alive today.

    1. Seems like this guy Jecha suffers from a rare mental disorder. Not being in the medical profession myself, i however assert that he’s hallucinating.

      Why is Nkomo’s legacy a thorn in your heart. Bootlickers never seize to amaze me !

  2. is this really newsworthy.seriously guys…..

  3. Jecha urijecha for sure,stop that shola idiotic comment.father zimbabwe can never be compared to ED,remember gukurahundi,2008 elections,the same ED is the same guy who protected this mad man Mugabe for 37 years now you call him a saint,what has he changed,he should reverse what he did eith Bob and should not claim credit of what he destroyed snd trying to rebuilt are insane and need help

  4. The sad reality is that direct and indirect victims of Gukurahundi are still to find closure of this sad and terrible episode in post-independence Zimbabwe. For some reason, there seems no political leader prepared to tackle this issue head-on. It appears that politicians expect this issue to be forgotten and wither away. I doubt it. It is a huge blight on the country.

  5. people from Kwekwe know much better,mnangwagwa cant even be compared to chebwindo. we must fight this makaranga mentality which used to be adopted by mazezuru

  6. If Mugabe was a dictator then his aides were also dictators. Up to now he has not repealed AIPPA,POSA AND BAZ ACTS. So how diffrerent is he from Mugabe. He has also pushed out Rita Makarau from Zec.

    ED is no match to Josh. Which is why Tongogara preferred Nkomo to Mugabe to lead our country.

  7. Joshua Nkomo was a failed politician, a waste of space.

  8. For once, I agree with you, Musona.

  9. true joshua was a failure. he was a political prostitute from start to finish. ed is better than mugabe and joshua combined coz these two landed us in serious problems.

    1. Guys, I hope you know what you are talking about

  10. @musona is avoiding mass killings a failure , Mugabe was a failure from start as he was worse than the Smith regime

  11. and ED was part of the regime which made us suffer for 37 yrs

  12. These people that speak so negatively about
    Joshua Nkomo clearly have no knowledge about the man.. They have absolutely no idea what he stood for, the trials and tribulations, prison terms, exile, persecution he faced fighting for these very ignorant bastards who would dare to speak his name with such condescension…

    When asked what his first goal after independence was, Nkomo replied that he wanted to see the land given back to its rightful owners.. the majority blacks.. fate conspired against him and Mugabe won the election, Nkomo tried to fight them but couldn’t risk any more lives of the innocent, Gukurahundi, Entumbane just name a couple.. he had no choice but to work with
    Mugabe to mitigate the violence.. but he never stopped working for progress. Once in the halls of power he was instrumental in the implementation of numerous progressive in initiatives and policies. The one that comes to mind that his detractors will surely appreciate is that he was personally responsible for facilitating the licensing of Econet Wireless when all others, even Mugabe and ED himself were against it!! but all the while, Mugabe, ED and all their vile cohorts have been raping and pillaging this country for nearly four decades!!

    Oh yes, they finally redistributed the land when facing a clear threat of losing power to the MDC, for the sole purpose of garnering support from those they themselves had disenfranchised.. but they shared the wealthiest and most productive farms among themselves and ran them down, and sold the equipment leaving us in a food crisis.. straight from breadbasket to basket case of Southern Africa. All the suffering we are experiencing now is a direct result of their selfish actions. They have never, nor will they ever be held accountable for it, so it is amazing for me to hear people saying they are going to fix it.. GET THE F@#K OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!

    Nkomo was not a politician but a nationalist.. go to the deepest darkest heart of Mashonaland and you will not fail to find people that still revere him and remember him fondly.. His legacy was one of peace and unity and it is one we should all live by.. And one our current politicians should aspire to… This country is ours, and together, we can make it work…

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