Masuku dares Byo artists


BULAWAYO Provincial Affairs minister Angeline Masuku, last week urged arts and culture industry stakeholders to revive the city’s culture industry in line with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s economic turn-around agenda.


Speaking on Friday at a Press briefing on rebranding Bulawayo into the best investment destination in the country, Masuku said there was need to restore the city’s status as the country’s cultural hub.

“We cannot rebrand Zimbabwe before rebranding Bulawayo. With the expertise we have in Bulawayo, we can come up with the best because we are the best,” she said.

“We take Bulawayo as a centre of arts and culture. We have Amakhosi, which should be utilised to advance our arts and culture centre.”

Masuku said there was need to look at tourism from a different perspective beyond Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River.

“When we talk of tourism, many people think of Victoria Falls and the mighty Zambezi River, but tourism is about anything that can attract other people like National Railways of Zimbabwe wagons. Bulawayo should attract investors to come in,” she said.

Recently, former Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president, Busisa Moyo called on the Bulawayo community to support local artists in the same way they supported local products.

He said there was need to attract investment into culture and arts the same way people wanted to woo investment into the re-tooling of industry in Bulawayo.


  1. Arts do contribute to GDP growth.Minister if you dont strive to get BBC,CNN unbanned you may not be helping the GDP growth.Arts contribute 2% to GDP but can rise to 5% this year.You need to undo what G40 did,especially J.MOYO who banned them.You need to invite BBC,CNN and give apology.Arts thru BBC CAN BE RIVORIOUS to whole world .you them to advertise our arts internationally.Tete Viola did say this last year.

  2. You need ,minister to invite Mukanya AND Mtukudzi back and get them to contribute to GDP.You need top advertise them internationally.They are big names.BOB MARLEY was the highest forex earner for Jamaica in 1970s to 80s.He earned Jamaica close to $20m in each year thru music.We have Thomas Mapfumo,Oliver Mtukudzi,Jah Prayzah and Benhura all these can add up to GDP becoz no other coutry has them but Zim

  3. The problem might be that our politicians dont understand GDP.tHEY ARE OUT OF TOUCH with modern international business trends.Even tho Tete Viola Gwena shows skill but her comrade friends seem to be out of touch.E.G Mazda vehicles from SA .GDP worth $500K GIVEN TO S.A.Common Tete is this what you campaigned for your ngwena for.Why couldnt he get WMMI ti assemble the vehicles.It would have been 100 jobs for our youths.Tete ka

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