MDC-T infighting escalates

Morgan Tsvangirai

Drama continued to unfold in the MDC-T yesterday, with Morgan Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, making a thinly-veiled attack on party spokesman, Obert Gutu, and other party organs, which issued statements demanding that the former Premier should not to step down ahead of the 2018 general elections.

BY Everson Mushava

Tsvangirai issued a statement on Monday, hinting on his retirement on health grounds, leaving the reins to a younger generation.
The statement was immediately interpreted to mean he was leaving power to long-time ally and one of his three deputies, Nelson Chamisa.

The MDC-T leader left for South Africa on Tuesday for a routine check-up, four days after President Emmerson Mnangagwa paid him a visit at his Highlands home.

Gutu along with the party’s women and youth assemblies have insisted Tsvangirai would stay put as their leader and presidential candidate.

But Tamborinyoka yesterday took to Facebook and issued a thinly-veiled attack on Gutu and other party organs, saying Tsvangirai speaks for himself.

“President Tsvangirai speaks for himself, as he did through his statement on Monday or through his official spokesperson, as happened after he met President Mnangagwa last Friday,” he posted on Facebook.

“Any other channel parroting a purported MT (Tsvangirai) position is the black market. And the black market is not only unofficial, but illegal.”

The MDC-T is ravaged by factionalism, as the race to succeed Tsvangirai, who is battling colon cancer, hots up. One faction is reportedly backing Chamisa, while the other has lined up behind Elias Mudzuri, who is one of Tsvangirai’s deputies alongside Thokozani Khupe.


    • Wake up…cant you see the contradiction between the two parties? Please, have background knowledge before exposing your ignorance here.

  1. Most propbably there are trying to position themselves for the alleged pending government of national Unity as alleged by Prof.Jonso

    • hahahahaha Phidza!!! its written all over the walls. Tamborinyoka reffered to Gutu as a black market. unofficial and illegal. That’s highest level infighting. Party spokesperson differing with president spokesperson. Gutu and team puppots to love Save but no. they want to protect their interests. Mark my words, on SAVE’s departure gutu wont be spokesperson. MDC is but just graduating from a fully fledged ZANU PF apprenticeship. They are following the same route that ZPF used to. Ngatifundei mhani

    • Whats the point of having 3 VPs? A sick Pres. still clinging of power? why is there some personalisation of the party? You call that maturity?

      • isu toda tsvangirai nekurwara kwake imi idai wwamunoda ku party kwenyu ikoko….there is no personilasation apa it was to distinguish between mdc yana ncube and our mdc yakazonzi mdc t…

  2. Naturally the only VP there who was voted for is Khupe, she should be the next MDC president unless if they go to congress and the masses vote for someone else.
    That is democracy, something that is now lacking in the MDC

  3. I would not back a Chamisa or Mudzuri led MDC. Constitutionally the rightful heir to the Presidency is Thokozani Khupe. Problem is that she is a woman and a Matabele at that. But did she choose to be either of the two? MDC is a group of power hungry young intellectual turks who have not developed the patience and spiritual maturity to discern the times. Going forward I would love to see DP Khupe taking over from President Tsvangirai. A real sign of maturity will be evident in carrying it out. And may I also add that in the forthcoming polls, the party must only field candidates for parliamentary and council seats only. Chimbosiyai Ngwena iite clean up house

  4. lets dont fight each other.morgen brains are fit.its his body.if he wins he is not a dictator.he will pass the baton as soon as he cant talk or move because of health

  5. I tried to read and read again and again can not see any escalation of war all is just wishful thinking from the writer . Please note Morgan hinted that he is preparing to go and that is likely to be after elections . As of now he is the presidential representative of mdc t and mdc alliance someone is trying to create a war in mdc which is not going happen .

  6. There are no factions. Only different groups with different ideas on the way forward. There are no fights. Only groups of people with political differences and different interests. Save is not ill. He is just on a weight loss diet. The MDC is strong and united. Come elections, victory is certain. ZANU PF is divided. G40 is fighting back.

  7. No kudzie it’s not abt Ndebele & Shona or bt lapha kunzima akufuneki umuntu ongumama ngoba ipart ingafa lyk what Grace did Tsvangirai is ryt Chamisa is the deal noma singaya kucongress uyawina

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