Mapeza in a fix. . . as GameCocks escalates Mhlanga’s case

Chicken Inn have reported Zifa to the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) over the dispute involving defender Lawrence Mhlanga, who has been allowed to join FC Platinum while the GameCocks argue he is still their player.


Mhlanga was registered by FC Platinum in their Caf Champions League squad with the blessings of Zifa, but Chicken Inn are not giving up the battle just yet and yesterday they wrote to the SRC and also copied the letter to Caf, Zifa, FC Platinum, Angolan side Desportivo de Agosto, registrar of the Labour Court and the Premier Soccer League.

The letter, authored by Chicken Inn secretary Tavengwa Hara, is addressed to SRC acting director-general Joseph Muchechetere.

“The player, who had been improperly approached by FC Platinum early last year, has a contract with our club. He has even taken the contract dispute to court in a bid to have the contract terminated. Zifa curiously cleared the player on December 31, 2017 despite the fact that the dispute had not yet been resolved statutorily through the association’s Player Status Committee,” Hara said.

Hara said according to Zifa and Fifa statutes, the Player Status Committee is the only body mandated to resolve player contract wrangles after receiving complaints from the disgruntled parties, who are then supposed to make submissions before the matter is deliberated on.

“In our case, Zifa claim to have deliberated on the matter and resolved that the player be declared a free agent, a position which the board and the chief executive officer have no mandate to do since this is the prerogative of the Player Status Committee . . . We have also copied Caf and the Angolan club of the current player’s status and the player is not eligible to take part in the Caf competition

. . . Please be advised that despite writing to Zifa advising them of the procedural improprieties relating to the clearance of the player and that they reverse the purported clearance, they have not even bothered to acknowledge receipt of our letter…” Hara added.

Earlier in the week, Chicken Inn wrote to Zifa demanding that Mhlanga’s clearance be reversed having written another letter last month requesting that the player not be registered by any other club for any competition as he had a valid contract with the club and there was a labour case pending in the courts.

Zifa general-secretary Joseph Mamutse had written to Chicken Inn and FC Platinum advising them that Mhlanga’s contract had expired at the GameCocks and he was free to join any club of his choice and the platinum miners have included the defender in their squad for the Caf Champions League.

FC Platinum

kickstart their Caf Champions League campaign against the Angolan side and are in camp in Bulawayo.

The former Warriors defender has been at the centre of a dispute between Chicken Inn and FC Platinum with the former accusing the Zvishavane-based side of using bullying tactics to lure the player to them when he was still on the GameCocks’ books last year.

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  1. Dont get into trouble. Is Mhlanga the only player?

  2. It seems as if Tawengwa Hara is getting personal with the young man. The young man, just wants to play football and make the best out of his career. He spent the whole of last season without kicking a ball in the premiership as a result of this wrangle. I just dont understand why a football administrator would take football matters so personally. The biggest question to ask is, Tawengwa Hara are you the one who bestowed Lawrence Mhlanga with the talent to play football? The answer is a NO, so let him play where his heart wants. Usaita utsinye wena?

    1. Players need to follow football rules. One cannot just ditch a contract because he wants to for another team. If we want professionalism, then players must respect the contracts. This is the player’s fault.

  3. Something is wrong here.It shows unprofessional-ism of the highest order on the part of all the administrators of ZIFA and the concerned clubs, unfortunately at the expense of the player.This impasse has been on for too long, and if all parties were willing to work together in a professional way, they cud have came to a consensus a long time ago.Fixing the player is not the right thing to do for a professional club,Chicken Inn should just seek compensation and move on ,after all, there are so many good players out there who are willing to play for them. Fc Platinum on the other hand should be more professional in their transfer dealings, instead of dealing with players they should contact and deal with the clubs of their targeted players because players may misrepresent issues as is the case with Lawrence and Liberty. This is so embarrassing and to the fans its so heartbreaking to see the team failing to acquire its targeted players owing to wrong approach.

  4. i am actually surprised that Chicken Inn are saying the contract self renews yet Rahman’s did not.
    Mr Hara is this not unfair and discrimantory labour practice?

  5. Guys don’t act like fools if someone has a valid contract with chicken inn that means he is still a chicken inn player period. The only problem with Zifa is they are operating like thugs there’s no rule of law, anyone who goes against Fidza is an enemy

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