Local fashionistas to showcase in Uganda

TOP local fashion designers Carlton Lionel Josiya and Tapfumanei Munenge, are this year set to raise the country’s flag in Uganda when they represent Zimbabwe at the Africa Fashion and Arts Festival (AFAF) from March 26 to 31 at the Pearl of Africa Hotel.


Lush Africa director and AFAF founder Lorraine Klijajic, of South Africa, said the designers were carefully selected before the qualifying candidates were shortlisted.

“We don’t just take anyone to showcase. We use certain criteria that gives a chance to only the best designers. So far, we have several applications from designers around the globe and two Zimbabwean designers have already shown interest to showcase in Uganda,” she said.

“We hope the event in March 2018 in Kampala, Uganda, is going to be bigger than the Malawian event because many designers have already shown interest. I will give you more details after the team has shortlisted the designers. As for now, we only have those showing interest.”

Josiya said he was both excited and nervous ahead of showcasing his work on the continent.

“I am so excited, but at the same time I am so nervous because this will be my first time on the African fashion safari,” he said.

Munenge was more cautious, saying he would take each day as it

Zimbabwe was represented by Priscilla Ruzive of I AM label at another event held at Latitude Hotel in Lilongwe, Malawi, from November 21 to 26 last year, which attracted 30 designers from countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Guyana, the United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Malawi and Rwanda.

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