Man kills elder brother over late father’s property

AN Epworth man is alleged to have murdered his elder brother over an argument during a memorial service for their late father.


Philip Kafoteka (34) has applied for bail at the High Court after he was arrested for fatally attacking his elder brother Elisha.

It is the State’s case that on December 3, the two brothers were joined by their family on their father’s memorial service in Epworth on the outskirts of Harare.

The two had a misunderstanding over their father’s estate and property, before Elisha assaulted his younger brother, Philip.

Philip allegedly retaliated and tried to attack his brother, but was restrained by relatives while Elisha was escorted to another room.

According to court papers, Philip allegedly broke free and followed Elisha, striking him in the stomach several times before he was stopped.

Elisha is alleged to have complained of stomach pains after the incident and was admitted to Overspill Clinic.

Philip was arrested the following day after Elisha allegedly succumbed to the attack.


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