Ministry goes domestic to grow tourism

Tourism and Hospitality Industry minister Priscah Mupfumira is pushing for affordable rates of tourism products and services, to boost domestic tourism as part of the 100 days action plan.


Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Mupfumira said the country’s domestic tourism had been characterised by low participation of locals in leisure tourism, expensive product offering and lack of affordable domestic packages.

“Zimbabwe has given limited recognition to the very important contribution of the domestic tourism market to the growth and development of the economy. While we acknowledge that the disposable income of our people is very low, it is disheartening to note that our attractions are out of reach to residents, where these attractions are located. The locals should have an opportunity to at least experience tourism products within their vicinity,” she said.

Mupfumira said the thrust of the domestic tourism campaign would be centred on intensifying awareness of the country’s tourist destinations and rejuvenate information centres, among others.

“The main objectives of the domestic tourism campaign are to initiate affordable rates of tourism products and services to the local market, co-ordinate the development of affordable domestic packages,” she said.

Campaigns for domestic tourism are capable of yielding results, as evidenced by South Africa, which in 2013 pushed for the initiative, resulting into 43 million trips generating $5,1 billion in 2016.

China’s domestic tourism generated 4,8 billion trips, resultantly generating $681 billion in 2017.

Domestic tourism accounts for 83% of global tourism, generating over
$4,8 billion per year, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.

In the first nine months of 2017, the country received 1 726 247 in arrivals, 12% up from 1 538 905 received during the same period in 2016.

In 2016, arrivals were 2 167 686, which was 5% up from 2 056 588 received in 2015.

Zimbabwe, which has been suffering from isolation during former President Robert Mugabe’s era, is poised to see an increase in tourist arrivals this year amid renewed confidence in the new administration.

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  1. We need 2 tier rates thus one for the locals and the other in usd for tourists and i can guarantee that more than 50% of zimbabweans have never set foot on most of the tourists resorts because of prohibitive rates, minister do something soon.

    1. 95% of Zimbabweans have never set foot on most of the tourist resorts. Lets have very affordable rates. Lets push for volumes.

      1. thats the idea

  2. 100% true. Rates should be considerably lower for local residents. And encourage locals to visit during low season in order to fill beds. There are particular periods when overseas visitors come.
    On researching many of the luxury lodges I find them EXHORBITANTLY expensive, even for a European.
    A big problem is the PER PERSON charge in hotel rooms. In Europe and USA tourists pay the room rate even if there are two adults and two children. Zimbabwe has to change this system of double charging for a room.

  3. We hope the minister’s efforts will yeild positive results. Ordinary Zimbabweans should also be able to market their own country in terms of tourist destinations in our beautiful country. At the present moment they cannot talk about things they have never experienced. Imagine a tourist from abroad asking a local person places of interest and the response they get is ‘l’m not sure’ or ‘l dont know’. Or worse still a tourist from abroad telling a Zimbabwean about places of interest in Zimbabwe they have been to whilst the local person does not have an idea what is being spoken about. Something definately wrong there minister. Globally, tourism is one the fastest growing industries and has the potential to turn the economy of any country including Zimbabwe’s. We need to talk Zim, sleep Zim and buy Zim. Government and tourism companies have to work with the citizens and ensure that prices are affordable for locals. From the least to the greatest it is our responsibility to market tourism places in our country, MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR US!

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