MDC-T factions square off in crunch indaba

WARRING MDC-T factions come face-to-face today in a crunch national standing committee meeting, without party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, who is in neighbouring South Africa receiving treatment for colon cancer.


Today’s meeting comes as the centre is failing to hold in the main opposition party due to incessant factional succession squabbles that threaten an implosion in the MDC-T.

Although MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu refused to divulge the agenda of the meeting, claiming it was routine, party secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora last week said the meeting would focus largely on primary elections.

“Tomorrow’s (today) national standing committee (NSC) meeting is a routine meeting of the NSC,” Gutu said.

“As you know, we normally hold NSC meetings every fortnight.”

The meeting will be chaired by one of Tsvangirai’s three deputies, Elias Mudzuri, who is the acting president. Ads

But there is the looming spectre of open rebellion from his counterpart, Thokozani Khupe’s backers, who are reportedly plotting to disrupt the meeting, arguing that by virtue of her seniority and having been elected at congress, she should chair it.

The other vice-president, Nelson Chamisa, was left in charge of the MDC-Alliance and preparing for the next elections, while Khupe is currently in charge of party administration.

Two weeks ago, Tsvangirai hinted on his intention to leave power to the younger generation, a statement immediately interpreted to mean he was anointing Chamisa, who turns 40 next month.

In recent days, Chamisa and Mudzuri, who have both indicated their willingness to succeed Tsvangirai, have been embroiled in a cold war of some sort over the race to succeed Tsvangirai, who has been at the helm of the party since its formation in 1999.

Both Chamisa and Mudzuri were appointed last year after Tsvangirai opened up on his health status and in his recent statement, the former Premier revealed he made the appointments with his succession in mind.

The standing committee is likely going to give indications on who takes over from Tsvangirai when he eventually resigns, with the party sharply divided between Chamisa and Mudzuri.

MDC-T national chairman, Lovemore Moyo described those jostling for Tsvangirai’s position as misguided ahead of today’s meeting, which is likely to be charged.

He said there had been no formal communication from Tsvangirai that he was stepping down.

“The president (Tsvangirai) hasn’t formally communicated to the structures of the party (his desire to retire),” Moyo said. “As a party, we have very clear channels of communicating and, as such, there is no such communication to the structures that the president will be stepping down.

“We cannot start jostling for positions based on that statement.

“The president is there and when that time comes, the message will be officialised and for now, that has not happened.
“Once he decides to step down, we will be guided by the party’s constitution on the way forward, no one individual can decide on that.”

He said instead of canvassing, the party’s leaders must focus on winning the upcoming elections.
“If there are there, then they are misguided,” Moyo said.

“They must be focused on voter registration and how to win the elections.

“Once there is a vacancy, the constitution is very clear.”

Chamisa is considered the favourite to replace Tsvangirai, but others are rooting for Mudzuri, arguing the former is too young for the post.

Moyo said it did not matter who chairs the meeting, saying there were bigger things to focus on.

He said Mudzuri would chair the meeting, as he was appointed by Tsvangirai.


  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    Tsvangirai’s undemocratic conduct is throwing his party into turmoil.His decision to appoint a further two vice presidents clearly demonstrated his disregard for the constitution of the party and above all to weaken Khuphe and reduce her chances of landing the presidency of the party.

  2. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…The election of Khupe was symbolic and gender balancing but she is not expected to take-over as she is from a minority tribe. Its the unwritten law in Zimbabwean politics and its the same in zpf. This is what Gukurahundi was all about.

  3. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Sekuru Chaminuka musapesanise marudzi munyika veduwe.

    1. ndangovona sokuti Chaminuka unongoreva zvrikuitika. hazvitaugwi zvazvo but opposition parties originating from the other side of nour beautiful country do not leave a mark in the political scene. Gibson and Welshman knew what they were doing when they said Morgan lead. Mark my worrds. SImba Makoni farred very well compared to Weslh and Dabengwa combined. Its an untold sickness in us but it need to be told and cured once and for all.

  4. useless Chaminuka comments.Shit

  5. Eagle's eye & baboon's ears

    Hmmm , this Sekuru Chaminuka is just a useless character in our society , you better shut up if you have nothing to say.It is unfortunate that you are not aware that the minority tribe is the one which produces not only meat you eat every day but coal , tourism income to mention a few.

  6. Tinemishonga yechibhoyi inobva kuMalawi inorapa zvirwere zvakawanda zvakasiyan siyana kusanganisira asima, fibroids,shuga,BP,kuwedzera nguva pabonde, kukudzanhengo mumazuva gumi,kudzinga mamhepo, kuuchika nezvimwe zvakawanda.fonai pa 0714066125.tinodhilivhara pachena mu harare

    1. saka kumalawi ndokunokwirwa kwazvo here

  7. It is understandable to strive for regional representation in political leadership, whether those regions are from similar or different races/tribes. The problem arises when particular representatives are chosen for less than sensible reasons. More so with deputies, when principals look to the short term advantages of their choice of deputy while temporarily ignoring the long term problems that might arise when that person has the opportunity or even right to take over.

    To illustrate with a (less emotive) example removed from us, one could argue that this is what happened with Mbeki and Zuma.

  8. Kungoti isu vanhu hameno zvatiri kunyangwe mu bibles zvakanyorwa vakadzi vanotevera kumashure kwavana baba vabatsiri chete nyere dzavakapiwa dzine padzino gumira saka zvekutonga izvi mai ava ngavasiyane nazvo ngava tevere nokupa mazano kunana baba chete.Kana iye Khupe achida ngabude tione kuti from 10% anowana vanhu vangani ngatidzidzei kubva kare hapana mukadzi akamboita mambo/ishe .MDC batanai tinoda budiriro mu nyika chete

  9. As I see it, the challenge lies in developing systems and processes that are tied to positions rather than incumbents. When a leader is fearless, he/she is likely to plan long-term as opposed to short-term because she/he feels secure.
    Insecurity leads to blinkered decisions which dilute the quality and effectiveness of immediate subordinates, unless the organisation has checks and balances that limit overbearing actions of a leader. Look at how RGM was the last man to realize that he actually no longer had any “power” and the stupid belief of invincibility of the cabal surrounding him…victims of their own vapourware!!

  10. I would like to express my deepest respect and appreciation of the sentiments made by the party National Chairperson regarding this issue. I endorse them as valid and constitutional. I wish the National Standing Committee be guided accordingly. Hon Khupe be careful, the people surrounding you may destroy your political carrier and the legacy you built over years. In life you need to compromise at times so that things can move. But if you cant compromise, PLEASE JUST leave the party and start your thing rather that continue to give hope to the people on one side while on the other side you continue threatening the continued existence of the party.

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