MDC-T hopes ED will pardon political convicts

Acting MDC-T president Elias Mudzuri yesterday visited his party’s three incarcerated activists at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison, amid hope that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government would review and extend leniency on the trio’s fluid cases.


The activists — Yvonne Musarurwa, Tungamirai Madzokere and Last Maengahama — were slapped with 20-year jail sentences by Justice Chinembiri Bhunu in 2016, with a consequent appeal on their conviction rendered invalid last year.

The activists were charged with the murder of police inspector Petros Mutedza during disturbances in Glen View in 2011.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the visit, Mudzuri said his party maintained that the three were convicted on political grounds.

Mudzuri cited the joint protest held in November last year when opposition parties sided with Zanu PF in the removal of then President Robert Mugabe from power as leverage.

“We have taken a move to ask government to consider these as political prisoners, for we strongly believe that their arrest was more political than, in actual fact, being a committed crime.

“We have not yet finalised the case with government, but we walked together as Zanu PF and MDC to remove Mugabe and we believe that it will be a very small gesture to release these youngsters who have had their life taken away for so long,” Mudzuri said.

Turning to the coming elections, Mudzuri said as a party, they were going to approach the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the Ministry of Justice to have all prisoners, including political prisoners, allowed to exercise their right to vote.


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    1. Hama dzaMutedza dzinoti chii nemwana wavo akaurawa nemi vanaInjiniya Mudzuri. Zvamuri kuchema nenyaya yaDzamara akatoenda kuEurope ega munoti hatizivi. No pardon for mudhosvo murderers.

  2. isn’t that the same “meddling with the judiciary” that they always cry about? if the judge passed his judgement then what right does the president have to overturn it? stop the double standards please.

  3. Mafirakureva weDiaspora

    Mudzuri these youngsters of yours are not political prisoners but murderers society can do very well without them. No voting rights for prisoners.

  4. Is there a legal department in the MDC to help or even vet such statements by Mudzuri? I dont expect such a misleading statement from one aspiring to lead a country.Only a lay person with no understanding of the judicial system can utter such statements. Chamisa and Mwonzora among other lawyers in the MDC must do better in advising Mudzuri and not hide behind political expediency.


  6. Whatis good for the goose should also be good for the gander

    Should ED release the convicted murders, then other ZANU PF criminals such as convicted rapists, Gumbura and Kereke should be released.

  7. What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander

    Should ED release the convicted murders, then other ZANU PF criminals such as convicted rapists, Gumbura and Kereke should be released.

  8. Anyone convicted of politically motivated murder should be freed to help chart a new course for the country-not as a way of condoning their actions but of saying “Never Again!”
    Some of these convictions especially of opposition activists are clouded by a unashamedly partisan judiciary. Having seen how damaging the murderous campaigns were during the election campaign the courts were now being used to “take out” opposition activists from the community and locking them up in jail.

  9. leniency on murderers? my foot.

  10. The right thing to Mr Mudzuri is to also visit the family of the murdered police officer. More importantly, the three imprisoned Mdc-t activists and the party should first ask for forgiveness from the family of the murdered policeman.If this happens I’m sure the state will then entertain any plea for mercy. As it is Mr Mudzuri your visit to prison creates the impression that the death of the police officer was a non-event. A life was lost. This won’t help your cause at all, sir.

  11. for starters he has to release all nice point acting president although you will never take the reigns at mdc

  12. Does anyone in Zimbabwe know that “ED” is the acronym used in America for “Erectile Dysfunction”? kkk

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