Minister intensifies Zimdef probe

Higher and Tertiary Education minister Amon Murwira has ordered a forensic audit into Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef) books in a bid to uncover suspected corrupt activities during his predecessor Jonathan Moyo’s reign.


Murwira yesterday said he had suspended all financial transactions outside salaries on the Zimdef account until finalisation of the probe.

“We are not pussyfooting on the issue of the audit and fighting corruption,” he said.

“I have not authorised any payment of transactions until the forensic audit is over.

“The idea is that we want to know all the systems and ensure going forward, we have a clean bill on the accounts and know what is needed to improve or deal with corruption issues or anomalies that would have been picked up by the audit.”

The minister said, initially, the audit was due to end tomorrow, but would now run until February 28 so that auditors have enough time to “probe carefully without rushing”.

“This is not a witch hunt exercise, but we want to see where we are and how to move forward,” he said.

In the run-up to the audit, Murwira sent at least six top Zimdef managers on forced leave to allow the probe to go on without hitches.

Murwira’s declaration comes amid reports that Zimdef paid
$5 000 towards Zanu PF’s extraordinary congress held in Harare last month.

“Since I took over as Higher Education minister on December 4, 2017, I have never authorised any payment to that effect,” he said.

“I have read the same on social media, but those are lies.”

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  1. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Chirongwa cheSTEM chichiri kuenderera mberi here?

    1. STEM is a secondary education program and must stay with the relavant ministry not the ministry of Higher education delaing with A level stuff.At higher education STEM is there at all polytechnical colleges and universities.

  2. Good move Minister Murwira . They are a lot of underhand dealings at ZIMDEF . Their system of doing business leaves a lot to be desired . We have a situation here where ZIMDEF Revenue Officers go out to collect money from companies every month . If the 1% wage bill levy is not paid by the company in Zim they threaten to take legal action , saying thats a Statutory Act and the Gvt is aware and they are protected by the arm of the Gvt . Now what boggles the mind is when companies approach them to claim Rebates after providing attachment to students in Tertiary Institutions , the process is tiresome and it takes ages for that money to be released . Again if you dont claim that money within a year they say it can not be claimed in retrospect and it would have been forfeited by the Gvt . So these unclaimed funds are the funds which is being misused by ZIMDEF while students are suffering . Why cant they have a situation whereby if they pay an attachee $100 and the Company providing attachment gets $ 50. These payments should be done at once without waiting for Companies to queue to claim these rebates .
    If the audit is to go deeper a lot will be unearthed at ZIMDEF .

  3. Principals at higher institutions Y ARE THY RECEIVING ALLOWANCES FROM ZIDEF EVERY MONTH

  4. I have been a student at the Harare Institute of Technology from 2013 to 2017. I understand that every higher and tertiary institution receives ZIMDEF funds and some of it is given to students who will be on internship as an allowance to help them with expenses like transport. But what surprised me was as students at HIT we never heard of any one of us receiving these allowances. I’m talking about this because i used to receive them when i was still doing my National Certificate at one of the country’s Polytechnic College and i still want to believe, to date, that Poly students still receive these funds (USD100/month). My question here is are these allowances only given to Poly students or Varsity students should also receive them? I am light out on this issue but it keeps eating me, if every institution is given these monies where are the varsity students’ going.

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