Magaya meets Mandiwanzira over social media app

PROPHETIC, Healing and Deliverances (PHD) Ministries leader, Walter Magaya yesterday met ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira to update him on his newly-developed LetsChat application.


Speaking after the meeting, Mandiwanzira jokingly told journalists that Magaya had not come to pray for him to avert arrest following allegations by former NetOne boss, Reward Kangai that the minister was allegedly corrupt and abused his office.

“The prophet is not here to pray for me so that I don’t get arrested. In fact, the prophet was here to pray that the country has no fake news,” he said while refusing to take questions about the allegations, referring them instead of his lawyer, Brian Hungwe.

Mandiwanzira later on curtly pointed to Affirmative Action Group president Chamu Chiwanza, who was among the delegates, as the owner of a plush house circulating on social media purportedly owned by the minister.

However, Chiwanza immediately denied Mandiwanzira’s claims.

Mandiwanzira later said Magaya’s work was in tandem with the ministry’s thrust to push for an innovation drive and promote various ICT programmes, through the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe.

He said the ministry had been promoting various ICT programmes through the regulatory body.

“We have been pushing for an innovation drive and promoting the development of local applications to replace or work alongside applications that are developed by other countries outside,” Mandiwanzira said.

“As you are aware, Prophet Magaya has developed, through his team, an application called LetsChat and this shows that he is responding to the call by the ministry to demonstrate our capacity by ourselves.

“He has asked that we open doors to ensure that he works with institutions of government and private sector. We are happy to say that what he is doing is opening employment and opportunities even for government companies like TelOne. As you are aware, TelOne has built the largest data centre, which is open for use even for the private

Magaya later toured the TelOne data centre to find ways on how best to use the centre to capacitate his application.

“This is a response to the call for people to do business easily and to promote people to interact in an easy way.

The programme is more interesting than the platforms that are there,” the man of the cloth said.

“We brought LetsChat to the minister for his support through the data centre because of the fibre that we need.

Serious bandwidth is needed to push the programme to the whole world.”

Meanwhile, former Zambian leader Rupiah Banda arrived in the country yesterday for a prayer session at PHD ministries.

Banda, who has a Zimbabwean background, touched down at Robert Mugabe International Airport in the afternoon and is expected to attend today’s church service and interact with Magaya for the next two days.

PHD Ministries spokerperson, Admire Mango said Banda was in the country on a spiritual visit and to seek guidance from Magaya.

“He is here on private visit as a guest of the church. He is being hosted by the prophet,” he said.

Banda’s coming to Zimbabwe follows Magaya’s visit to Zambia, where he was hosted by the former President Kenneth Kaunda.

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  1. Yes ! Yes man of God Prophet Magaya show them the way that the God whom we pray IS A true God, Mbiri kuna ani ? Kuna Jesu ! Show them how it is done !

    1. To invite bands into church, as he has always done, and recently to have Jah Prayza to perform to church congregants? Go to hell, hypocrite!

      1. Rangarirai you are the biggest hypocrite telling someone to go to hell as if you have the power to send someone there .Leave matters to those who can handle them God will handle his and prophet Magaya seems he is handling his business pretty well saka iwe itawo zvimwezvo kwete kuda kuudzira vamwe zvaurikutadza.

  2. his wisdom is beyond human comprehension.

    1. What wisdom? It is never beyond my comprehension! Is he God? Zimbabweans are foolish.

  3. ndiyo economic turn around yacho porofeti?kkkkkkk kwaaaaaaaaaa focus on the spiritual man of ur calling not on prediction pliz

    1. Correct! They intend to use him as a mouthpiece of propaganda.

  4. Comment…as peace loving zimbos lets us give much support to this innovation by Our prophet W Magaya .thank you man of God .nemi tinoenda kure.imi nesu tinebasa

  5. Magaya checking the data center what does he know about data centers? Does Supa really think data centers are spiritual,

    1. Prophet Magaya knows more than commenting using a fake name .Ana Vembuya if you can’t do it leave it those who can wasvotwa nei kuti he has access to places you don’t have.just because you have this mentality haumbofi wakakusvika kwavakasvika uku

  6. Comment…Mbiri kunani?Mbiri kunaniko?Good Open Gates.Vanhu ngavaone simba raMwari kuburikidza nemuranda wavo PWM.

  7. Comment… Glory be to God through his sevant pwm

  8. Prophet show the way in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Even ICT shall kneel down to you Man Of God. Mbiri kunani?, mbiri kunaJesu

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