Minnie Dlamini on divorce rumours

JOHANNESBURG — Minnie Dlamini has slammed rumours that she and her hubby, Quinton Jones, have been experiencing trouble in paradise.


This after Sunday Sun reported that Minnie and Quinton had a full blown fight at Cape Town International Airport recently.

According to the report, an eyewitness said Minnie allegedly shouted at Quinton during the heated argument.

“Whenever the poor guy tried to talk, she’d shout at him, saying, ‘don’t you dare talk to me’,” the eyewitness apparently told the paper.

Taking to Twitter last Saturday, Minnie poured cold water on the claims.

“First, I’m getting divorced then I’m fighting in public with my husband. Mrs Jones ain’t going anywhere, no matter what lies you try spread.”

Minnie said she decided to set the record straight on social media because it is her platform to express her thoughts.

She also said she loved every moment of being married.

“I love being married and being a wife is the most important role in my life.”

Minnie and Quinton tied-the-knot in fairytale traditional and white weddings last year, and documented the special occasion through a three-part documentary.

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